Glamorous Temptation Episode 3

Korean Drama Recaps | October 11, 2015 | 368 viewed

Director: Kim Sang Hyub
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Starring: Shin Eun Soo (Choi Gang Hee), Jin Hyung Woo (Joo Sang Wook), Kang II Joo (Cha Ye Ryun), Kang Suk Huyn (Jung in Young)
Release Date: 12th October, 2015
Episode 3 Highlight: “Living with Someone you Love is Life”
Eun Soo’s feelings are already confirmed by a kiss from Hyung woo. He reassures her as he tells her not to let go of his hand. Baddie sees Hyung woo coming back home from his day and indirectly threatens Hyung woo’s dad. Dad chides mom of her carelessly letting baddie see Sang Yi and mom rebuts that Sang Yi’s dying’s mom wish is for her daughter to see her father, this is clearly a lie as she is testing the waters. Sang Yi is hurt from seeing Eun soo and Hyung woo kiss as she cries that her best friend betrayed her. This time, Eun soo speaks up that she had always had feelings for Hyung woo, but she was afraid to say anything because she didn’t want his love for her to grow stronger, since his mom is a huge obstacle. Sang Yi understands her friend’s dilemma as she comforts her with a hug. Hyung woo plans on giving Eun woo his grandmother’s sewing machine music box to fully declare his love for her.
Hyung woo’s dad begs Eun soo’s dad to help him in using his name in creating more bank accounts—to hide more slush money. Eun soo is over the moon now that her feelings are out and her mom cannot help but notice. Hehe! Hyung woo’s dad burns the slush fund documents after making a copy document written in codes. Baddie is having lunch with Hyung woo’s mom and it seems Sang Yi left an impression on him. Eun soo and Sang Yi plan on having a day of fun and Hyung woo forces himself into their activity. Clearly, Sang Yi is the third wheel in this faux date, though, it doesn’t seem intentional as Eun soo is trying her hardest to avoid Hyung woo, Hyung woo who is oblivious to the tension just want to have his moment with Eun soo, which he does. He gives her the music box as he quotes cheesy love lines to Eun woo and declares to her that a year from now when they go to college, they’ll be independent of their parents and will be together without Hawkeye mom watching. Sang Yi thinks back to when her mom and she were having a nice day by the river. Sang Yi wants a man who’ll protect her and love her, but mom’s wish is that the man she meets loves her more than she does to him.
Eun soo’s little brother is playing ddaki and it seems like he used a copy of codes from the slush fund documents to make the ddaki board. Oh! Oh! Eun soo is playing with the music box when mom comes in to interrupt her, Hehe! Mom’s looking for the gold given to her by Hyung woo and not an antique music box. Eun soo finds the copy of documents in her backpack and hands it to her dad, who in return gives it to Hyung woo’s dad. Three pages are missing from the documents and Hyung woo’s dad is shaken. Dad and Hyung woo’s mom query Eun soo who is as clueless as a bird to know what the folks are saying. Hyung woo’s mom sees the music box and is more than furious as she begins to get hostile towards Eun soo. Luckily, Hyung woo is there to let them know that he gave the box to Eun soo. Hyung woo drags mom out of the house as mom begin to blame Eun soo for their misfortune. Hyung woo stands up for Eun soo and is about to cross the line, but dad cuts him off. Mom begins to spew ridiculous theories that Eun soo is out for revenge, hence, she stole the copy. But, she changes her tune when she suspects Eun soo’s dad in the play. A theory that Hyung woo’s dad doesn’t want to accept, but cannot help but wonder. Hyung woo’s dad confirms one last time with Eun soo and her dad, then he apologizes for the accusation after sensing that neither is a liar.
Hyung woo’s dad meet with baddie who is not too pleased to hear that some pages are gone missing. Hyung woo’s dad reassures him that he’ll make another one, but that’s no comfort as Hyung woo’s dad will need to take responsibility if it gets out of hand, rather, into the wrong (right—prosecutor) hands. Baddie insinuates that Eun soo should’ve had a harsher punishment since children lie depending on situations. Sang Yi is still worried that Eun soo is sad about the incident, but Eun soo assures her that she’s okay. The girls separate and on her way to her destination, Eun soo gets kidnapped. Damn! Hyung woo’s mom doesn’t play. She tells Eun soo’s dad flat-out that if he wants to see his daughter again, he has a whole day to return the pages of missing copy. Dad is understandably freaked out. The Jins’ and Sang Yi are having dinner and they complement her cooking skills. Ha! I don’t know if she is clueless or testing the waters, but Sang Yi says that she learned her cooking from Eun soo. Hyung woo’s mom is surprisingly calm about it even though the good mood is spoilt.
