Oh My Venus Episode 8

Korean Drama Recaps | December 10, 2015 | 847 viewed

Director: Kim Hyung Suk
Writer: Kim Eun Ji
Genre: Drama, Comedian, Romance
Starring: So Ji Sub (Kim Young Ho), Shin Min Ah (Kang Joo Eun), Jung Gyu Woon (Im Woo Shik), Yoo In Young (Oh Soo Jin)
Episode 8:
Oh My Venus Episode 8 [Rating]
Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings AGB Nielsen
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area
7 09 December 2015 6.6% 7.4% 8.2% 8.8%
8 10 December  2015 7.0% 8.5% 9.4% 10.2%

WE have right to be happy , since this episode rating slightly increase this week, let's check what interesting ^.<
Song of the day:
Our leading man’s identity is the first bump in our leads budding romance. Can they get past it?
Oh My Venus Episode 8 Recap

Our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) joins former friend now annoying enemy and boss Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) and the law firm’s President for a meeting with a high powered executive.

Our leading man Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) has decided to grant his grandmother’s wish and assume control of the company. To that end, Manager Min meets Young Ho to escort him to the meeting with the lawyers. The amount of men that accompany Manager Min and Young Ho seems excessive.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8  Oh My Venus Episode 8

Joo Eun is startled when Young Ho enters the room. He stops and stares at her. Uncomfortable she murmurs apologies and leaves. Young Ho follows. Soo Jin eyes her speculatively following tries to overhear their conversation but Manager Min leads her away. Young Ho tells her he wanted to tell her and was going to tell her today. Joo Eun treats his withholding this information as lying and betryal, something she cannot abide. He tells her they’ll talk about it later. She agrees they’ll talk about it later. After the business is over, Joo Eun leaves quickly. Young Ho calls but she doesn’t answer.

She drives to her hometown where she helps her mother, brother, and brother’s finance at the grand opening of the eatery Joo Eun funded. The ladies want to know when Joo Eun will marry. Obviously her mother has not shared that Joo Eun and Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) have broken up. Her mother shoes her to her brother’s house to rest so she doesn’t spill the beans.

Joo Eun is a bit miffed that Young Ho only called her once. What she doesn’t know is that Young Ho knows where she is and is heading her way.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8

And who told Young Ho where Joo Eun was? Why none other than our favorite boxer, Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon), and manager Kim Ji Wong (Henry) who are at the commercial photo shoot. Jang Hee Jin, star of commercials, is thrilled to work with Joon Sung. Recall last episode she confessed a crush on Joon Sung. She uses the photo shoot to hold Joon Sung’s hand and have him pull her close. Joon Sung isn’t sure about her actions but plays along. After the photo shoot Hee Jin abandons her dignity and asks Joon Sung to kiss her, have dinner with her, live with her, anything that will have them interacting. Hee Jin’s manager drags her away. Henry is gleeful at Hee Jin’s begging and Joon Sung finds it cute. Ah, these two have potential! I’m enjoying their interactions.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8  Oh My Venus Episode 8

Young Ho drives to Joo Eun’s hometown and texts her to meet him. At the bridge they face each other. Young Ho holds out his arms. Joo Eun cannot resist and runs into his arms. After a cute sharing of scarves, they walk together. Young Ho tells Joo Eun that he was a sickly child and during his illness his mother died. After a long battle with his illness he recovered but now lived in a sad and cold home, not the warm home his mother made.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8  Oh My Venus Episode 8

When Young Ho drives Joo Eun to her brother’s house. They say goodnight. As Joo Eun walks up the steps to the front door she pauses and asks if Young Ho would like to stay the night just holding hands in bed.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8

Joon Sun and Ji Wong wonder what’s going on when Young Ho texts that he will be out for the evening.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8
 Oh My Venus Episode 8  Oh My Venus Episode 8

Our couple are both a bit uneasy but manage to relax and banter a bit. Joo Eun turns her back on Young Ho and he snuggles in. They sleep like that.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8

Meanwhile Woo Sik gets information from the ex-husband of Joo Eun’s best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji). He tells Woo Sik that Young Ho’s Grandmother owns the property the famous trainer John Kim. Woo Sik immediately understands that Young Ho is John Kim. He declares he’ll have proof of John Kim’s identity in a matter of days. Then the story can explode in the media.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8

The next morning Young Ho leaves, finding Manager Min and his band of merry men outside. Manager Min drives Young Ho home.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8

Tired and bored Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Wong watch TV and wait for Joo Eun to arrive. When she does Joon Sung and Ji Wong dart around her happy to have her home. As they dash into the kitchen with her bags, Young Ho puts out his arms for a hug. She tells him not in the house while Joon Sung and Ji Wong don’t know about them.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8
 Oh My Venus Episode 8

Woo Sik tells Young Ho’s stepmother’s brother that he may have found the gold nugget about Young Ho that can oust him from his new position as head of the company. Of course butter doesn’t melt in their mouths when Young Ho comes in to meet the executive team of the company. Young Ho’s father continues his cold fish ways.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8  Oh My Venus Episode 8

Joon Sung tells Joo Eun he has located his mother but she won’t see him. Still, he wants to help her. Can Joo Eun find a way Joon Sung can help his mother? It’s sweet with Joon Sung tells Joo Eun she is the only one he can trust with this.
 Oh My Venus Episode 8

Joo Eun returns home from work looking for Young Ho. She cautiously enters his bedroom calling for him. When she rings his phone to see where he is, she hears the ringing. She follows the sound and finds the secret room at the end of Young Ho’s closet. The door is ajar. Joo Eun looks in the door and finds Young Ho on the floor. His pant legs cute off and knee exposed. Young Ho looks weary and defeated. Joo Eun asks if he’s okay. Young Ho yells at her to leave.
My Thoughts

Our leads got over the first breach of trust quickly. Joo Eun recalled that Young Ho had alluded to his rich boy status in previous conversations that she had disregarded. Joo Eun forgave him when Young Ho drove to her home town to put things right between them. Their first platonic night together was sweet.
  • Joo Eun forgave Young Ho’s lack of openness. She knew he’d hinted at it but was correct when she called him out for not being fully honest. I liked how Joo Eun wasn’t weepy or distraught but wanted an explanation and was willing to wait for Young Ho to engage her – he made the mistake, not her. These last two episodes have allowed Joo Eun to shine and get more confident. Cute how “the boys” were bored until she returned home. I enjoy Joo Eun’s playful interactions with Joon Sung and Ji Wong.
  • Young Ho has chosen the hard path of fulfilling his Grandmother’s wishes even though he does not want the job. I loved how Joo Eun intuited that Young Ho’s choice wasn’t making him happy. I don’t really care out Young Ho’s secret identity as John Kim being exposed because that would oust him from a job he doesn’t want. I’m not excited that he is choosing duty or what he wants (though I would find it hard to deny a last wish from my Grandmother too). I loved the two times he held out his arms for Joo Eun to come into. When he enfolded her into his chest on the bridge, then wrapped his scarf around her neck because he didn’t want her cold, that was lovely.
  • Joon Sung and Ji Wong are side characters I could watch have a larger story line. Hee Jin become more likable. She and Joon Sung are fun to watch. Hee Jin was desperately direct and Joon Sungfound it cute and flattering. That’s progress! Ji Wong’s teasing of Joon Sung and triple “Ma’am” texts to Joo Eun are fun to watch.
  • Soo Jin wondered about Joo Eun’s relationship with Young Ho and Woo Sik realized Young Ho was John Kim. These two are throw away characters. What they do does not interest me.

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