11 Aug 2016
21 Jan 2016
  • One More Happy Ending Preview

    Korean Drama Preview | 1 years ago | 1491 viewed

    This Drama is about marriage life cycle , marriage divorce and remarriage. This stuck be come normal nowadays , however if you are in this case , what is your most concern ? Will you be happy one more time?

20 Jan 2016
  • All About My Mom Episode 46

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 263 viewed

    Sanok faces one of the most terrifying moment of her life but what breaks her heart the most is discovering how helpless her husband is without her. And nobody is good enough to manage the side dish shop she treasures. Setting aside her personal anger & disappointment, she begins preparing them for a life without her.

  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 32

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 523 viewed

    If last episode belonged to our recently reformed but still hot-headed dragon, this one belongs to our usually even-tempered dragon, as he finally lets loose and shakes up the status quo. Jung Do-jeon is at his best when he’s not locked in a sitting position for scenes on end, and this hour is about unleashing him upon the world. Nameless better gird their loins and pray they won’t ever have to face the full force of their worst opponent’s might, but we get to wait for that confrontation with bated breath. Ah, the joys of being a viewer.

  • Cheese in the Trap: Episode 5

    Korean Drama Recaps | 1 years ago | 551 viewed

    The drama begins with a very stressful situation as Jung catches Seol and Inha go home together. What will Jung do as he has told Seol to get away from Inha and Seol, will she keep her weird feeling about Jung? Will the couple continue to misunderstand each other? …

  • [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 4

    Korean Drama Preview | 1 years ago | 766 viewed

    Your initial impression is not always correct when now you find out that your enemy is not really your enemy any more. Our Yoon Shi Woo and Wang Chi Ang get lost in the forest , and they face any risks that may take off their life , but together they pass it.

19 Jan 2016
18 Jan 2016
17 Jan 2016
16 Jan 2016
  • Six Flying Dragons Episode 30

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 347 viewed

    Our most cunning young dragon devises an ingenious plan to lure the most secret of secret organizations out of hiding this episode, and by using their own vanity as a weapon, he’s able to poke a few good-sized holes through Nameless’ impenetrable facade. It’s an hour about looking to the future, of realizing one’s dreams and how to make them happen, even though we know in drama speak that when you plan for the future, you may as well be signing your own death warrant. Fate is a cruel mistress that way.