Dad is in a bind as he goes to the prosecutor’s office holding with him the savings of slush fund money. The next day, Hyung woo’s dad gets arrested by prosecutor, (Jo Yeon Woo) Gwon Joo Hyuk; last name sounds familiar. Dad reserves his right to speak as the prosecutors grill him on the investigation. Mom makes a call to the captors and when Hyung woo and Sang Yi approach her, she tells Hyung woo to call the lawyers, while she needs to see what she can do in Seoul. Eun soo proves that she’s badass as she frees herself from the rope and hits her captor on the head and makes an escape. But, she’s too weak to outrun the men who put her in the van. She proves that she can be more badassery, when she makes another escape, this time running fast, but the captors don’t give a chase because the plan was to release her. Unbeknown to Eun soo’s dad, he’s at the station screaming at Hyung woo’s dad for his “bad deed.” By now, Hyung woo’s dad is filled in that his wife is behind the kidnapping. Baddie reprimands Hyung woo’s mom for her careless mistake—kidnapping and telling the Eun soo’s dad her plan…rookie villain mistake—and his hands his tied because the prosecutor on the case is President Gwon’s son. Yep, the name is familiar.
The codes represent the organization and the name of the people involved, but that is not enough to o a full investigation, since Hyung woo’s dad is not talking. Hyung woo’s dad does speak with his lawyer, who advices him to acknowledge the bank books and place the kidnapping on his wife. The lawyer, then shows dad a cryptic message and it looks like dad gets the message of taking responsibility. Hyung woo visits dad and dad cops to the crime. All dad can say is not to resent anyone, even if Hyung woo finds out the truth and whatever he does in life, Hyung woo should never do politics. Hyung woo sees Eun soo waiting for him underneath their tree and he tells her that his dad is lying to cover something up. Dad is being taking into detention. He stops infront of a window and reflects back to his talk with baddies and before the officer can ask what’s wrong, dad jumps out of the window. Hyung woo takes Eun soo’s hand and goes home to confront his mother about the kidnapping. Meanwhile, mom is on the phone and looks distressed. Before Hyung woo can get confirmation about his mom attesting to the kidnapping and the slush fund documents, mom tells the kid that his father is dead.
What is it with people killing themselves, especially when lots of money is involved and baddie’s presence is seen??? First, Hyung woo’s dad, then Eun soo’s husband? maybe Eun soo’s dad is next???? Mystery indeed.
Anyways, I don’t know if it is me, but it feels a bit forced that Hyung Woo’s mom blames Eun soo solely for her family’s unfortunate series of happenings. First, she blames Eun soo for her son falling off the ladder, like really??? Later, the sign board, now hiding slush fund document to spite her? Really, does she hear herself speak? She goes above and beyond to say and do irrational things all because of a misplaced blame she tries to shove at Eun soo. She has never once taken responsibility of her actions or questioned why her husband had to write a copy of slush fund document or why the signboard fell.
So, call me cynical if I don’t feel like this show will be too crazy for my taste because the writer has written Hyung woo’s mom as a caricature of one who just blames Eun soo. So, it will be my great pleasure to thoroughly enjoy this drama because the blame game doesn’t feel too organic. Hopefully, that will change once we see the children grow up and apart, but for now, shush, woman! She definitely has the mind of a politician, so if it is any reassurance, I am still invested in her character; WHY BLAME Eun soo when she clearly knows her son is in love with the girl and why isn’t she in politics since she knows that her husband doesn’t have the stomach and heart to be in it for too long without feeling the guilt of the activities of a politician?.
I didn’t think it was important as I believed that President Gwon was the President of Korea, rather he is the president of the political party, except I am wrong. So, please correct me, but I love the dynamic of introducing his other son who’s on the other side of the law. Hopefully, he’ll make himself more present in the future and work with Hyung woo as he tries to bring out the truth.
Stray Prediction
  • Sang Yi planted the slush fund documents in Eun soo’s bag because she is crazy and wants Hyung woo to herself. There’s no way the Eun woo’s brother would’ve taken the paper without it being in the bag and since the mother has the habit of going through her daughter’s stuff, it shows that it runs in the family.
  • I really cannot believe Eun soo’s dad thought that Hyung woo’s dad was behind the kidnapping. I mean, it is logical to think that way since his daughter has gone missing, but he should know Assemblyman Jin well enough to know that he cannot pull a stunt like this, so in a way, I am truly disappointed. He shouldn’t have believed Hyung woo’s mom since the dad trusted him and his daughter in not stealing the missing documents. Eun woo’s dad miscalculation was the catalyst for us to see a good man and innocent man take his life to protect his loved ones.
  • Eun soo really is a tough girl and I like how the show is portraying her at a young age. More le shet is going to happen in the future and this girl needs to have the stamina to face what’s coming ahead.
  • Hyung woo is definitely going into politics, no doubt.

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