Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

Korean Drama Recaps | December 11, 2015 | 540 viewed

Writer: Kim Gyung
Genre: Comedy; Romance;
Release Date: November 24, 2015 - January 12, 2016
Runtime: Tuesdays 20:50
Starring: Yoo Seung-Ho (Hyun Jong-Hyun), Biteuli (Boggil), Cho Hye-Jung (Oh Na-Woo), Park Chul-Min (Team Leader Ma), Lee El (Dokgo Soon)
Release Date: December 11th, 2015

Episode 3

 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

Now that’s one grumpy cat. She may put up with her human who snuggles with her on occasion, but now there’s another girl who wants Jong-hyun’s attention. If that weren’t bad enough already, that same girl wants to shower her with love. What next? Buy her snacks and toys?
CHAPTER 5: “Whatever Family”
It has been 7 years , there is no other female except Bok-gil enter this house. But now, another girl, open her arms up to her , the girl name Na Woo. Given Na Woo a horrified look and ump up to her human arms, Bok Gil make Jong Hyun think that she did not like the girl.
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3
How much love is Jong Huyn give to Bok Gil | when that night, he try to explain with Bok Gil about the girl. Even in his exasperated state, he affectionately call her ‘ Bok Gil sshi’ as her shoots daggers at hi with her eyes. How dare he interact with another feale? She harrumphs in response when he asks if she’s jealous, but melts when he cuddles up with her in bed.
“How might I feel right now if I lost you like she lost [her cat]?” he wonders aloud, then snuggles up to her.
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3  Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

Even few days later, when Jong Hyun is busy with his work, let Bok Gil on the table next to the window. She gets feverish and feeling ill. Jung Hyun arrives home at this time, immediately notice her sickness and hurry bring her to hospital, in time Na Woo see Jong Hyun running and quickly follow him. ( we gonna talk about her later)
Thankfully, the vet says it sounds like common feline cold symptoms. Curled up in bed together, Bok-gil pouts that she’s been upset with him lately. He wonders why she stayed by the windowsill all day—usually people think of their mothers when they fall ill. Was that the case for her, too?
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3  Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

Bok-gil must be feeling better by morning because Jong-hyun wakes up to find the entire place a mess. Now that her fever’s gone, Jong-hyun scolds her before telling her not to fall sick again with a smile.
But Bok Gil still need to have another examine for sure, while Bok-gil’s cold is gone, she could use more nutrition in her diet.
Jong Hyun is on difficult time | He is on debate with is old classmate Jin Sung, for the last slot of publishing. Dokko PD admits that although Jin-sung’s work is interesting, the story also feels recycled whereas there’s something refreshing about Jong-hyun’s work. It honestly makes her a little nervous for the future, but Jong-hyun says it’s likely curiosity about what he’ll come up with, and promises to hit next week’s deadline.
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3  Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

However, Joong Hyun is not lucky as Jin Sung who have a wealthy background, he need to work for living fee, so he lack of tie to stay concentrate on his project.
CHAPTER 6: “To Live As A Youth”
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3  Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

Imagine having to set up an event for your frenemy, and that’s exactly how Jong-hyun feels while unpacking stacks of Jin-sung’s books. Jin-sung isn’t afraid to rub his fame into Jong-hyun’s face, but Jong-hyun will have none of it—why doesn’t he just rent a stadium for his supposed 60,000-strong fanclub then?

When told that making it big is all but a pipe dream, Jong-hyun advises that Jin-sung take a hard look at his own conscience and rotting mind (a direct contrast to his book entitled “Beautiful Mind”). He won’t have Jin-sung start a fight in his workplace, and Jin-sung sticks to his earlier claims that he didn’t plagiarize Jong-hyun’s work.
“You might be able to fool the world, but you won’t be able to fool yourself,” Jong-hyun grits out.
It seems like there’s little to nothing that escapes Hae-gong’s ears because he heard about Jin-sung’s book signing event today. He can’t believe how the tables have turned since their college days, back when Jong-hyun was the top dog.
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3  Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

The idea that Jin-sung made his debut by stealing Jong-hyun’s idea has got to anger him, Hae-gong continues. Jong-hyun thinks there must be a reason why all of Jin-sung’s subsequent works were hits too, but Hae-gong believes there’s more to it.
Forget this confusing relationship, we back to our heroine and cutest character Na Woo And Bok Gil
Since the time she follow Joong Hyun to the vet hospital, she have strong confirm that Bok Gil is like Haru (who is her cat before). Because Na Woo cannot go to Joong Hyun house, she is waiting Bok Gil at the vet hospital.
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

Bok-gil looks like the grumpiest cat ever when Na-woo pulls her out of the carrier, but seems pleased with her new handmade bell collar. She even wants to buy something for Bok-gil and offers to get her a brand-new carrier to place the worn-looking one. But her good intentions get misconstrued as Jong-hyun retorts that he’s a good, responsible cat owner.
Jong-hyun’s upset that she paid for Bok-gil’s hospital visit, not listening to her explanation that she got a discount for knowing the vet. He hands over another form of payment before she can say anything else. Poor girls!

Once at home, Dokko PD calls to remind him about his upcoming deadline, emphasizing that this could be his last shot. So Jong-hyun pulls an all-nighter and briefly stops to let the gas inspector into his home.
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3  Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

His attention is split between signing off for the inspection and fixing the mistake on his recent illustrations, and Bok-gil wonders if she should engage in a round of hide-and-seek. She discovers that the door is still open—thanks to that inspector—and figures that it can’t hurt to take a little stroll.
Nearly two hours pass before Jong-hyun rises from his desk. He calls out to Bok-gil repeatedly… then sees the open door.
 Imaginary Cat: Episode 3

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