[dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 5

Korean Drama Preview | January 22, 2016 | 1060 viewed

Title: 무림학교 / Murimhakgyo
Also known as: Martial Arts School
Genre: School
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-11 to 2016-Mar-15
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
Cast: Shin Hyun-Joon (Hwang Moo Song), Lee Hyun-Woo (Yoon Shi Woo), Seo Ye-Ji (Sim Soon-Duk), Hong Bin (Wang Chi-Ang), Jeong Eu-Gene (Hwang Sun-A)
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 5

“Moorim School” episode 4 is just finished 2 days, and I still so exciting about what happen in this episode. In this episode, the love line between our characters is occurred overlap on each others.
“Moorim School “is the starting drama of KBS, however, “Moorim School didn’t get high hit as it was expected. For illustration, its rating went down continuously first 3 episodes. Nevertheless, with the light rise from 3.7% to 4.4% , that is the brightening restart for the “Moorim School”, we keep the finger cross this drama will attract more interesting from audience in the future.
In addition, there is so many screen of nice and mysterious Kung Fu in the movie which makes it special than other school-drama project, the bloodline of Korean drama is love story between characters. One-sided love of mandarin’s son Wang Chi Ang (VIXX Hong Bin) toward to “rice cake” lady Soon Deok (Se Ye Ji) , suddenly get big trouble because of super star Yoon Shi Woo ( Lee Huyn Woo). Because of Soon Deok, Shi Woo is willing to change his thinking and decision. He decides to not comeback to showbiz and quite off the opportunity to his ear treatment in US. Is this just because he wants to comeback “Moorin Shool” to meet Soon Deok
This is the cute moments between the couple.

She falls asleep on his shoulder when ridding a motorbike.
Regarding back to the others details of the “Moorin School”, we can understand why the love between the couples went so fast. Hence, Soon DOk wants to justify for Shin Woo – escape idols, she makes a video explain the details of the accident on internet.

(For those who haven’t seen episode 1, Shin Woo was victim of his manager who intentionally makes a bad scandal for him, and filming the screen that he runs away leaves another female idol with ruffians on street. Popularity thought that he is humble and not deserve to be idol. In facts, he discovered it a trap and try to chase the paparazzi)

With Soon Dok courage to tell the truth, the popularity comebacks to Shin Woo, abandoned idol last day now become famous and hunting by Music Company.
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 3  [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 3

Besides, Soon Deok safes Shi Woo from the attacking of the wolf, when he meets extremely damage. She kindly takes are his injury. She even teaches him about school, human interaction and supports him many times. Those caring actions make our Shi Woo’s heart shaking, he gradually give the love toward her, even he could not aware it.
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 3  [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 3
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 5
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 3  [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 3

Moreover, the audience will witness the bathroom couple Shi Woo-Chi Ang, erasing all conflict and become closed to each others in this new episode. Both try to make the competition in the forest become a chance to understand to each other, caring and teasing and laughing. They had taught about their life, this make 2 guys swish competition into friendship. I am so toughing and admire them, hope they will be bothers in this drama.
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 5
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 5
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 5
 [dramanews preview] Moorim School Episode 5

On the other hand, although they get close to each others, the unclear love of Shi Woo with Soon Deok might make another conflict with Chi Ang since he falls in love with Soon Deok at the beginning. What will happen with love of three? Will Soon Deok choose the cool super star or mandarin’s son?
And I am so curious about Shi Woo injury, what was happen with his ear? What is the secret of Moorin School?
We should wait for next episode coming.
This is the teaser of the Moorin School Episode 05

Moorin School is now aired on KBS every Monday and Tuesday at 21:55 PM.

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