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Also know as: Cheeky, Go Go; Daringly, Go Go; Insolently, Go Go; Cheer Up;
Genre: Teen, Romance, Drama, School
Written by: Yoon Soo-Jung
Directed by: Lee Eun Jin
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Set at elite Sevit High School in Seoul, Sassy Go Go follows the lives of five students as they attempt to survive in a vicious academic environment that rewards the intelligent and wealthy and looks down on the less intellectually gifted. Kang Yeon-doo (Jung Eun-ji) is the leader of outcast street dance club Real King, a group of students who band together as a result of their low marks. Kim Yeol (Lee Won-keun) is the vice president of Baek Ho, an elite club composed of the top 5 percent of the students. When the two clubs are merged and forced to create a chearleading squad, the two are forced to put their differences aside for the benefit of both their clubs.
Main Characters
Jung Eun-ji as Kang Yeon-doo
Having placed 196th out of the 200 students at her school, Yeon-doo is at the bottom of the food chain at her high school and her only friends are childhood friend Dong-jae and the members of street dance club Real King, of which she is leader. Despite this, she is sassy, strong-willed and brave, willing to put herself at risk to fight the corruption at her school.
Drama review Sassy Go Go - Jung Eun-ji
Lee Won-keun as Kim Yeol
President of the Baek Ho club and the highest ranking student at Sevit, Yeol is the son of a wealthy father from whom he is estranged. His intelligence also makes him very cynical and he often sees through the tactics of the scheming adults around him. He considers Ha-joon his only friend. But he is also beginning to develop feelings for Kang Yeon-doo.
Drama review Sassy Go Go - Lee Won-keun
Cha Hak-yeon as Ha Dong-jae
Yeon-doo's childhood friend and one of her only friends at Sevit, Dong-jae is a talented basketball player who is ironically afraid of physical contact.
Drama review Sassy Go Go - Cha Hak-yeon
Ji-soo as Ha-joon
Although in the top 5 percent at his school, Ha-joon has an abusive father who constantly puts pressure on his son to do well and regularly hits him if he does otherwise. As a result, he has attempted to take his life on more than one occasion. Ha-joon also has anger management issues and considers Yeol his only real friend. But he is also beginning to consider Kang Yeon-doo his friend after help received from her.
Drama review Sassy Go Go - Ji-soo
Chae Soo-bin as Kwon Soo-ah
Ranked second place in school and a member of the Baek Ho club. Soo-a is conniving and unapologetic towards the people she hurts. Her mother pressures her to become first place and get into an Ivy league school. She seems to be jealous of Yeon-doo because of her stress-free life and popularity.
Drama review Sassy Go Go - Chae Soo-bin
Sassy Go Go Highlight Teaser:
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Drama review Sassy Go Go
Drama review Sassy Go Go

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