About Us

About Us :
I am making dramas.news in the days I get boring with my English study; it’s really hard for e to stay concentrate with some topic I did not like, while there is a thousand interesting ways to study English out there. Thus, Dramas.news was created; when I was young I have a passion on Korean drama, the beauty actors/actresses playing the movie. I did watch a lot and read a lot information about K entertainment. However, it becomes so boring to keep it for myself, I hope dramas.news will be the platform for me to share and connect with all Korean drama addicts like me.
Promise with you:
  • I will try my best to up to date new dramas and information about actors/actresses who is your favorite
  • For those, who curious about their secret beauty read more about it on K beauty which is a sub-subject on dramas.news.
  • As I admitted before, I am learning English, so my writing skill is not good enough to write a whole article by my own, you might find the content is similar in somewhere. This is my recapitulation.
  • And it will be grateful , if some of you have same interested like me, you can write your own articles, and if I public it on the site I will send you some royalties as well.
  • This site is weak, young and lack of experience, so any contribution is great welcome
From friendly and goodwill intention.