Han Hyo Joo becomes model for Daebang Construction

Korean Celebrity News | February 15, 2016 | 206 viewed

Han Hyo Joo becomes model for Daebang Construction
BH Entertainment has announced on February 15th that actress Han Hyo Joo has signed a multi-year CF deal with Daebang Construction to be their model.
The deal is said to be unprecedented, as it sees Han Hyo Joo being signed on for 3 consecutive years. The long CF deal also demonstrates the company’s trust in Han Hyo Joo to represent and model for them in the next 3 years.
A Daebang representative said, “Han Hyo Joo is a professional actress who has actively come out with new works, and is well aware of her position and the talents she possesses. She is someone whom you can place utmost trust in. Han Hyo Joo’s unique charms will greatly help us in raising our corporate image. She will be playing an important role in our company’s future and direction in the next three years.”
Meanwhile, her film ‘Haeuhhwa’ with actor Yoo Yeon Seok will open this April.
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