Running Man Episode 250

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Episode 250 Name: Dashing Through Time
Broadcast on 2015-06-07
Guest: Dae-sung, G-Dragon, Seung-ri, Tae-yang, T.O.P (Big Bang)
 Running Man: Episode 250
Episode 250 Outline
 Running Man: Episode 250

Running Man episode 250, “Dashing Through Time”, begins with 2 sports cars drifting around on the racing track. As the two cars part away, Big Bang and Jong Kook appear with Roman solider uniforms while the rest of the Running Man members show up in traditional Korean clothing. The PD explains that the Big Bang team (including Jong Kook) is from Rome and the Running Man team is from the ancient Korean time. The objective of today’s race is to board the “back to car” vehicle at the end of the day to go back to their original location. However, only the winners can have a chance to use the time machine.
 Running Man: Episode 250

The first game takes place on a platform that’s filled with spinning gears. The point of the game is to have the members rush to the end of the platform, then have a single person break the plastic frame using his/her head. Also, for each round, the PD will announce a time and the person who breaks the frame must yell out “cuckoo” that specific amount of time. For example, if the PD says 5 o’clock, then the person will have to say “cuckoo” exactly 5 times after breaking the frame in order to pass. The first team to have all the members finish this is considered the winning team.
By the end of the first game, the winning team has the opportunity to choose between 2 options twice. The first time around, they must choose between carbonated drinks or water. After, they have to choose between a straight line or a curved line. At this point, both teams don’t have an idea of what exactly these options mean.
 Running Man: Episode 250

The second game is street basketball which takes place at the ravine, so there isn’t any strict rule that is applied to the game. The first team to get to 15 points to considered as winners.
Similar to the previous game, the winning team is given 2 options to choose from twice. They first have to decide on whether to choose the card that reads “long” or “short”, followed by two cards that read “big” or “small”.
 Running Man: Episode 250

At this point, the two teams meet at the racing track and the PD reveals the purpose of the cards. He explains that both teams have to drive through the track and complete mini missions at certain checkpoints, and the cards are used to determine the circumstances of each game.
 Running Man: Episode 250

The first game mini mission is to have the members take turns drinking the respective drinks. Once a member finishes drinking, he/she must flip the cup upside-down before the next member on the team can drink. When the last member from a team finishes drinking and flips the cup successfully, the team can then proceed to the next game.
 Running Man: Episode 250

The second game only involves only one member from each team. The representative must walk through the respective course on an abacus. Once that person gets to the finish line, the team can move onto to the next mission.
 Running Man: Episode 250

In this third mission, 5 of the members from each team have to rotate in a circle while passing the rod to the next person. It’s important that none of the rods should fall while the members are rotating. Also, the length of the rods that each team gets is based on their choice from earlier. A team must successfully rotate 5 times before moving to the final game.
 Running Man: Episode 250

The final game has 2 members from each team trying to knock down a huge obstacle made with styrofoam blocks. On the top of each obstacle is a sack (the size of the sack is based on the team’s choice earlier), and the objective here is to knock down the obstacle as quickly as they can so they can grab the sack and rush to the time machine vehicle.
 Running Man: Episode 250

Finally, whichever team has all the members board the vehicle first is the ultimate winner.
My Thoughts

BIG BANG IS BACK ON RUNNING MAN AFTER 3 AND A HALF YEARS!! The episode is a must-watch and I rate it a 5 out of 5. The end.
No. Seriously, this episode is great! Running Man episode 250 actually brings back a lot memories from other shows. For example, as soon as I saw the racing track, it really reminded me of that “Infinity Challenge” series where the members did a charity event by becoming racers. Also, when the members play basketball at the ravine, I instantly thought of “Family Outing”. Oh boy, anyone misses that show?
Speaking of that basketball game, it’s pretty much the spotlight for me in this episode. It’s great to see Daesung and his clumsiness again. More importantly, it was just outright hilarious. The Running Man team was super smart by taking off Jong Kook’s pants to prevent him from doing much in the game. Plus, we got to see him completely naked! Okay, I am sure the female audiences probably enjoyed that part much more than I did.
Anyway, it’s overall just a fun episode. I mean, I am just happy to see Big Bang back on the show. And guess what? Running Man is bringing Byul (Ha Ha‘s wife) on the show next! I seriously can’t wait to see how she would interact with her husband … I adore that couple.
What are your thoughts on Running Man episode 250? Is it the best Big Bang episode yet?

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