Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

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Title: 리멤버 - 아들의 전쟁 / Remember – War of the Son
Genre: Melodrama, thriller, legal
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-09 to 2016-Mar-03
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Cast: Yoo Seung Ho (Seo Jin Woo), Park Min Young (Lee In Ah), Park Sung Woong (Park Dong Ho), Nam Goong Min (Nam Gyoo Man)
Release Date: 31th December, 2015

Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

The truth wins out over the facts, so they say, and it’s up to Jin-woo to prove his client is innocent when the facts say something completely different. Or so it would seem. When you’re going up against Gyu-nam and his father, then even so-called facts are called into question. The key, however, is being on the side of the truth that wins, and Jin-woo is determined to do whatever it takes to make that happen.
On a more administrative note, the next couple of episodes have been pre-empted by all the end-of-year award ceremonies, so enjoy the pretty now because we’ll have to wait an extra week before we get some more. *cries tears of anguish that are nowhere near as photogenic as Yoo Seung-ho’s tears of anguish*
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 5  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 5

After the discovery that Hana asked for a settlement for the sexual harassment case against the professor, Jin-woo makes the claim that Hana’s previous actions should be considered in the light of VP Kang’s case — implying that Hana is lying just to get some money out of the situation. Dong-ho, seated in the back of the courtroom, quietly applauds in approval of Jin-woo’s tactics.
As Jin-woo gathers up his belongings, In-ah demands to know why he’s suddenly working on a case for Il-ho group, but Jin-woo nonchalantly tells her the only reason is that he was hired by VP Kang, simple as that.
Jin-woo pays off the professor by handing him an envelope that contains evidence of the professor’s illegal gambling habits (ha, and he knew about it in the first place because he remembered the professor from when he gambled for his father’s trial money). After the professor leaves, Dong-ho steps out of the shadows to congratulate Jin-woo, pointing out that Jin-woo’s win rate is 100%, which reminds Dong-ho of himself.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

He, too, wants to know why Jin-woo is taking over VP Kang’s trial, and Jin-woo tells him that if the wrong attorney is hired and gets a guilty verdict, then the defendant’s life is over, and he won’t let that happen for his client. Dong-ho just laughs. He doesn’t want the sales pitch — he wants the truth.
Knowing that Jin-woo became a lawyer to save his father, Dong-ho asks if Jin-woo took VP Kang’s case in order to catch Gyu-man. But Jin-woo just smiles and asks if there has to be more reason than that.
Prosecutor Tak treats In-ah to a meal as a way to help her shake off the frustration of the trial not going her way, and cheerfully points out that, just like in baseball, it isn’t over until it’s over. Hmm, seems like we’ve heard that sentiment before. He counsels her to just forget about what happened today and prepare to win the next trial.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

Their meal is cut short when Prosecutor Tak gets a phone call — the new Managing Prosecutor is requesting to meet with them. Once they arrive at his office, In-ah stops short. She recognizes him as Prosecutor Hong, the one from Jin-woo’s father’s trial, and her handshake is less than enthusiastic as she politely greets her new boss.
In-ah has managed to track down Jin-woo’s contact information, and they meet up for a cup of coffee. He’s not interested in her attempts at small talk, however, and points out that the attorney and prosecutor working on the same case meeting up like this is uncomfortable. She just wants to know if he’s the same Jin-woo she once knew.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

He wonders if she remembers what she told him back then, that “truth wins over the facts.” He now believes that truth is relative, and he’s decided to choose the side of the truth that wins. He stands to leave, and she blurts out that the new Managing Prosecutor is the one from his father’s trial. As for her, she’s never forgotten that trial, even all these years later. That’s what she really wanted to tell him.
In their rooftop office, Jin-woo asks his colleagues to find evidence from the parking garage. The CCTV may not have been focused on VP Kang’s car, and his car’s black box might not have been working, but the other cars’ black boxes should have something on them. Lawyer Song reluctantly heads out to track down a list of cars that were parked there that night.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 5

Jin-woo studies his wall of evidence for his father’s case, and boss ahjumma points out that focusing his efforts on Yeo-kyung might be a step too far, even if she’s Gyu-man’s sister. But Jin-woo worries that he doesn’t have much time as it is.
Dong-ho arrives at Chairman Nam’s office, surprised to see Joo-il there as well. The chairman is concerned that VP Kang might win the trial, which would go against his son’s wishes, and order Joo-il to get Dong-ho up-to-speed with everything he needs to make sure VP Kang loses.
Over drinks, Joo-il explains that Chairman Nam had devised the incident that night in order to bring down VP Kang. Dong-ho is surprised that the chairman would be so involved, but Joo-il points out that anyone who’s interfered with Gyu-man’s success has been immediately eliminated.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

