Cast lineup confirmed for youth romance Cinderella and the Four Knights

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Cast lineup confirmed for youth romance Cinderella and the Four Knights
With a few more additions, the main cast members have been secured for the new teen romance drama Cinderella and the Four Knights, the series formerly called You’re the First that was courting Jung Il-woo (Records of a Night Watchman), Ahn Jae-hyun (Blood), and breakout actress Park So-dam (Because It’s the First Time) to star. I’m glad that they returned to the original title of the novella that it’s based on, because why hide that it’s a Cinderella fantasy and lose the descriptive title?
Park So-dam has been cast as the heroine, a smart, athletic high school student who works multiple jobs and has a terrible home life because of her new stepmother and stepsister. She does a good deed and is given an unusual offer by a chaebol chairman to come live at his giant mansion and work an enormously well-paying part-time job. She wants to become a vet and is scraping by as it is to build up her college fund, so she takes the job and moves into this house, where she’ll live with his three grandsons and one bodyguard who looks out for them.
The three chaebol heirs are cousins, all beautiful and all used to doing whatever they please. Eldest is Ahn Jae-hyun, a carefree playboy who’s lived his whole life with all of the money, all of the love, and all of life’s advantages at his feet. He sounds like your standard chaebol prince, and he’s described as a smooth player, but one who isn’t hateful. Naturally he and Jung Il-woo will be at odds over girls (yes, plural).
Middle cousin is CNBLUE’s Lee Jung-shin (Temptation), a singer-songwriter and top star. He’s a sweet, playful guy with a “church oppa” image who’s nice to the heroine. I’d wager he’s the only nice one, at least in the beginning.
And the youngest cousin is Jung Il-woo, a wild child rebel who’s actually extremely lonely and sensitive on the inside. Aren’t they all. His backstory includes a reversal of fates, in which he went from a life of extreme poverty to a life as chaebol royalty. He does have a softer side under that coarse rebel exterior, and tends to the garden and likes animals.
Apink’s Sohn Na-eun (Twenty Again) has joined the cast as the other girl in the main love square: Jung Il-woo likes her, but she’s liked Ahn Jae-hyun since they were kids, so in order to get close to her crush, she’ll use Jung Il-woo. And give the rebel more cause for angst? That’s just cruel! I didn’t like her character very much in Twenty Again, but this one doesn’t sound any better, sadly.
Last but not least, there’s a bodyguard who also lives in the house, played by Choi Min (Riders, Yong-pal). He’s both secretary to the chairman and bodyguard to the heroine, why I don’t know, and he’ll be a Daddy Long Legs type who’s warm and always protects her. Really, you had me at Jung Il-woo and Park So-dam, but a coming-of-age Cinderella fantasy about making your own family with four beautiful boys sounds pretty freaking adorable.
Cinderella and the Four Knights will be a 16-episode drama that’s 100% pre-produced by HB Entertainment (You From Another Star, Punch, Yong-pal). It hopes to air sometime this year, and is still looking for a broadcaster.

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