Oh My Venus Episode 10

Korean Drama Recaps | December 17, 2015 | 971 viewed

Director: Kim Hyung Suk
Writer: Kim Eun Ji
Genre: Drama, Comedian, Romance
Starring: So Ji Sub (Kim Young Ho), Shin Min Ah (Kang Joo Eun), Jung Gyu Woon (Im Woo Shik), Yoo In Young (Oh Soo Jin)
Episode 10:
Oh My Venus Episode 10 [Rating]
Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings AGB Nielsen
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area
9 14 December 2015 7.2% 8.4% 8.7% 9.5%
10 15 December  2015 7.4% 7.8% 8.9% 9.8%

Song of the day:
Our couple ratchets their relationship up a notch…from fun dating to supporting each other when the other is needs it.
Oh My Venus Episode 10 Recap
 Oh My Venus Episode 10

Our leading man Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) admits he’s dating our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) around the campfire. Joo Eun’s best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji) grills Young Ho after the campfire. She decides Young Ho is sexy but not reliable or steady. Hyun Woo’s ex stops by to hand over a child support check and asks who the man with Joo Eun is. Hyun Woo doesn’t tell him. He shrugs and says he’s too busy with John Kim and leaves.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9

Our favorite boxer, Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon), and manager, Kim Ji Wong (Henry), grapple with the news that Young Ho and “Ma’am” (aka Joo Eun) are dating. Joon Sung muses that Young Ho will be smiling more often. Ji Wong muses watching Joo Eun date is like watching his Mom date.
When Young Ho and Joo Eun arrive home, Manager Min is there. He shares that Director Choi knows about his John Kim persona and will use it against him. Joo Eun tries to leave but Young Ho grabs her and introduces her to Manager Min as the woman he is dating. Both Joo Eun and Manager Min are startled at the admission.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9  Oh My Venus Episode 9

Manager Min warns that Young Ho’s family may not react positively to Joo Eun. Young Ho states he won’t stop seeing her even if his family does not approve. Manager Min warns that Joo Eun could be hurt. Young Ho asks Manager me to mitigate future issues. Young Ho asks for Manager Min’s support because he trusts him. I like watching them interact.
Joo Eun is packed. She worries if Manager Min said his family would not approve. The kids are out so Young Ho suggests they have an erotic night. She punches him and heads to her room.
Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) apologizes to former friend now annoying enemy and boss Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) for being too busy for her. She doesn’t melt at his apology. She leaves.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9

Young Ho worries about Manager Min’s warning that things could get tough for Joo Eun. Joo Eun smiles that Young Ho declared they were dating. Joo Eun takes her pillow to Young Ho’s room. She suggests they stay up and talk tonight. Young Ho is on the bed and she’s on the floor. She moves to the bed when he promises to only touch her feet and hands. Cute when Joo Eun uses Young Ho’s foot as a microphone. Cute when Young Ho uses Joo Eun’s feet as a buzzer for questions. He watches her sleep.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9
 Oh My Venus Episode 9

The next morning Joo Eun is gone. She’s left a note and two figures. She hopes Joon Sung finds his super woman and Ji Wong finds his wonder woman. She’s left Young Ho a book on dating. I like that Joo Eun watches Young Ho sleep as he watched her the previous evening. The breakfast isn’t low cal but it is yummy. Manager Min arrives.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9  Oh My Venus Episode 9

oo Eun finds the bandages Young Ho put on her taped to her phone.
At work Soo Jin tells Joo Eun if she wants to leave the team because of her personal relationship with Young Oh, to feel free. Joo Eun declines the offer. Reviewing Joon Sung’s documentation, Joo Eun feel’s like she recognizes his mother’s name.
Step mother gets snubbed by Grandmother at the museum.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9  Oh My Venus Episode 9

Manager Min and Young Ho review his schedule and reports. Young Ho asks Manager Min to pick out a pretty tie. In route to the office, Young Ho and Joo Eun text. They are supportive and miss each other.
Director Choi tells the executive if Young Ho wants to be a figurehead, that is ok. If he wants something more, that is not ok. Woo Sik suggests they think about their plan before striking out at Young Ho. Director Choi wants to make things difficult for Young Ho.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9

At the “low key” meeting, Young Ho asserts the he will review current projects. That doesn’t make Director Choi or the other managers happy. Soo Jin tries to shade the truth about Joo Eun but Young Ho calls her on it. Woo Sik pulls Soo Jin aside, not happy that she didn’t tell him she’d be at the meeting today. They don’t resolve their differences.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9

