Imaginary Cat: Episode 7

Korean Drama Recaps | January 8, 2016 | 521 viewed

Writer: Kim Gyung
Genre: Comedy; Romance;
Release Date: November 24, 2015 - January 12, 2016
Runtime: Tuesdays 20:50
Starring: Yoo Seung-Ho (Hyun Jong-Hyun), Biteuli (Boggil), Cho Hye-Jung (Oh Na-Woo), Park Chul-Min (Team Leader Ma), Lee El (Dokgo Soon)
Release Date: January 8th, 2016


 Imaginary Cat 7

I understand the feeling that you put so much effort for what you love, but your target does not understand that. Some time love make hurt, but is that worth to try for?
Song of the day
CHAPTER 13: “You In My Heart”

For the previous episode, Jong Hyun already found out that Bok Gil is long-lost Haru, thank to advane DNA test for pet ( I even didn’t know we can do that for pet, amazing technology) and he understand a little bit why Na Woo is so interesting with his dear Bok Gil. He did make a very generous action that; Na Woo has permission to come to his house to play with Bokgil with a condition. The condition is Na Woo and Bok Gil can touch every thing in the house, except his drafting table.
 Imaginary Cat 7
Should I say happy family: | I love the screen that Jong Hyun and Na Woo together take a bath for Bok Gil. Yeah and u know that cat does not like water , but Bok Gil action look like she stuk in an unwanted bath, but she enjoy that so much. Bok Gil hops out the first chance she get, and the rogue shower head sprays both Na Woo and Jong Huyn.
 Imaginary Cat 7

That awkward moment, Na Woo immediately takes a tower for Jong Huyn, but he even could not look at her. He says that he will bring her cloth to change. ( Now we understand the reason :D).
I read somewhere there is a quote’ the man usually gets touhed when he saw a womwn wear his cloth. SO I wonder, is this truth for Jong Hyun?
And any family have crisis: | while Jong Huyn went out to buy water, Bok Gil suddenly jump up to his table, thus Na Woo try to stop her. She saw a interesting hand drawing of Jong Huyn , and u might guess what will happen next. Jong Huyn come back, he instantly get angry, he thinks that Na Woo did not respect his private. So he shouts at her, without listen to her explanation. Na Woo just depresses, she wants to take Bok Gil to her house, however, her action even make Jong Huyn increase mad. He said that “ Bok Gill hasn’t been eating much or feeling great – plus Na Woo has no right to take Bok Gil away. He told her not to come back ever again. Na Woo said, he is really so mean, and she left.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7
A true friend is greatest gift ever: | Jong Huyn is so lucky when he has Hae Gong as his best friend, since he always stay in Jong Huyn side, no matter he is successful or unsuccessful. Hae Gong even suggests Jong Huyn to go to church with him for praying, he is so worry for Jong Huyn final result for his webtoon project. He has a strong believe on Jong Huyn drawing talent.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7

Hae-gong couldn’t be more proud of his friend, and when Jong-hyun says that he’s next up on the mound, Hae-gong reveals that he plans to work for his father’s business. Not all dreams are meant to come true, and though the idea of sticking it out for a bit longer sounds nice, Hae-gong says he’s not ultimately not cut out to be a webtoon artist.
Asked if he’s confident that he won’t regret this decision, Hae-gong honestly says he can’t be sure, but what would life be without some regret? It’s sad to think that Jong-hyun’s No. 1 cheerleader won’t be pursuing the same dream any longer, but Hae-gong looks back on his passion for drawing with fondness.
Spending time drawing with Jong-hyun and Soo-in were some of his happiest memories in high school. “One has departed this world, and I’ve given up on another… I’ve only got you now,” Hae-gong says matter-of-factly.
Bok Gil – good listening friend. | AT home, Bok Gil accidentally licks the home made collar off of the drafting table. She wonders if she needs to retrieve it. Then she forget her injury and make a leap to the door. Her human just gets home. Jong Huyn cannot see her leg hurts, instead he pik her up into the bed and crying , he tell her that he finally decide to public his webtoon. That’s a good new, but why he is tearing?

