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Director: Lee Yoon-Jung
Writer: Soon Ggi (original comic)
Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy; Romance;
Starring: Park Hae Jin (Yoo Jung), Kim Go Eun (Hong Seol), Seo Kang Joon (Baek In-Ho), Lee Sung Kyung (Baek In-Ha), Nam Joo Hyuk (Kwon Eun-Taek), Park Min Ji (Jang Bo-Ra)
Release Date: 22thFebruary, 2016
Cheese in the Trap: Episode 13 [PREVIEW]
Since the relationship between Jung and Seol has gotten better, the couple open their hearts and understand each other now..
Episode 12 did gave us so many ups and downs in feeling when Inho revealed that he liked Seol and the start of a fight between Jung and Inho.
Cheese in the trap preview episode 13
The flashback gave us the reason why Jung and Inho misunderstood each other. They began with a good relationship between 2 bestfriends and ended with a misunderstanding. Inho thought that Jung hated him because Inho and Inha were added to Jung’s family registration.
Cheese in the trap preview episode 13
But Jung didn’t want to say anything to Inho (that he wasn’t the one who injured Inho’s hand). Jung was angry that Inho bragged about himself. And THAT made the two misunderstood each other.
Cheese in the trap preview episode 13
It hurts when seeing Inho walking alone in a cold night. Inho hurts when seeing Jung and Seol together, and that he cannot tell Seol that he likes her !
Cheese in the trap preview episode 13
Cheese in the trap preview episode 13
Episode 13 may bring us surprise when something bad happens to Seol. Her nose is bleeding OMG TT_______TT Inho watches Seol from behind, seeing Seol happy with Jung. It hurts when seeing Inho brings Seol to the hospital but Jung gets the benefit :( Inho was hit by a group of guys, maybe it's his boss's group. Inha also comes to see Seol and she slaps Seol! Maybe she's jealous when Seol and Jung get back together ! I really cannot wait any longer to see what happens to Seol !!

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