Oh My Venus Episode 5

Korean Drama Recaps | December 3, 2015 | 618 viewed

Director: Kim Hyung Suk
Writer: Kim Eun Ji
Genre: Drama, Comedian, Romance
Starring: So Ji Sub (Kim Young Ho), Shin Min Ah (Kang Joo Eun), Jung Gyu Woon (Im Woo Shik), Yoo In Young (Oh Soo Jin)
Episode 5 :
Oh My Venus Episode 5 [Rating]
Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings AGB Nielsen
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area
4 30 November 2015 8.1% 9.9% 9.4% 10.5%
5 1 December  2015 7.1% 7.7% 8.8% 9.5%

The interesting of viewer for our Venus is a bit down
Oh My Venus Episode 5 Recap
 Oh My Venus Episode 5

Our personal character cover is peeled up, Young Ho childhood is reveal. We understand his painful, he’s got a lot to overcome, and it’s no wonder he’s so withdrawn and unemotional. But his wall against the world isn’t completely impenetrable, and it could be something as simple as an adorable dimple that breaks through to him.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

When Joo Eun fall down , because of her stalker. One again she asking “Please save me,” and right on cue, Young-ho bursts through her front door. He stops long enough to ask if Joo-eun knows this man, and as she shakes her head, the stranger throws the first punch. Young-ho casually puts the stalker through a series of wrestling moves, stopping between actions to check on Joo-eun and ask why she didn’t answer her phone. Later as the police cart Stalker away, we see Woo-shik, watching everything from his car.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

A voice rings out, “Are you happy?” and Young-ho saunters over to point out a poster indicating that women are happy in their city. He turns to Stalker to ask if he remembers him. We see that this was the man who followed Joo-eun through the rain the day she and Young-ho first met, and that Young-ho had seen him. He’d also seen Stalker carrying the poinsettia up to her place tonight.
Young-ho follows her and she thanks him for remembering her stalker’s face, and helping her tonight. But he’s frustrated — that she didn’t tell those jerks she’s a lawyer, and that what he did was self-defense. Why did she become a lawyer when she won’t even defend herself? He’s still angry, and offers to go beat the stalker up and she can defend him in court.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

But Joo-eun stops him, saying that it’s not worth him getting hurt or worse just to punish the man. She explains that the guy would get the bare minimum punishment, if any, and that it’s because she’s a lawyer and knows this that she didn’t have higher expectations. She does thank Young-ho for helping her again, joking that he must owe her major favors from a past life.
Young-ho is still more upset than Joo-eun, and counters that if he does owe her, he must really be in her debt. She says that she can stay at Hyun-woo’s tonight, and he puts her in his car. And again, we see Woo-shik watching from the parking lot.
Joo-eun calls Hyun-woo, but her household is in an uproar — Min-joon’s grandmother is covered in bruises again, and nobody believes her anymore when she says these bruises are an accident. Young-ho drops off Joo-eun, but she goes to a seedy motel instead of her friend’s house. But Young-ho is onto her and finds her checking in, deadpanning that her “friend” sure does have a lot of rooms at her house.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

He drags her out, but Joo-eun is embarrassed for him to see her like this. But she admits she’s too scared to go home, so he offers to take her somewhere “out of your world.” It reminds her of his words outside his fancy hotel suite, and she jumps to the wrong conclusion, but Young-ho pretends maidenly horror — he only meant his guest room
With one last warning that he’s done saving her for tonight, Young-ho leaves her alone (though awww, her stuffed sloth is in the room to keep her company). In his own room, Young-ho clutches his bad knee, which we see now that he twisted when he was running up to Joo-eun’s apartment, and again when he neutralized her stalker.
In the morning, all three boys coming running to Joo-eun’s screams of, “Save me, please save me!!!” Ahaha, she has leg cramps, and is stuck in bed. Young-ho accuses her of doing this because she’s too shy to just come out, and makes her say complimentary things to him before he tells the guys to “catch the mouse” (the words for “mouse” and “cramp” sound the same in Korean).
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

Ji-woong gets all worked up to hear that his Ma’am has a stalker, and Young-ho hilariously takes all the credit for saving her. Joon-sung apologizes for their bland, healthy diet, and Ji-woong shares a bite of his steak, but Young-ho refuses to let her have any salt. He does produce her medications from his pocket, surprising her with his thoroughness.
Later Young-ho laughs at Joo-eun’s claim to have been “Daegu’s Venus” and that she was every Daegu boy’s first love, but he’s distracted by his sore knee and calls Manager Min to ask him a favor. He wants to go to Daegu, but he needs a guardian. Min asks if something happened to Young-ho’s leg, but Young-ho just says that he’ll find out by going to Daegu. Interesting.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

