Imaginary Cat: Episode 5

Korean Drama Recaps | December 25, 2015 | 448 viewed

Writer: Kim Gyung
Genre: Comedy; Romance;
Release Date: November 24, 2015 - January 12, 2016
Runtime: Tuesdays 20:50
Starring: Yoo Seung-Ho (Hyun Jong-Hyun), Biteuli (Boggil), Cho Hye-Jung (Oh Na-Woo), Park Chul-Min (Team Leader Ma), Lee El (Dokgo Soon)
Release Date: December 25th, 2015

Episode 5

 Imaginary Cat 5

Fun fact: Cats are common pets in all continents of the world, and their global population is difficult to ascertain, with estimates ranging from anywhere between 200 million to 600 million
Teaser of the day
CHAPTER 9: “Your Significance”
Jong Huyng gets back: | It’s was an exciting morning when Jong Huyng is in the mid way of bursting his teeth and realizes that his hand is completely recover. So when you are ecstatic for the good news, you obviously sharing with your sound mate immediately and well sometime you celebrate it in a bit dumb way.

Jong Huyng , now , is able to finish his project. He shows it to Bok Gil and promise after submit it he will back home early. Yeah , assume that Bok Gil will believe this , her huan makes this promise a thousand time with her and quickly forget it when he gets out the door.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 4  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 4

In the Dokko PD office, she solemnly says he is over her expectation
Love line: wherever love is , this place become more beautiful. | Surprisingly, in the bar ,Jong Hyun identifies weird action between his best friend Hae Gong and Dokko PD. Hae Gong admit that he and Dokko is dating and it easy for Jong Hyung to recognize it because he is unable to hide love ^^( how romantic is he ?). Ha Gong thinks Jong Hyun should date someone too. Na Woo is nice and seems into him too
 Imaginary Cat 5  Imaginary Cat 5

Jong Huyng , surely feel happy for his friend , however, on the way back home he think about Soo In who is his first love . He imagines that she compliments him on the drawing of her (the one on the swing, which he let float way on the water).
Whereas she feels she knows so much about him, Jong-hyun says he feels just the opposite—there’s so much he doesn’t know about her. He’s speaking as to why she suddenly took her own life all those years ago, but she says he still liked her. He admits as much, and she congratulates him for finishing his project. She keeps smiling at him for a few moments, but Jong-hyun finds himself alone when he looks over at her direction again.
 Imaginary Cat 5  Imaginary Cat 5

Turning to Na Woo, she is cute and sweet-hearted person. Just as Jong-hyun begins to warm up to Na-woo, another suitor swings in to grab her attention. Though really, there’s no reason to worry when practically the entire neighborhood is rooting for these two to get together anyway.
 Imaginary Cat 5

Na-woo maintains a photo blog of the neighborhood alley cats. She tells her vet friend LEE WAN that she sometimes gets requests from readers who want to buy her photos. Although So Wan tries to help her by asking his client, Na Woo seem already have her own subject who is veterinarian, adopt a cat …( humm sound very familiar here)
 Imaginary Cat 5  Imaginary Cat 5

With the support from Hae Gong, Na Woo and Jong Huyn have a day out together , not really dating but nearly, right in the time Na Woo show up , Hae Gong disappears so Jong Hyun have responsible to teach Na Woo how to ride a bicycle.
Not that it’s a very smooth afternoon because Jong-hyun struggles in teaching her. Later that evening, Na-woo says it’s because he wasn’t a great teacher. When he threatens to just leave her here, she wraps her arms around his waist.
 Imaginary Cat 5

He drops her off, but Na-woo stops him before he leaves to ask if she can include Bok-gil in an upcoming photo exhibition that will feature photos of abandoned cats. She think it’ll be great to show pictures of her story to show how unwanted animals can find happy homes.
But Jong-hyun cuts her off just then, having heard the cries of a kitten nearby. Its howling has also awoken the mean ajusshi, who ventures outside with a next. He’s determined to catch the little bugger keeping him up.
 Imaginary Cat 5
CHAPTER 10: “The Boy, The Girl, and The Cat”
 Imaginary Cat 5  Imaginary Cat 5

At the animal hospital, Jong-hyun and Na-woo are relieved to hear that the kitten will be fine. Since Na-woo can’t take the kitty home, she asks if Wan could find a good home for it.
 Imaginary Cat 5

Bok-gil is not pleased when Jong-hyun finally arrives home, wondering what’s keeping her human out so late lately. Reminded of the abandoned kitten, Jong-hyun asks how Bok-gil ended up on the streets alone—surely she must’ve once had a mother too.

Things are much better for Jong-hyun now at the bookstore, since his boss is fixated on Jong-hyun’s connection to Na-woo’s cousin. Why if Jong-hyun gets together with Na-woo then he can fix his boss up with the goddess-like cousin
 Imaginary Cat 5  Imaginary Cat 5

Na-woo hangs by the cafe window to catch Jong-hyun on his way home. She has good news: somebody adopted that kitten. She asks if he’s given some thought about her taking photos of Bok-gil, to which he gives a flat no.
 Imaginary Cat 5

When asked why it’s Bok-gil of all subjects, Na-woo explains that she wants to feature lost cats who have met a happy ending. No cat she knows is as happy as Bok-gil… because Jong-hyun is her owner.
She hands him a bag containing chicken soup she’d made for Bok-gil, urging him to take it since it isn’t for him. He accepts the gift, and when she tells him to bring Bok-gil to the cafe tomorrow, Jong-hyun reminds her that he hasn’t said yes.
At home, Jong-hyun notices that she hasn’t eaten her dry food (Bok-gil’s more in the mood for a snack than anything). He’s worried that she hasn’t been eating lately, so he spoons some of the chicken soup into Bok-gil’s bowl.
 Imaginary Cat 5  Imaginary Cat 5

Bok-gil is a semi-unwilling photography subject at the cafe the next day. “Oy Human, can you make her stop?” she thinks as Na-woo snaps photos of her. Na-woo is pleased to hear that Bok-gil enjoyed her homemade meal, though Bok-gil is all, I had no idea you made it.
 Imaginary Cat 5  Imaginary Cat 5

She tells Bok-gil that her long lost cat Haru loved that chicken soup too. How funny that they share the same food preferences. Yes… how… convenient. Jong-hyun asks for the recipe, and Na-woo offers to teach him how to make it—now.
SO what will happen if Bok Gil is really Haru ?
When that night , Na Woo comes to Jong Hyun House, she looks thoroughly upset when he open door for her , she asking give her back her cat ..
 Imaginary Cat 5

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