Running Man Episode 252

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Episode 252 Name: High School King
Broadcast on 2015-06-21
Guest: Eun Ji-won, Jay Park, Jessi (Lucky J), San E, Verbal Jint
 Running Man: Episode 252
Episode Outline
 Running Man: Episode 252

Running Man episode 252, “High School King of Pretentious”, kicks off with all the members and guests appearing in school uniforms. Then, it is announced that all the Running Man members, excluding Jae Suk, will belong to the PE (Physical Education) team. Meanwhile, the guests and Jae Suk will represent the hip hop department.
 Running Man: Episode 252

Also, the PD briefly provides hints on the final mission which will take place at the rooftop. After the end of each game, the teams would have to choose 2 cards from 2 categories – numbered and symboled cards. The numbered cards go from 1 to 6 and the symboled cards have the signs addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Additionally, the winning team will get to choose between numbers 3-6, while the losing team can only choose between 1-4.
 Running Man: Episode 252

The first game takes place in the self-study room with two blackboards in both ends of the room. The rules for the game is that 4 people from each team will try to rush to the other team’s board and write down the names from the other team. If a name is written on the board for 3 seconds, that person is out. On the other hand, the other two members on the team will hold erasers and try to rub off the names that are written on the board. The winning condition is best 2 out of 3. However, due to certain circumstances (I’m not spoiling it; if you want to know what happened, watch the episode!), an extra round is played. In this extra round, whichever team wins automatically becomes the ultimate winner for that game.
 Running Man: Episode 252

The second game is supposedly happening during music class. Before each round, a keyword is picked from a bucket and both teams need a representative to perform an action that’s related to the word. In the meantime, the rest of the teammates have to take turns going upstairs and grab a specific snack. For example, the first keyword is “chair”. Jay Park and Ha Ha have to make an invisible chair with a ballon underneath them while holding a book on their knees. If the balloon pops or if the book falls while the teammates are getting their snacks, that team would lose.
 Running Man: Episode 252

In the third game, 3 mini-games are played in total. The first mini-game is played by only 1 person from each team. That person has to wear a backpack that’s filled with stationery. Then, he has to bend backward before passing a given line, so all the things inside the bag will “fly out” of it. Whosever item lands the furthest from the line is considered the winner.
The second game is simply a match of ping pong, but the members use shoes as rackets.
The final mini-game is where a representative from each team would have to flip to a random page in a book. The page that has the most number of faces shown on it is considered the winner. In this game, the winning condition is best 3 out of 5.
 Running Man: Episode 252

The final mission is called “cards match”. A person from each team will face each other at a time by holding one numbered and one symboled card. After computing the two cards together, the team that has the highest value wins. Also, the PD reveals the numbered cards that each team has prior to the match with the symboled cards remain unknown to the other team, so the pairing in which the team decides to use become very critical.
Also, in the case of a tied game after 6 rounds are played, then each team will randomly pick a symboled card again and match it against the highest card that team already has. Again, the team that gets the highest value becomes the ultimate winner.
My Thoughts

I actually enjoyed Running Man episode 252 much more than I thought I would. Let’s talk about the guests first. I can’t believe Jessi is invited again even though she already made an appearance in episode 244. At the same time, I still can’t believe she is still so clueless about the game rules. But then again, I think that’s the character that the staffs are trying to portray on her. I also love the appearances from Eun Ji Won and San E, but I gotta say, the black hole Verbal Jint definitely stole the spotlight for me in this episode.
Moving onto the games, I also like them very much as well. They seem fresh in a sense that none of these games have been played before. I think now that the ratings for Running Man have been rising as of lately, the staffs are willing to try out different things.
The last little thing that I want to add on is the animation that’s seen throughout the episode. I’ve actually briefly talked about this in one of my most recent Weekly Recaps. It seems like editors are really into incorporating animation with videos lately. I quite like it and think it’s a nice touch.
What do you think of Running Man episode 252? Who is your favourite guest?
I’m assuming Jessi and Jay Park are probably the most popular among international fans and my readers.

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