Dong-ho is irritated that Joo-il has also been hiding his involvement in the situation, but Joo-il points out that just like Chairman Nam couldn’t allow anything to harm Gyu-man, so he, too, can’t allow anything to harm Dong-ho. Sighing, Dong-ho asks what their next step is.
As Jin-woo stakes out Yeo-kyung while she goes out with the handsome judge, a tipsy In-ah calls him, demanding he come to her. He doesn’t seem all that thrilled about having to decide between Yeo-kyung or her, but he shows up at the restaurant in time to deflect a potential incident due to In-ah’s laugh-filled rants at a couple taking a selfie. (In-ah: “I was just being honest!”)
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

On her third bottle of soju, In-ah is pleasantly surprised to see Jin-woo suddenly in front of her. She bemoans the fact that she had to study long and hard to pass the bar, but that it was probably easy for him, with his memory. She also wants to know how he can think of defending someone from Il-ho group, especially after what happened with his father: does he think he’s some kind of Dong-ho? (“Then you should do his accent, too” — pffft.)
She became a prosecutor because of his father — seeing how he was wronged, she wanted to fight on his behalf for Jin-woo. So why, now, must she and Jin-woo fight against each other? After that passionate outburst, she slumps down in her chair, passed out drunk.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 5

Jin-woo gives her a piggy-back home, and after she’s safely tucked into bed, her family invites him to stay, delighted to see him again and bragging about how their daughter become a prosecutor (corroborating In-ah’s confession that it was due to Jin-woo’s father’s trial). It’s Christmas Eve, and as In-ah’s little sister finishes decorating the tree, Jin-woo is reminded of the last Christmas he and his father spent together, just the two of them.
That night, Jin-woo visits his old neighborhood. The house is clearly abandoned — the stoop covered with junk mail and the door in leaflets. Clutching his mother’s ring in his hand, Jin-woo vows that he won’t return home until it’s with his father.
Jin-woo visits his father, who greets him formally, thinking it’s the first time he’s meeting his lawyer. Jin-woo silently hands over his mother’s ring and Dad admires it. But when Jin-woo tells him it’s the ring Dad picked out to propose to his mom, Dad doesn’t realize that he’s the father Jin-woo is referring to. Jin-woo cries, begging him to remember who he is, but Dad gives back the ring, confused about what Jin-woo is saying since he “has no son.”
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

Secretary Ahn has been busy digging up as much information about Jin-woo as he can and hands it over to Gyu-man. According to his records, Jin-woo passed the bar exam as soon as he left school, eventually becoming the youngest lawyer in Korea by age twenty-two. He’s only been a practicing attorney for a year, but he’s been very successful, especially due to his excellent memory.
Gyu-man is unimpressed by this information until Secretary Ahn says that Jin-woo seems to be preparing to reopen Jung-ah’s case. Gyu-man finds it humorous that Jin-woo, with his perfect memory, has a father with Alzheimer’s who can’t recognize his own son, but it’s still bothersome for this insignificant lawyer to be stirring things up.
In his swanky Il-ho group office, Dong-ho sits alone, studying that 50,000 won “contract” from four years ago. He orders his assistant to keep a close eye on Jin-woo until VP Kang’s trial is over.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

In an art gallery, Jin-woo stands before a painting, seemingly engrossed by it, but really it’s just to catch Yeo-kyung’s attention. Even though she’s a successful prosecutor, she enjoys art as a hobby. When she wonders why Jin-woo has been staring at her painting for so long, he spouts off pretty phrases to impress on In-ah how deeply he enjoys her work
Leaving the gallery, he runs into Dong-ho, who hints that he knows why Jin-woo is really befriending Yeo-kyung. When Jin-woo ignores him, Dong-ho tells him that he knows the real reason Jin-woo took on VP Kang’s case — it’s to get his hands on secrets about the Il-ho group
Jin-woo asks him if he’s worried since Dong-ho is next on his list after Gyu-man, but Dong-ho admits that he’s never considered their contract to be over. Jin-woo disagrees — for him, the contract is definitely over, and he regrets ever signing it in the first place.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 5