It takes a minute for Bok-gil to comprehend why her human isn’t getting out of bed the following morning. She puts the pieces together—his weakened state, his hoarse voice, and his body feels feverish—then gasps. Oh no, her human’s ill.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7

Her mind immediately jumps to concern, and when Jong-hyun offers to feed her, she anxiously thinks to him that she’s not at all hungry and he can just stay in bed. When he apologizes for not being able to get up, Bok-gil is completely understanding—she can wait for however long he needs.
Worried, she hops down when she hears the doorbell, desperately hoping that the human on the other side can help her owner. Jong-hyun staggers to answer it, and collapses on top of Na-woo (who’d been preparing her apology to him outside). Bok-gil couldn’t be more relieved.
Bok-gil watches with a keen eye as Na-woo tends to Jong-hyun’s fever. At the first sign of consciousness, Na-woo steps away to get him some water, but then Jong-hyun takes her hand. In his delirious state, he calls out to her: “Soo-in-ah.” O my damn.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7
CHAPTER 14: “Goodbye and Hi”
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7

Jong-hyun is feeling much better by morning, and is surprised to see Na-woo sleeping by his bedside. Checking his forehead, she’s relieved that his fever’s gone, and recounts how sick he was last night.
He was even babbling in his sickly state, and when she asks who Soo-in is, he quickly changes the subject. Citing that he’s got important plans today, he thanks her for taking care of him and Na-woo takes her leave.
Jong-hyun gathers a sleeping Bok-gil up in his arms, apologizing to her for scaring her like that. Bok-gil meows, “Don’t get sick again.”
Na Woo’s sacrifice: | when Na Woo gets home, Wan is waiting for her outside her house already. He immediately recognizes that Na Woo is not well. He questions her for what she doing last night, and wonders why she has to take care Jong Huyn for whole night until she get sick? He pulls her to the hospital for checking.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7
Jong Huyn hard working gets paid: | Jong Huyn final result is 8 over 3 votes. He wins the completion convincing. Over at the agency, Dokko PD warns Jong-hyun that he’s got a tough road ahead of him once he signs that contract. But Jong-hyun is prepared to do his best, and then they’re interrupted by Jin-sung, irate that he lost to an amateur. He’s in disbelief when he’s told that Jong-hyun won by a landslide. Jong-hyun signs the contract right then and there, and Jin-sung swears that they’ll both come to regret this moment.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7

At home, Jong-hyun and Bok-gil read together on the floor because they’re perfect. Bok-gil doesn’t like the idea that she actually needs a bath, but she does like the sound of a cat cafe.
 Imaginary Cat 7
Is that first step of love is starting to worry for someone? | When Jong-hyun and Hae-gong stop by the cafe, the latter notices that Na-woo isn’t in. Their cheerful only nags at Na-woo’s unni cousin, who asks if Jong-hyun knows that Na-woo went to the ER yesterday after taking care of him all night. That make Jong Huyn shocking, he ask to visit Na Woo but his good intention get refuse by Na Woo cousin.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7

Jong-hyun wanders alone that evening, only to look up and find himself nearby the playground. He walks over to the swings and takes a seat, thinking back to the harsh words he said to Na-woo.
 Imaginary Cat 7

Jong Huyn wanders alone at night, only look up and find himself near the playground where he used to play with Soo In. She asks him, ‘who are u thinking about?’ does not let him answers , she says ‘You look well ‘. ‘You laugh more now than you once did, and know how to rely on other people. It’s a relief that it feels like you’re not alone’ she said and smiling.
 Imaginary Cat 7  Imaginary Cat 7

He apologizes for sending her away, but she’s more apologetic for leaving him the way she did. Soo-in encourages him to call the girl that’s occupying his thoughts right now, the girl who he misses. So Jong-hyun calls… and the apparition disappears.
Jong Huyn reaches home and immediately looks for Bok-Gil, start feeling wrong when he cannot find her. And his sense was right, when he found Bok Gil lying in the bathroom and does not moving.
And when he picks her up, she weakly paws at him, ‘Human what’s going on with me?’
 Imaginary Cat 7
My opinions:
  • You know , friend can come from any back ground, only if you are open your heart with them, they will stay in there , even they are not human, really.
  • Everyone have their own secret, a shadow side in their life, a good girl will have ability to pull her man out of his shadow. So if you are a girl, will you have enough strength to do that? And if you are a boy , are willing to let another girl help u out of your past ?
  • I have a nervous feeling that Bok-Gil is representing of Soo In soul. She come to Jong Huyn to ensure that he is ok, and if she know for sure that he did, her target is done. We just have so much love to Bok-Gil and I really don’t want what will happen to her. But look at the fact, she is already 7 years old, how is life length for a cat? I even don’t want to think about that.

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