Young Ho meets with his Grandmother. Oh snap, blind date lady is there too. Grandmother leaves them alone telling Young Ho he needs to get married. Young Ho tells the blind date girl he’s not ready for marriage. Glad he nipped that in the bud.
Step mother calls Young Ho’s father on his subpar parenting. She admits she knows he is undergoing chemotherapy. She’s hurt he didn’t share this with her.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9  Oh My Venus Episode 9

Joon Sung and Ji Wong visit Joo Eun in her new place. They appreciate her figure gifts. She misses Young Ho.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9  Oh My Venus Episode 9

In the pool a woman screams for help. Joon Sung saves her. The woman is Jang Hee Jin, star of commercials, his personal wanna be girl friend. At Ji Wong’s urging, he gives her mouth to mouth. She declares they kissed.
Woo Sik meets with Hyun Woo’s ex who believes that Young Ho is John Kim. Woo Sik is evasive. He urges caution and proof before any reveal.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9
 Oh My Venus Episode 9
 Oh My Venus Episode 9

Young Ho visits Joo Eun at her new apartment. He gives her a back hug. He tells her tomorrow will be hard. She assures him she can handle it. She gives him a quick kiss. It is short but sweet visit.
They both think of each other when they work out that evening
Hyun Woo’s ex calls Woo Sik. He’s got a photo that shows Young Ho is John Kim.
Meeting day is here…Young Ho, his Grandmother, his father, Manager Min, Joo Eun, et al are there. I’m digging Grandmother’s purple nail color. Not all the directors show. The meeting is rescheduled. Round one to Director Choi. Joo Eun and the legal team leave. Young Ho and his team leave.
Manager Min apologizes for not realizing how power hungry Director Choi is.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9  Oh My Venus Episode 9

Young Ho thinks about calling Joo Eun but does not. She wonders why he does not text or call. Joo Eun is thrilled to fit into a lovely black dress (the one she day dreamed about earlier in episode 3). She dolls herself up. She looks good! She enjoys herself until she realizes the one person she wants to see her in the dress isn’t here. She calls her Mom for support. It is a nice phone call. Hyun Woo calls and asks if Young Ho is John Kim. It’s all over the web. She calls Young Ho. He doesn’t answer. She calls Joon Sung. He doesn’t answer. She calls Ji Wong. He doesn’t answer.
 Oh My Venus Episode 9

As she leaves her apartment to find him, Young Ho is there. He loves her look. She scolds him for not answering his phone. She asks if he’s ok. He confirms he’s fine. Young Ho says he didn’t want to go home or sleep at a hotel. Flashback for Joo Eun saying the same thing. She smiles. He smiles. She invites him into her apartment. She hugs him. He sinks into her hug, relishing the needed comfort.
My Thoughts
Young Ho is unmasked as John Kim.
I don’t care. Besides the momentary embarrassment to his family and the company, how does this matter? The company will either accept Young Ho’s previous activities and let him be CEO or they won’t. Young Ho is only doing this job because it is a last wish of his Grandmother’s. He doesn’t want the job. Therefore if he loses the job, how is this bad? If his Grandmother and Father are upset, how does this skewer Young Ho’s heart? Yes, he has a soft spot for his Grandmother. I find it hard to believe that she would not understand he was doing other things before he returned to Korea per her request. Wouldn’t Young Ho’s cold fish father be happy about this? He may be able to reclaim the CEO chair.
  • Joo Eun and Young Ho delved into real support for each other. Once they became open about their relationship, they seemed to connect on a deeper level. Add in Young Ho’s new role and their mutual concern about it, and this couple was “all for one and one for all” this episode. Joo Eun’s tender hug and support at the end of the episode was excellent. Her goodbye gifts to the boys were sweet. Young Ho is affected by her, wants to share his life with her, and she is reciprocating. Their relationship is enjoyable to watch. The company/family story just doesn’t interest me.
  • Joon Sung and Ji Wong missed Joo Eun when she left. Hee Jin’s drowning in the pool seemed a bit more childish than her encounter with Joon Sung in her van the previous episode. She’s got to keep some dignity and not turn desperate.
  • Soo Jin rejected Woo Siks’ apology. I may have said this before…these two do not interest me. Woo Sik was willing to skewer Young Ho with the John Kim reveal. What else could you expect from this character?

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