Gyu-man and Assistant Ahn meet with the handsome judge — who now has a name: Seok-gyu — and they greet each other like the old school friends that they are. But Seok-gyu quickly realizes this isn’t just a friendly meeting when Gyu-man brings up VP Kang’s trial.
He’s ready to leave, warning them that he won’t be bought by Gyu-man asking for favors, but Gyu-man insists that if he was trying to sway anyone, it’d be at a higher level than Seok-gyu. That’s… not exactly reassuring, but it’s enough to convince the handsome judge to stay and enjoy a drink with his friends. When Assistant Ahn asks him about his love life, Seok-gyu admits there is someone he’s starting to have feelings for.
Cut to: Seok-gyu asking In-ah out for coffee. She’s a little perplexed, reminding him that she’s the prosecutor in one of his current trials. But that doesn’t stop him, and soon they’re sitting in a coffee shop. He asks if it’s been hard for her, preparing for the case, then shares that a few years ago he had a case where a female CEO sued her male subordinate for sexual assault.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

He had judged the man guilty, and the man committed suicide soon afterwards. Later, he found out that the CEO and her subordinate were actually in a mutual relationship, but because the CEO was worried about what would happen to career if someone found it, she sued the subordinate in order to save face.
Seok-gyu warns In-ah that, thanks to that case, he’s more determined than ever to make sure that no innocent people are wronged due to his judgement, and therefore evidence is of the utmost importance in VP Kang’s trial.
Speaking of evidence, Lawyer Song has been busy going through all the black boxes from cars that were parked there that night, but has been coming up with nothing. Jin-woo orders him to keep looking, since there has to be something.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

Meanwhile, thanks to some subtle threats from Gyu-man, Managing Prosecutor Hong orders In-ah to hand over her case. He’s reassigning her to an easier case, telling her it’s due to the fact that he doesn’t want yet another “not guilty” record on their files. Just then she gets a text message from her detective squad, informing her that they’ve got the black box evidence. She asks Prosecutor Hong to give her one more chance — if she doesn’t turn around the trial today, then he can reassign her.
Her detective buddy drives her to the parking garage where a man hands over the black box video, explaining that he had forgotten he’d parked there until he heard about the trial on the news. In the distance, Dong-ho watches as the exchange takes place.
The incriminating video is shown in the courtroom — it’s clear as can be that Hana helps VP Kang to the car and then sexually assaults her. The gasps of everyone in the courtroom indicate that, indeed, the trial has turned.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

Jin-woo meets with VP Kang privately, but the VP’s first concern is about his family, wanting to make sure they’re okay. He then admits that when he was first arrested, he was dazed and bewildered, hoping it would all be over quickly since he knew he was innocent. But when he saw the footage just now, even he had to doubt himself. Jin-woo tells him not to get swept up in the story — until the judge makes a final decision, he’s still considered innocent.
VP Kang admits that he’s not afraid of losing his job or what anyone thinks of him, just what his wife and daughter must think. He’s overcome with emotion as he wonders what if they leave him, believing he’s capable of such horrendous acts.
Jin-woo tracks down Hana’s father, who’s been working odd jobs since his business failed and he ran away to avoid the creditors. When Jin-woo asks if he misses his daughter, he admits he does, but how could he face his family after he abandoned them? He is trying to get his life back on track, though, so that hopefully he can have happy memories with them once again. Fighting back tears, he asks Jin-woo to tell Hana that he’s sorry that he can’t be by her side.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

That night, Jin-woo carefully studies the footage from the black box, but with his eye for detail and memory, spots something that doesn’t add up: VP Kang wears a wedding ring, but the hand of the man on the video has no such ring. He locates the man who submitted the black box information, and recognizes him as one of Dong-ho’s goons. He tails the man, but he’s also being followed by Dong-ho’s assistant who reports back that it looks like Jin-woo’s about to cause some big trouble. Ha!
The informant stops at a dock where he meets with Joo-il and the rest of the gangsters. As Joo-il gives the informant and another man a hug good-bye, Jin-woo recognizes the other man — it’s the man from the video. Joo-il and his men had taken the drunk VP Kang and put him in their van, while Hana and the other guy, dressed as VP Kang, made the fake black box video.
Jin-woo is ready to go running over to confront them, but Dong-ho suddenly appears and grabs his arm, warning him to stay out of it. But all Jin-woo can see is that the two men are getting away, so he shakes off Dong-ho to sprint towards the departing ship. He’s stopped by two of Dong-ho’s goons who proceed to beat him up.
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After the ship departs, Dong-ho orders them to stop. He crouches down next to Jin-woo, telling him to forget about catching Gyu-man. Despite his pain, Jin-woo doesn’t seem like he’s willing to give up so easily.
In a daze, the bruised and bloody Jin-woo heads to the hospital where Hana is waiting to hear how her mother’s surgery went. He passages along the message from her father, adding that she should realize that right now she’s also taking a father away from a daughter.
It’s the last day for VP Kang’s court date, and Yeo-kyung worries over the breakfast table, thinking something feels strange about it. But Chariman Nam says that even if VP Kang is exonerated, he’s brought too much shame to the company to be allowed back. Meanwhile, Gyu-man is already deciding on who should replace VP Kang — the most obedient person, of course. He calls up his buddy to invite him to join in the celebration that evening.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

