Daebak Makes Everyone Swoon in a Tuxedo

Korean Celebrity News | January 6, 2016 | 1074 viewed

Daebak Makes Everyone Swoon in a Tuxedo
Lee Soo Jin, the wife of the soccer player Lee Dong Gook, and the mother of Daebak, shared some adorable photos of her family on her Instagram account on January 5.
One photo is of Lee Dong Gook and Daebak, and she added the comment “Father and son, they’re such a spitting image of each other. Daebak!” And the two really do look exactly alike. No one could deny that these two are related!
In the other picture, Lee Soo Jin herself holds Daebak in her arms, wearing a tuxedo. Lee Soo Jin commented, “I love you. Chic baby Daebak, I love you so much.”

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