Because It's The First Time Episode 7

Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | November 23, 2015 | 241 viewed

Director: Lee Jung Hyo
Writer: Jung Hyun Jung
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Comedian
Character: Minho (Yoon Tae O), Park So Dam (Han Song Y), Kim Min Jae (Seo Ji An)
Release Date: 24th November, 2015
Because It's The First Time Episode 7 [Review]
Because It's The First Time Episode 7

In this episode's first segment (eighteen by the drama's internal counting mechanism) Tae-oh makes a concerted effort to push his romantic advantage with Se-hyeon. What makes Tae-oh's efforts so adorable and endearing is that he still lacks confidence. This is mainly because Tae-oh never sees the way that Se-hyeon smiles when he makes overtures. The expression on Se-hyeon's face as she meets Tae-oh's friends for the first time is priceless. It's obvious that for all her being a coy mistress, Se-hyeon really does enjoy spending time with Tae-oh.
This light tonality is turned inside out come episode nineteen. While we'd seen evidence in episode eighteen, episode nineteen fully confronts Tae-oh with the fact that he deliberately lied to Se-hyeon. Or at best, neglected to tell her some pretty essential information. The fact that Tae-oh had a good reason for behaving in such a way is besides the point. Pay attention to Se-hyeon as she goes down the stairwell. The lie isn't what bothers her so much as his behavior afterwards.
A major story point in "Because It's the First Time" has been how all the characters are young, dumb college students. A lot of the time life is fun, but equally often, it's painful. Se-hyeon is an attractive enough young woman that she can afford to be choosy about potential romantic partners. Tae-oh had to go to a lot of effort to bring her guard down. And what Se-hyeon is left with at the end of this episode is that her initial impression of Tae-oh was, in fact, more or less the correct one.
The situation is awful for Se-hyeon because she had been trying to avoid a situation like this, and ended up failing. She feels like an idiot, and the fact that Tae-oh wasn't trying to be hurtful doesn't help matters. Se-hyeon is left with the unalterable impression that Tae-oh can't, or more accurately won't change his personality flaws even as he is aware of them. Tae-oh may not think that Song-yi is his girlfriend, but he continues to treat her as such even when Song-yi herself directly tells him to knock it off.
It all makes for pretty harrowing stuff- or maybe I just think that because I've had similar relationship experiences. In any case, I can definitely confirm is that this episode "Because It's the First Time" is very true-to-life when it comes to, well, first times, and how they can so quickly go from magical to heartbreaking. Right now I'm just hoping the modeling storyline works out.

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