At the courtroom, before the trial starts, VP Kang asks Jin-woo to pass along a letter to his family if it’s a guilty verdict, since he’ll be immediately escorted to jail. But Jin-woo refuses to accept the letter, telling VP Kang to deliver it himself, since they’re not going to lose the trial. From where she sits in the audience, Hana keeps glancing over at VP Kang’s wife and daughter.
Jin-woo reveals his evidence — that the man in the video does not have a ring. However VP Kang has never removed his wedding ring, and it was on the list of possessions when he was arrested. In-ah suggests that it’s not unlikely VP Kang removed the ring and put in his pocket out of guilt, but judge Seok-gyu wants to know if Jin-woo is suggesting the evidence is fake.
That’s exactly what Jin-woo is suggesting, and in order to determine the authenticity of the footage, he calls Hana to the witness stand. Both Yeo-kyung and Dong-ho slip into the courtroom, just in time to hear Jin-woo question Hana.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

He begins by asking about the burglary at her apartment, and explains to the court that recently Hana lost all her money and prized possessions, just when her mother was due to have surgery. He asks her how her mother’s surgery went, and Hana admits it went well. The cost of the surgery is expensive, and Hana was in no position to afford it, so where, exactly, did she the money? Did she use VP Kang to pay for her mother’s surgery?
In-ah springs up, objecting that Jin-woo is using information unrelated to the trial to obfuscate the issue at hand, and Seok-gyu warns Jin-woo to stay on track. But Jin-woo is on a roll, and with increasing vigor, he asks Hana what her mother would say if she could see her now. Would she approve of the methods Hana got the money?
He shouts at Hana, demanding to know if the man in the video is, indeed, VP Kang. Hana glances back at VP Kang’s wife and daughter, and then sees behind them, at the back of the courtroom, her father. Everyone waits expectantly to hear Hana’s answer.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

Quietly and hesitantly, she tells Jin-woo that VP Kang…
…is innocent. She starts to cry as she explains that he didn’t do anything, and she’s so very sorry, but she had no other way. VP Kang cries, too, as he looks over at his wife and daughter who are now smiling, happy that he’s once again a free man.
In-ah is not satisfied with Hana’s answer, and follows Jin-woo out of the courtroom, telling him there’s no way she could have done that on her own. But Jin-woo’s done his part — he’s proven his client’s innocence, which is all that matters. Revealing who is behind it all is her job as the prosecutor.
 Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6  Remember – War of the Son Review episode 6

As In-ah watches him walk away, Yeo-kyung stops Jin-woo before he leaves the court house, complimenting him on his skilling the courtroom. She offers to buy him a drink as a way to express her gratitude for successfully defending VP Kang.
Chairman Nam is none-too-pleased to learn about the trial’s verdict, and Joo-il gets on his knees, promising that repercussions won’t reach Gyu-man — he and Dong-who will make sure of that.
Dong-ho directly informs Gyu-man of the results of the trial, and he responds by shattering a glass against the wall. He goes into one of his rages as he demands Dong-ho bring that “bastard of a lawyer” to him right now!
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Ask and ye shall receive, as Yeo-kyung arrives just then with Jin-woo in tow. Jin-woo knows it’s pointless to introduce himself, and Gyu-man immediately becomes scarily charming as he marvels that someone so young was able to protect his company’s image.
He asks Dong-ho if they should offer him a position at their law firm, but Jin-woo matter-of-factly tells Gyu-man that he has his own firm. Dong-ho tries to convince Gyu-man to leave, but Jin-woo stops him by handing him his apparently forgotten phone from the table, and then leans in to warn him that the next time they meet will be in the courtroom, with Gyu-man on the witness stand.
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