Running Man Episode 249

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Episode 249 Name: Jjajang Road: The Blacklist Race
Broadcast on 2015-05-31
Guest: Kim Jun-hyun, Uee (After School)
 Running Man: Episode 249
Episode Outline
 Running Man: Episode 249

After Suk Jin talks about his experience with the rope-less bungee jump from the last episode, Uee and Kim Jun Hyun join the rest of the members. As usual, the PD announces the rules for the day. Today’s race is an individual race where teams of 2 will head out to different jajangmyeon (black bean noodle) restaurants to try out different types of jajangmyeon. The partners include:
  • Kwang Soo / Uee
  • Jae Suk / Kim Jun Hyun
  • Gary / Suk Jin
  • Ji Hyo / Jong Kook
  • Ha Ha
 Running Man: Episode 249

After the teams arrive at their respective restaurants, they are told that they have to complete the given missions prior to eating their jajangmyeon. Each mission is considered a success if the members are able to finish the mission before the jajangmyeon is done making.
Jae Suk’s team has to find a random person on the street and act out 10 different actions that are related to China or Chinese cuisine and have that person guess that the actions.
Kwang Soo’s team has to guess the item that’s placed inside a take-out box after getting a sneak peek of it.
Gary’s team has to memorize a bunch of food orders and reiterate them correctly.
Ha Ha has to play “rock, paper, scissors” with the customers at the restaurant and gain 5 consecutive wins.
Ji Hyo’s team’s mission isn’t explicitly mentioned.
 Running Man: Episode 249

After everyone is done eating, the staffs privately show each one of them 5 jajangmyeon ingredients. The members are told to pick one of the ingredients, and by the end of the day, if they are able to gather all of the ingredients, they will become the winner. They are also told that they can steal each other’s ingredients.
 Running Man: Episode 249

At this point, all the members gather at the same location again as they play 3 more games. The first game, “Have You Eaten Yet?”, is where everyone except for Jun Hyun wears a suit that enhances their belly sizes. Two of the members will face one another to try to knock one another out of the ring using their bellies. The ones who come in first to third place are given a chance to pick another ingredient.
 Running Man: Episode 249

In the second game, the members have to move a yellow radish from their foreheads to their mouths by only using their face muscles. The fastest 4 people to complete this can pick another ingredient.
 Running Man: Episode 249

In the final 1 versus 1 game, two people stand opposite from one another and are separated by a board. Behind the board is a bingo-like board that’s divided into 25 tiny squares. The two will randomly place a bowl of jajangmyeon on a tile with 4 bowls of jjamppong surrounding it. Meanwhile, the rest of the empty tiles will be filed with red vinegar. The two people will take turn yelling out randomly number and the other person will have to drink or eat the item that’s placed on that numbered tile. The goal is here is to have the opponent eat the jajangmyeon. Whoever is able to do first can take one of the ingredients away from the loser, while the loser will be eliminated from the game.
Again, the first person to gather all 5 ingredients will be considered the winner.
My Thoughts

I didn’t have any expectation for Running Man episode 249 after watching the trailer. And after watching the entire episode, my thoughts haven’t changed. I generally dislike episodes where the members are separated and each team does their own things, and this one is no exception. It’s just a boring episode.
For the first half of the episode, they spend the majority of their time talking about jajangmyeon. I mean, I am here to watch Running Man and not a food program. Once the members gather again, it does get a little more entertaining but the games are still pretty plain. If there’s one thing I enjoy from episode 249, it has got to be the love line between Uee and Kwang Soo. I think they look quite cute together. Anyone agree?
With that said, the next episode is definitely the one to be excited for: BIG BANG IS BACK!!
Do you find Running Man episode 249 entertaining? What’s your favourite moment from it?

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