Joo-eun talks about the stalker situation with Hyun-woo and little brother Jae-hyuk, though she’s reluctant to tell her mother about it. Hyun-woo offers to let her stay at her place, but Joo-eun declines. Hyun-woo tells Jae-hyuk not to get married, and to stop mooching off his sister — well, someone had to say it. But when she’s gone, Joo-eun says she’s going to sell her place, and tells her brother to buy a store in order to provide for his new family. At least Jae-hyuk feels guilty, and offers to pay her back double.
As it turns out, Woo-shik went into the police station after everyone left the night before, and the cops had shown him some CCTV footage of Joo-eun’s stalker the first time Young-ho saved her from him. He goes to Joo-eun’s where Stalker is again climbing the stairs to bring her another pot of poinsettias, and punches the guy, warning him never to come near Joo-eun again. Stalker has the nerve to say that Woo-shik has no right, since he saw them breaking up.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

Woo-shik postpones a date with Soo-jin, and she responds by calling Joo-eun to her office. She recalls Joo-eun taking her out to celebrate passing the bar exam, and hinting that she has a gift for Soo-jin. Woo-shik had joined them, bringing Soo-jin chocolates and Joo-eun a blouse, which she’d complained was too conservative.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

Back in the present, Joo-eun refuses Soo-jin’s request to take on a case, saying that it goes against the agreements she made when she was hired. She will never take on sexual assault or rape cases, even when the accused is a woman, as in this case. Soo-jin makes it clear that this is a command, and that she outranks Joo-eun. She’s cold as ice, though when Joo-eun storms out of her office, she pops a whole chocolate into her mouth.
Joon-sung’s sparring draws a crowd at the gym, and everyone agrees that he’s good enough to be the welterweight champion. Young-ho tells a colleague that he wants to compete in the lightweight category instead, because there’s no current welterweight champion, and Joon-sung wants to win a title with a challenge.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5

Joo-eun sighs at her boring, healthy lunch, and dreams of fried chicken and jjajangmyun. Young-ho’s spectre comes to wave her dreams away, and she wonders if the hallucinations are a side effect of the diet. She whines when she’s hungry again soon after eating, but remembering how Young-ho didn’t believe her about her photo, she gains new determination.
The little CF queen, Yi-jin (Whoops, I got her name wrong last week, sorry!), comes to the gym to talk to Joon-sung, insisting that Ji-woong let them speak alone. Joon-sung reminds her that he agreed to do the commercial, but she’s upset that he’s donating his entire pay for it — it makes her look bad.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

But she’s determined to donate her pay too, so that she doesn’t seem greedy, and warns Joon-sung not to say otherwise to the press. She’s curious why he donates to charities for unwed mothers when he himself is an orphan — why not donate to orphanages? Joon-sung just gives her his famous thousand-yard stare, and when she assumes he’s staring because he likes her, he says he doesn’t. “Are you gay, then?” ~stare~
Young-ho’s stepmom, her brother, and Young-joon have dinner, and it’s interesting how rude Stepmom’s oppa is to her when there’s no rich family around to impress. Oppa is upset that Young-ho will be appointed director of the company while Young-joon is basically ignored — but he’s not truly blood-related, since his father is Grandma’s son-in-law (Young-ho’s father was married to her daughter, Young-ho’s mother, who passed away). Stepmom insists that Young-joon is still family, but Oppa tells her to wake up before it all falls apart.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

Young-ho’s father arrives with flowers, but he walks right past the room where his family is eating, and into the next room, where Young-ho waits for his marriage-date. Young-ho notes that she’s late, but guesses that she’s really not coming, and that his father set him up. He leaves angry, telling his father to eat alone.
Joo-eun goes to a coffee shop with her suitcase and starts to order something nice and sweet, but Young-ho pops up behind her and changes her order to something healthier. Ha, she pokes him to make sure he’s real this time, and he is. He notices her suitcase and she says she’s staying with him until she finds a new place — Ji-woong said it was okay. I notice that Young-ho doesn’t object.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5

