Cheese in the Trap: Episode 3

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Director: Lee Yoon-Jung
Writer: Soon Ggi (original comic)
Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy; Romance;
Starring: Park Hae Jin (Yoo Jung), Kim Go Eun (Hong Seol), Seo Kang Joon (Baek In-Ho), Lee Sung Kyung (Baek In-Ha), Nam Joo Hyuk (Kwon Eun-Taek), Park Min Ji (Jang Bo-Ra)
Release Date: 14th January, 2016
Cheese in the Trap: Episode 3 [teaser]

Seol gets back home tiredly because of the failed meeting with Chi Myung and especially, feels guilty for what she did to Jung. Jung is now angry and ignores Seol when she meets him at school. She tries to appologize for not thinking about his feeling when arranging him a date with Ah Young without his permission. 
 “I didn’t mean to offend you with Ah Young” – “I’m talking right now”.
cheese in the trap3

OMG, is that Jung – the one who is so warm-hearted? That cold expression and that face – like he never wants to talk to Seol again after that night. Seol goes back to her seat when Dr.Kang comes in. It’s time for the team project for the semester. It seems like everyone is not keen on doing this. Details are on the class homepage and Dr.Kang warns lazy freeloaders not to get caught or the whole group will be “all killed”.

And guess what, Seol gets matches with Sang Cheol, Min Soo and Da Young as team members and morover, they all want Hong Seol to be the group leader (or the one who will do all the work, maybe) and that she’ll save them all in this semester.
Seol doesn’t understand why Jung is mad at her and she doesn’t know how to make him accept her sincere apology. Just then, Min Soo asks Seol out for lunch but Seol rejects because she is meeting AhYoung.

Sweetie Ah Young tells Seol about what happened after she left at the cafeteria: Jung didn’t say a word to Ah Young, all he asked is Seol’s address and that Ah Young was left as a random object in a room. Ah Young thinks Jung likes Seol and he was jealous and angry when he knew Seol went on a blind date. Seol thinks it’s preposterous. But we all know it’s true.
Back to Euntaek and Bora, they all know they’re in deep trouble after the disastrous blind date of Seol and Chi Myung. Euntaek and Bora watch Seol from afar, trying to gauge her emotions. Bora begs Seol for forgiveness before Seol gets angrier because Seol hasn’t picked up any phone call from her. Seol clarifies that she has lost her phone and she wasn’t intentionally avoiding Bora, Bora offers her phone so Seol could see if someone found it.
And guess who picks up?

Seol and Inho meet at a barbecue restaurant. Seol just wants to get her phone and get out but Inho asks her to sit and eat, then, he’ll give back her phone.
“Are you and Jung dating?” – OMG that is ridiculous, all that water just spews out of Seol’s mouth, which means NO. Inho thinks that Seol is definitely not Jung’s type! But he still wonders why Jung keeps following Seol. Inho takes his extra orders of meat to go and let Seol pay for his meal. It costs more than she could affort and moreover, Inho wants to be treated two more times for returning her phone! Inho adds that Seol should stay far away from Jung without explaining why or how he knows Jung.
It’s time for the group meeting and Seol seems to be the one who does most of the work. Suddenly, a group of sunbae walks in include Jung. Jung continues ignoring Seol and her offer to give up the room soon.

That evening, Seol is busy working on the project while the rest of her group members are not: Seol is exhausted that she has to do everything all by herself. Seol gets worse when no one shows up the meeting time.

Feeling down when no one comes to the meeting, Seol catches Sungcheol at a bar according to his Facebook post. She hunts him down but he asks her to drink soju, then he’ll focus on studying. Do Hyun – the one who takes interest on Seol – asks her to sit down and drink.

Meanwhile, Jung is busy working on his project with another teammate and he realizes that he and Do Hyun have mixed up their paper. Upon calling, he hears the guys cheering Seol to drink and his friend says that it’s dangerous to Seol because Do Hyun has a reputation of getting girls drunk and then takes them to motels. Jung heads hurriedly to Seol.

Seol is quiet drunk and Jung arrives just in time. He grabs Seol and takes her out. He then pushes her into a cab and pays the driver.
Do Hyun is angry as Jung steals Seol from his hand. He starts challenge Jung and Jung gets steely. Jung warns Do Hyun that if he keeps doing this, Do Hyun will “spend his whole life an unemployed loafer.”

The next day at school, Seol and Jung bump at each other at the elevator, but no one speaks a word.

That evening, Jung’s father – Mr.Yoo calls Inho, Jung and Inha for dinner. The three arrive on time but Jung and Inho seems not to like to have dinner with each other.
Mr.Yoo really cares for Inho and Inha although Jung looks down on them. He suggests Inho should play the piano again but Inho isn’t interested anymore.

“Will you stop taking advantage of my family? Use your brain for once.” – Jung says. We can understand here that Jung is right because Inha doesn’t try hard to make money and all that Jung wants is Inho and Inha can earn for living on their own, not to rely on his family. In ho hates Jung for looking down on his family that he kicks off Jung’s sideview mirror. Jung drives away after kicks Inho in the shins as payback.

Back to Seol, she is busy and stressed working on the project when no one in her team sends their parts for the project. She’s about to give up but thinking about the scholarship, she keeps working.


And finally, she’s done.
Seol is in the class facing her irresponsible teammates. She ignores them all when they give her a variety of excuses and passes the presentation script. It’s Seol’s group’s turn and Min Soo is the lead speaker. She is so worried and Dr.Kang realizes that it’s just Seol who did all the work. Guess what, Seol’s group gets a D on the project.

Walking sadly along the schoolyard, Seol greets Bora and Euntaek. Seol doesn’t care what they’re talking about and suddenly she turns on Bora, telling her to stop talking about the break because she gets a D. Bora doesn’t know why Seol’s angry at her and she storms off.

Seol heads home without noticing Jung has followed her home.

On the way home, Seol bumps into Inha. Inha asks her if she was okay as he notices Seol’s long face. Inha cheers Seol up with a cool box of milk on her forehead. Seol and Inha walk home together

At home, Jung calls Mr.Yoo and asks him to help Inha and Inho stand on their on feet instead of receiving the support of his family. Jung calls Inha to tell her so but she’s too busy paying attention to her nails.
“What I can do… is doing right now what needs to be done.” – said Seol as she sees Jung drops a coin into the slot for her. Seol turns to see Jung walking away, and calls out to him. Jung is surprised and turns back.

Seol apologizes Jung for setting up him and Ah Young without his permission. As she explains the reason why, Jung looks softer and tells her that he acted so childish that day, too. The two end up eating triangle kimbap and Jung walks Seol home.

Seol thanks Jung for walking her home but something makes Jung stares at Seol for a while.

Under the yellow lamp, with a passionate look at Seol, Jung says: “Seol-ah ~ Do you want to date me?”

So whattttt, that comes so early, I mean we all know that Jung will ask Seol out for dating but I wasn’t expecting it NOW. The mysterious Jung doesn’t let us know why he likes or hates people, we just know what he does to them. Jung does know how to deal with social situation, he does know when to lick a fight with someone and when not to. I really like the way he deals wit Do Hyun – very soft sweety action but let him down right away. At each episode, the director lets us see a little more of the character’s personality. Example for Inho, at first I thought that he was a lazy and carefree guy but now I see him a very thoughtful person as he cares for Seol when she’s down. Actually, each time I watch “Cheese in the trap”, I want to watch the next episode right away.

I really want to know what will happen next, what is Seol answer. Wao, I can’t wait :D

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