One More Happy Ending Preview

Korean Drama Preview | January 21, 2016 | 1491 viewed

Title: 한번 더 해피엔딩 / Hanbeon Deo Haepiending
Also known as: Happy Once Again / The Rewrite
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-20 to 2016-Mar-10
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Cast: Jang Na Ra ((Han Mi Mo), Jung Kyoung Ho (Song Soo Hyuk), Kwon Yool (Goo Hae Joon), Yoo In Na (Go Dong Mi), You Da In (Baek Da Jung), Seo In Young (Hong Ae Ran)
Marriage is an lucky and unlucky game of people life. Someone will get endless happiness, some turn it to another corner. This is all about "One More Happy Ending" trying to tell. The Drama consits 6 lead performers who are Jang Na Ra ( Han Mi Mo), Jung Kyoung Ho (Song Soo Hyuk), Kwon Yool ( Goo Hae Joon), Yoo In Na (Go Dong Mi ) , You Da In (Baek Da Jung ), Seo In Young (Hong Ae Ran ).
 One More Happy Ending Preview
The contents

Han Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra), Baek Da Jung (Yoo Da In), Go Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) and Hong Ae Ran (Seo In Young) were members of old-famous idol group “Angels”. In current time, Han Mi Mo is divorced and works as a representative for a remarriage consulting business. She gives honest answers to her customers who hope to remarry, it might also her wish to re-happy . Her former bandmate Baek Da Jung is also her co-worker. She married a rich man but she also unhappy and get divorced. Go Dong Mi is now an elementary school teacher. She is single and feels lonely. Hong Ae Ran is a representative for an internet shopping mall. These women are still friends.

Meanwhile, Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) is a reporter and a single -father. He has a friend, Goo Hae Joon (Kwon Yool), who is a doctor and single. Song Soo Hyuk and Goo Hae Joon somehow get involved with these women , and make a story

 One More Happy Ending Preview
My Thoughts

yeah , i admits that i am so exiting for this drama, because the casts is so beautiful, especially the comeback of Jang Na Ra after long time rest for her pregnant and having a child, wohoo she is really happy now

Jung Kyoung Ho , after his successful with policeman role in 'Because It's the First time', and Min Ho in 'Fall In Love with Soon Jung' , this drama is beginning of his career in this year. Hopefully, this year is being successful year with him

I love Jang Na Ra with her timeless youth , and when i know she come back , i am so exciting to watch her on my laptop again , beside when i read the sub characters , i notices Yoo In Na, who played a role in 'Bubblegum' and 'The Secret Message' and i see something in this girls, her talented of acting . So i believe that she will be more and more famous in future

Thus , I am so exciting waiting for the first episode with Engsub, cause i am not native Korean,

But , before that , i prepare some trailer and preview tease that we could share

 One More Happy Ending Preview
 One More Happy Ending Preview
 One More Happy Ending Preview

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