In turn, Joo-eun notices that Young-ho bought new sheets, and figures out that he gave her his last night. He teases that he might want to have girls over, and Joo-eun congratulates him — his scandal regarding Anna Sue seems to be dying down. She realizes they aren’t heading to his place, and he says he’s going to show her his ideal woman.
He takes her to a gym where they teach jiu jitsu, and Young-ho shows her his ideal woman — a woman who can protect herself. He and Joo-eun get dressed to spar, and Young-ho proceeds to teach Joo-eun how to protect herself against any stalkers or attackers she may meet in the future. This involves getting into some pretty intimate positions, which scandalizes Joo-eun, but she’s tempted by the opportunity to attack Young-ho as much as she wants. Can’t really blame the girl.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

At one point, Young-ho wraps his legs around Joo-eun and pulls her down on top of himself, and she finds her heart beating fast at the close contact. He does it again, and it brings their faces close enough for their lips to meet. Joo-eun is clearly affected, but Young-ho’s expression doesn’t change. Ha, he even flips her over and gives her a warning for too much contact.
Things get betterworse for Joo-eun when Young-ho wraps her legs around himself and tells her to look him in the eye, and this time she pulls him down face-to-face. Somehow I don’t think he’s as unaffected as he’d like her to think, and he almost looks like he’s trying not to laugh at her discomfort.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

In the car afterward, Young-ho clarifies that his ideal woman is strong, because strong women are sexy. Joo-eun thought his ideal type was women like Anna Sue, and Young-ho perks up at her interest in his tastes. He brings up the “kiss” from earlier, and Joo-eun changes the subject, telling him that she’s lost a few more kilos. He starts to disagree based on what he felt tonight (grrr) making Joo-eun say she’ll worry about her own body, but Young-ho reminds her that her body belongs to him. But he does congratulate her, and calls her Daegu’s Venus in a teasing, growly voice.
Joo-eun lays awake that night, remembering the accidental kiss — and interestingly, so does Young-ho. In fact, he tosses and turns more than she does.
Joo-eun wakes in a good mood and makes everyone a healthy breakfast, and Young-ho isn’t there to see her sneak the boys extra meat. He’s on his way to Daegu with Manager Min, though when Min mentions Sun-young (the girl they’re trying to get him to marry), Young-ho quips that he and Manager Min would be a better match.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5

Joo-eun hears from Hyun-woo that her ex-husband, the one who produces a celebrity gossip show, has gone to America to look for John Kim. She dutifully does her exercises and eats healthy even though Young-ho is out of town, though she has to hide her excited reaction when he calls to check up on her.
Awww, he’s really in the hospital — it’s cute that he didn’t want her to know. Manager Min says that his doctor will start testing tomorrow, and Young-ho nervously wishes Min a good evening. Later Young-ho goes through testing on his knee, and Joo-eun texts her friend’s ex, asking if he found John Kim yet.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

She sends videos of herself exercising to Young-ho as he asked, so that he can make sure she’s doing them correctly, though he mostly just seems happy to be able to see her. He even tilts nearly off his bed trying to see her face when the video is unclear. Could you possibly be any cuter right now?
Young-ho gets his test results — his osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer that he’s been fighting all his life, has finally been cured. They figure that his recent knee pain is just phantom pain, and Young-ho can hardly process the good news. He remembers frightening, painful surgical procedures from his childhood, when he’d begged his father to save him.
But the doctor is still concerned about his psychoneurosis, which causes Young-ho a lot of distress, depression, and anxiety. He does compliment Young-ho on his general health, and Young-ho says he was just trying to survive.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

Manager Min takes Young-ho to a nearby hotel to get some rest, and he texts Joo-eun more exercises to work on until he gets back. Min watches over him (even bringing him a rose — yellow for friendship, awww), and Young-ho sleeps through a whole day and night. He wakes up cheerful and perky, gives Min one of his adorable finger-hearts, and says he’s ready to head home.
He walks in on Joo-eun in the middle of a balancing exercise, and startles her so much that she tilts off-center. She crashes into Young-ho and they both fall to the floor, and Young-ho is struck dumb — Joo-eun isn’t wearing her glasses, and her face is definitely thinner. She says something to him, but the sight of her adorable dimple has him so mesmerized that he doesn’t even hear her. He can only smile and poke her dimple, while she wonders what’s gotten into him.
 Oh My Venus Episode 5  Oh My Venus Episode 5

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