Imaginary Cat: Episode 4

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Writer: Kim Gyung
Genre: Comedy; Romance;
Release Date: November 24, 2015 - January 12, 2016
Runtime: Tuesdays 20:50
Starring: Yoo Seung-Ho (Hyun Jong-Hyun), Biteuli (Boggil), Cho Hye-Jung (Oh Na-Woo), Park Chul-Min (Team Leader Ma), Lee El (Dokgo Soon)
Release Date: December 18th, 2015

Episode 4

 Imaginary Cat 4

This episode is about the deeply understand between couple Jong Hyun and Bok Gil without saying any words. The best friends know each other so well. So when an unforeseen obstacle threatens to interfere with his career, our hero will need his at and the ones around him to make it through.
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CHAPTER 7: “Even If Life Deceives You”
Bok Gil gets lost | Jong Hyun get frightening when realize Bokgil escape from the house. He rushes out the street, shouting Bok Gil name like crazy. This action gets noticed by Na Woo and obviously, she helps him find cattie.
 Imaginary Cat 4  Imaginary Cat 4

Unfortunately for Jong Hyun, in some situation, when you are in troubles everything get mess. When running to find Bokgil , Jong Hyun doesn’t see the upcoming motorcyclist in his haste, Na Woo calls him out in warning and he falls backward on his hand, make it get injured. Na-woo remains strong and reminds him that she’s only been gone for a couple of hours. The key point here is to not give up, she says encouragingly. As long as he believes Bok-gil is still out there, he’ll find her.
 Imaginary Cat 4

Jong Hyun and Na woo, spend all day out, finding everywhere, calling the animal shelter, they go back home at late. Then, Jong Hyun hears a faint sound of a bell. They both lose their eyes to get a better listen, and then rush upstairs to the roof. He finds Bok Gil curled up inside a box, and she exhausted but relieved to see her human. “Human, I thought I’d never see you again!”
 Imaginary Cat 4  Imaginary Cat 4

Cute Na Woo suddenly cries. Her sob carry into the street and Jong Hyun stops Na Woo’s tears by suggesting that they need to feed Bok-Gil. Once they’re back home, Jong-hyun climbs into bed with Bok-gil to pet her, much to her delight.
He apologizes for today’s events, but she’s happy as a clam and purrs that there’s nothing to forgive. “Thank you for coming back home,” he tells her. Bok-gil: “Home is the best place there is.”
Jong Hyun trouble |the deadline for his drawing final support is coming, but yesterday he quits his job suddenly to find Bokgil, he get claiming by his boss.
 Imaginary Cat 4  Imaginary Cat 4

Couple minute later, ong Hyun realize that his hand get heavy injury, he even cannot carry a big book. Na woo see that , she suggest he go to the hospital, follow his to home, seem she so care about him. He tells her to leave, but she gets one last word in before actually parting ways. Jong-hyun looks down at his bandaged wrist.
Chapter 8: “Why Winter is warm”
Forever best friend: | Bok-gil tsks at their messy home, noting that her human hasn’t cleaned again. Jong-hyun is at his desk staring at a blank piece of paper, so she nibbles at his ankles, asking why he’s been staring into space these days.
 Imaginary Cat 4
 Imaginary Cat 4

He thinks she might be hungry (which she refutes: “You think I’m a pig?”) and rises to feed her. Seeing that her bowl is full, he sighs that she must want a snack, which he soon realizes is near impossible with only one hand.
 Imaginary Cat 4  Imaginary Cat 4

Next day is the meeting with Dokko PD, she is more upset about not being told of Jong-hyun’s injury than the deadline. Still, she’s worried that Jong-hyun won’t make the deadline which can’t be moved since he’s up against Jin-sung.
Jong-hyun looks pretty exhausted by the time he climbs into bed that night. Bok-gil notes as much, and when he asks if he can do a good job, she thinks back: “Of course you will.”
 Imaginary Cat 4

She climbs onto his chest and purrs, and he tells her, “Bok-gil-ah, I don’t want to give up. I really want to do a good job. You’re going to cheer me on, right?”
 Imaginary Cat 4

Jong-hyun gets up, feeling recharged by Bok-gil’s presence. He puts in a call, and the next thing we know, we see Hae-gong helping him ink his drawings at the cafe. Hae-gong couldn’t be prouder that his friend reached out to him, though he gets annoyed whenever Jong-hyun nags at him about the drawings.
Na-woo places a bowl before Jong-hyun just then—it’s beef marrow bone soup. She claims it’s good for healing bones, and when Jong-hyun says his are just fine, she adds its probably good for ligaments and tendons too.
Hae-gong looks pleased to hear that she got Jong-hyun the premium stuff, then asks for h is. Hehe. He’s given a nice espresso, which he finds too bitter.
It’s dark out when Bok-gil stares out the window on top of Jong-hyun’s drafting table. Bored, she wonders when her human will come home. He’s still at the cafe, where Na-woo says he can stay here working all night.
 Imaginary Cat 4  Imaginary Cat 4
 Imaginary Cat 4  Imaginary Cat 4

When he assures her that he hasn’t used his right hand, Na-woo places a heating pad over it. She found that heat is a home remedy for sprained wrists, and Jong-hyun seems touched by the gesture. He assures her that everything will be fine—he can even take off the bandage tomorrow. At his request, Na-woo removes the heating pad but makes sure that his wrap is secure. She even draws a pet of paws on it, similar to the ones on the back of his employee nametag.
 Imaginary Cat 4

Jong-hyun breaks into a wide smile when he sees Bok-gil waiting for him. He refills her food bowl (though she’s more interested in playing), and Bok-gil wonders if they’ll play when he picks her up.
But nope—he just plops her on the bed and pets her. To his credit, he does notice that Bok-gil isn’t that pleased, so he asks outright what she wants. Her eyes light up, all, I told you already! but it’s not like he can hear her thoughts.
They stare at each other for a good minute before Jong-hyun smiles even wider. Then we hear Jong-hyun narrate: “Since we can’t communicate through language, we have no choice but to communicate with our emotions.”
As we see the memories they’ve shared over the years, Bok-gil continues, “As we calmly stare into each other’s eyes, we read each other’s thoughts.” Jong-hyun: “Even though it’s difficult for them to match up… ” Bok-gil: “… it’s okay that they slightly differ.”
Jong-hyun: “Because it’s like that all the time between people, too.”
 Imaginary Cat 4

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