Oh My Venus Episode 13

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Director: Kim Hyung Suk
Writer: Kim Eun Ji
Genre: Drama, Comedian, Romance
Starring: So Ji Sub (Kim Young Ho), Shin Min Ah (Kang Joo Eun), Jung Gyu Woon (Im Woo Shik), Yoo In Young (Oh Soo Jin)
Episode 13:
Oh My Venus Episode 13 [Rating]
Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings AGB Nielsen
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area
11 22 December 2015 6.5% 7.2% 8.4% 9.1%
12 23 December  2015 6.7% 8.0% 8.6% 9.5%

Song of the day:
Not my favorite episode of the series, but what is done is done.
Oh My Venus Episode 13 Recap

At the hospital Director Choi tells his sister, Young Ho’s father’s second wife, there is only one solution – eliminate Young Ho. Why? Because Young Ho inherits everything, leaving nothing for the second son, Young Joon. Director Choi believes if Young Ho were eliminated his sister and her son would no longer be cut off and mistreated. Manager Min overhears this and calls Young Ho (So Ji Sub). Manager Min tells Young Ho Director Choi is out for blood. Young Ho realizes Joon Sung is in danger.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Director Choi is focused on finding Young Ho. His sister follows hoping to stop him. Young Ho looks for Joon Sung. He, Director Choi and the sister race towards the car, which Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) is driving unaware of the 3 cars chasing him. The chasing cars collide. To avoid an oncoming truck, Young Ho’s car swerves and catapults over another car. Director Choi staggers out of his car. He sees his sister’s car. He finds her unconsciousness with blood on her head. Joon Sung finds Young Ho unconsciousness in the car, bleeding, with an injured leg. Joon Sung freaks out. Manager Min arrives. He puts a handkerchief on the bleeding leg and begs Young Ho to wake. The minions call for help. There was a real sense of urgency and panic and fear for Young Ho between Joon Sung and Manager Min.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

Young Ho is wheeled into surgery. His father watches and recalls the child Young Ho begging not to be taken into surgery. I’m glad his father is there for his son. This is the most human he has seemed. Recall Joo Eun is unaware that any of this has happened. She waits in her apartment for Young Ho. Young Ho’s father asks Manager Min to handle the media and inform Grandmother only when they know how the surgery went. Young Ho goes through surgery. Director Choi sits alone while his sister is in surgery. His actions caused the situation and he knows it. Kim Ji Wong (Henry) arrives at the hospital. He is upset and falls to the floor and cries. Joon Sung comforts his friend. Gosh, I’m feeling it folks.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Joon Sung’s mother calls him but his phone is turned off.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) calls Young Ho’s phone but his phone is turned off. I’m shocked Joon Sung, Ji Wong, or Manager Min did not call Joo Eun.
The next day at work Joo Eun is in a daze. She calls Young Ho, but the phone is off. She calls Joon Sung.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Joon Sung’s mother finds Joon Sung at her door. He apologizes for being late. She looks great in the red coat. He calls her Mom and he cries. She cries and hugs him. I’m feeling it folks. She promises to hug him often.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

At the hospital Director Choi learns the surgery was successful for his sister and she will recover. Young Joon wakes from his drug overdose. Director Choi tells him his mother will be there soon. Why did he overdose? Young Joon says he was there at the anniversary dinner, overheard what Director Choi said, and felt the burden of being a burden and the cause of hatred and greed. Director Choi says his actions were stupid and he is sorry. Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) finds Director Choi at the hospital who asks for a favor.
I’m shocked Joo Eun still knows nothing.
The boss isn’t there so Joo Eun decides to visit. She calls Young Ho but no answer. She wonders what is going on.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

