Running Man Episode 251

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Episode 251 Name: Love and War
Broadcast on 2015-06-14
Guest: Byul, Kim Soo-hyun, Son Jun-ho
 Running Man: Episode 251
Episode Outline
 Running Man: Episode 251

As usual, this week’s couple-themed Running man, “Love and War”, begins by pairing the partners. The teams are:
  • Ji Hyo / Gary
  • Ha Ha / Byul
  • Jae Suk / Jong Kook
  • Kwang Soo / Suk Jin
  • Kim So Hyun / Son Joon Ho
 Running Man: Episode 251

As the members and the guests greet each other, the 3 special guests pay a surprise visit to the cast. Joong Ki explains that he has recently been discharged from his military service and feel that he should pay a quick visit to his “home” – Running Man – before he kickoff his drama filming activities. Also, In Sung promises that he would appear as a guest on Running Man if his schedule allows him to do so. After the guests talk for a bit and take a bunch of selfies together, the members depart to the first location.
 Running Man: Episode 251

The first game is where each couple faces one another on an unstable platform. Their objective is to try to knock down the opponent off the platform using a swab made of styrofoam. The order in which the teams face each other is determined by another game.
 Running Man: Episode 251

That is, the male from each team has to hold his partner up using his arms and legs while being on his back. The person who is able to hold his partner for the longest time can determine the order in which the couples play the “knock the other team off” game.
 Running Man: Episode 251

At the end of this game, the PD gives a total of 32 rings that are numbered to each team. However, the winning team of the previous game can get rid of 10 rings. Meanwhile, the second and third place teams can get rid of 7 and 5 rings respectively. The process of picking out rings is repeated throughout the day after each game finishes.
 Running Man: Episode 251

The second game, “Talk Bingo”, requires everyone to fill up the bingo board according to the questions given the staffs. The first question is “places that I had my dates in” and the second question is “gifts that I’ve received from my partner that I’m disappointed with”. Each person would take turns saying an item on his/her board and the first 3 teams to get 2 lines of bingo will have a chance to get rid of more rings. At the same time, failing to do so will result in being splashed by water.
 Running Man: Episode 251

The third game that isn’t broadcasted is called “Couple Name Tag Race”. The couples first need to find a key in the building to unlock the handcuff that’s linking the couples together. Once they have done so, they can start to eliminate other couples’ name tags.
The final mission, “Telepathy Elevator”, is only played by the couple that has the least amount of rings left by this point. Before this game begins, the partners are separated. Then, the PD tells the participating team to choose a ring from the remaining rings that they have. Then, they will go to the floor that’s labeled on the ring. If they end up choosing the same floor, then they will be the ultimate winner.
My Thoughts

Couple races are usually not my thing, because the games they always end up playing are kind of boring. Running Man episode 251 is really no exception. Personally, I thought it would have been a lot nicer if the staffs show the third game (name tag ripping) instead of the first game.
While I find the games to be unexciting, I think the guests make it worthwhile. I always adore Ha Ha and Byul, so it’s great to see them in the show together. Also, I find So Hyun and Joon Ho to be very cute as well. I can’t wait to see Joon Ho appear on the show again; he really does have some variety talent. Lastly, how can I not mention Joong Ki’s appearance? It’s great to see him pay a visit to his “family”. Now, I just want to see him and In Sung on Running Man as guests.
What are your thoughts on Running Man episode 251? Are you a fan of couple races?

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