11 Aug 2016
15 Feb 2016
  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 39

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 293 viewed

    Bang Won is willing to to anything to hold on the power, however, in this episode , there is younger dragons struggle to reconcile the increasingly cold and heartless Bang-Won of the present day with the young man whose first priority was always justice. Muhyul gets the first crack at that problem, and he barely has time to reminisce about they just made a deal with former enemies when an ethical conflict comes up. One where Bang Won doesn't even fell the need to pretend like he care about wanton bloodspill

  • All About My Mom Episode 53

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 262 viewed

    Preparing loved ones for the impending death is never easy but it can get easier once they make peace with this part of life that nobody can escape from.

  • How to define your ideal type on Valentine's Day via Webtoon character

    Korean Celebrity News | 1 years ago | 658 viewed

    Valentine's Day is just yesterday, i'm sure that you all have great celebration with your lovers, for those of you who are still searching for the one and are in need an extra dose of romance this holiday, check out the webtoons below and you might just find the right guy for you.

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09 Feb 2016
  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 38

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 249 viewed

    It's very tempting to just dismiss Bang-won's actions as being those of a crazy person. Unfortunately, what we're really seeing here is the culmination of a very slow burn. From the very beginning of "Six Flying Dragons" Bang-won has thought his way out of tough spots by acting generally impulsive and borderline psychotic. Back when the antagonists were more indisputably evil, this wasn't that big a problem. But here, Bang-won is using military force to subdue non-violent, principled scholars. The effects of this will be mixed at best.

08 Feb 2016
  • All About My Mom Episode 52

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 259 viewed

    With only 3 episodes left, all Sanok’s children finally find out that she is dying. Prepare a box of tissues, this episode is full of regrets and tears.

  • Six Flying Dragon Episode 37

    Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | 1 years ago | 264 viewed

    It is an fuitile effort of Bang Won when he tries to murder Mong Ju. In other word, this term of decision is fragile fall into wrong reason. Do-jeon's statement about how Bang-won has made his own unsavory place in the New Joseon plan was not intended as a compliment. Yet the farther away Bang-won gets from the original context, the easier it is for him to convince himself that he's just a guy making touch decisions.

07 Feb 2016
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04 Feb 2016
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