At the hospital, Young Ho’s leg is in a cast and he’s sleeping. The doctor tells his father that Young Ho doesn’t have any life threatening injuries. He has multiple leg fractures and may never walk again. Young Ho’s father clenches his hand. Not again. He tells Manager Min to call Grandmother when Young Ho wakes. Manager Min tells father that Young Ho was protecting Joon Sung from a zealous Director Choi who was bent on hurting Young Ho. Manager Min tells father that his wife tried to stop her brother. Father says Director Choi will need to cooperate. He tells Manager Min to take care of the mess. He doesn’t want his son to become a criminal. I assume he is referring to Young Joon.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Joo Eun visits her boss who does not answer the door. Joo Eun correctly guesses the access code and enters the apartment. She finds Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) asleep and ok. Soo Jin has a major hangover. She tells Joo Eun to leave. Instead Joo Eun makes food. She tells Soo Jin not to mix alcohol and medicine in the future. She asks why Soo Jin cut her off after she graduated. They call each other terrible wenches. They work out some past and current issues.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Joon Sung and Ji Woon visit Young Ho who wakes up. Joon Sung apologizes. Young Ho asks about his mother. He tells her she’s fine. Joon Sung knows Young Ho was trying to save him. Ji Woon offers a plant and tells Young Ho he’ll take car of everything. He cries and Young Ho cries too. Joo Eun calls. Joon Sung asks Young Ho what to tell her. Young Ho says the words “I don’t want her to see me like this. I don’t want to see her cry. I don’t know what will happen to me.” NO, NO, NO, this show is walking through the noble idiot door! What a bummer!
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Joon Sung and Ji Woon arrive at their house and Joo Eun is waiting for them. She asks about Young Ho. She asks if Young Ho is in pain. She asks where he is. She asks if something happened. She declares she will search hospitals if they don’t tell her.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13  Oh My Venus Episode 13

At the hospital she races to Young Ho’s room with Joon Sung and Ji Woon close behind. Thank goodness they caved! The minions and Manager Min block her. She begs to see Young Ho. She calls to Young Ho. He wakes and grabs his phone. He sees all the missed calls and her texts. Joo Eun continues to call Young Ho’s name. He pecks out a text. She grabs her phone and reads his text. “Tap, tap” which means let go. He cries. She cries. Manager Min allows her to stand at the door to Young Ho’s room. She tells him she cannot leave. She’s stubborn. She will wait for him. She tells him she loves him. He cries harder. She turns to leave and asks Manager Min to keep Young Ho safe. Joon Sung and Ji Woon leave with her. Why didn’t she bust through the door and see him face-to-face?
 Oh My Venus Episode 13  Oh My Venus Episode 13

Grandmother visits her son’s wife in the hospital. She’s mad at Director Choi. Grandmother says they must sever ties now. She wishes her luck and leaves. Young Ho’s father helps Grandmother. She declares she doesn’t have the energy to see Young Ho today.
Joo Eun arrives at her apartment and immediately thinks about Young Ho.
Director Choi recalls telling his sister that he took Young Joon to a treatment center. His sister tells him that Young Ho suffered many surgeries as a child. She reminds him Young Ho is Young Joon’s half brother. Director Choi declares they only have each other and he had to protect Young Joon. She tells him she may not have had a good family in her marriage but she had a family.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Soo Jin presents settlement papers for Director Choi. By signing he will admit negligence and settle with a penalty. He signs.
Soo Jin asks Woo Sik if he’s mad she worked on the settlement for Director Choi. He’s not. They agree to have dinner together. Soo Jin tells him she and Joo Eun resolved their issues. Everything is right in their world.
Director Choi resigns.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Joo Eun celebrates the new year with her mother, brother and his pregnant girlfriend. Joo Eun is not in a party mood. Her mother asks about Young Ho. Joo Eun claims they will meet soon. She misses Young Ho when she recalls their platonic night together at her mother’s house. She continues to follow Young Ho’s mandates – taking her medicine, exercising, eating right, etc. She misses him terribly.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13  Oh My Venus Episode 13

Time passes…Joon Sung becomes the RFC champion in August. Ji Wong cannot get accepted into the marine corps.
 Oh My Venus Episode 13
 Oh My Venus Episode 13

Now it’s 1 year later. Joo Eun cannot forget Young Ho. She thinks she hallucinates him and bumps into him. But he’s real. They stare at each other. He gives her a pink scarf. “Long time no see” he says. She touches his face. “You are real” she says. He demonstrates his legs are functional. He hugs her. She hugs him back.
My Thoughts
Are you kidding me? This show swallows the noble idiocy pill, encompasses a year separation of our couple, and they end up hugging and everything is fine? | I know that walking away from someone so you don’t burden them is standard kdrama fare. This couple had avoided most of the cliched obstacles until this episode. Noble idiocy never makes me happy. The best thing I can say is if this is the only episode this series is littered with it then I was unhappy for 6% of the episodes and happy for 94% of the episodes.
Joo Eun bore the separation from Young Ho well. | I am still surprised that no one called Joo Eun during the initial phases of Young Ho’s hospitalization.
Joon Sung was reunited with his mother. | The short scene was touching.
Soo Jin and Joo Eun resolved their differences. | Glad their Soo Jin’s antipathy for Joo Eun is resolved.
The 7th song of the OST “That Person” has been released by Lyn. | This is the non-duet version of the song. It was released as the 3rd song of the OST as a duet between Lyn and Shin Yong Jae. Listen to it via the link link or the embedded video below:

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