How to define your ideal type on Valentine's Day via Webtoon character

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How to define your ideal type on Valentine's Day via Webtoon character

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and for those of you who are still searching for the one and are in need an extra dose of romance this holiday, check out the webtoons below and you might just find the right guy for you.
The Reluctant Suitor: | Seul Woo from Cat and Dog is the kind of guy who keeps his feelings bottled up. He enters into an arranged marriage with a young girl named Young Woo, who has been in love with him since she was a child. Even though it seems like he is disinterested, cranky and cold, Young Woo's love slowly breaks down his walls. If you like slow-burning romances than Cat and Dog is the one to read.

The Knight in Shining Armor: June from My Beautiful World is a former cop who constantly rescues a young college student named Yurim. Secrets and supernatural powers cannot stop their love. If you desire someone who can protect you and take care of you, read My Beautiful World.
The Thoughtful Eater: | Hae-Kyung from Shall We Have Dinner Tonight? is a quietly thoughtful and emotional guy who is looking for a stable relationship. He becomes friends with a girl named Doe Hee who is trying to get over a painful breakup. Almost every week, they meet to discuss their lives over amazing meals. If you dream of a boyfriend who will answer any question you have and will go to eat delicious food with you, then Shall We Have Dinner Tonight? will give you hope that guy is out there.
The Motivator: | Chan-Hee from the webtoon Dieter, is a trainer who helps a girl named Suzi lose weight after she realizes her health is at jeopardy. He teaches her how to eat and exercise and pushes her to keep going even when she wants to quit. He is always there cheering her on and helping her focus on her goals. If you're the kind of person who sometimes needs an extra nudge of encouragement then Chan-Hee from Dieter is a perfect match.
The Hopelessly Devoted: | Suck-O from Sucker for Love is the type of boyfriend who would be completely devoted to his love. When his high school crush comes back into his life with a newborn son, his feelings for her are unwavering and his love for her son grows just as powerful. He is sweet, kind and innocent. If this is your type then Sucker for Love is the webtoon for you

These webtoons are fun and heartwarming reads that will make you hopeful for love this Valentine's Day. You can read all of them here. Be sure to share the love this Valentine's day and tell us your pick in the comments below!

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