Running Man: Episode 255

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Running Man: Episode 255
Time to beat the summer heat this week with refreshing games and even more refreshing guests. History will repeat itself in a few games and love will abound in this episode. With delicious (and healthy) food on the line, our casts and their guests will give it their all to get a taste of the dish, and perhaps, victory.
EPISODE 255. Broadcast on July 12, 2015.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
On a hot summer day in Gyeongju, our guys get excited by the blind date setting for the opening. Reading the cutesy messages left for them by their teammates builds up the anticipation, and we see the ladies take their respective seats.
Jae-suk pulls up the blinds to see SISTAR’s Soyu, while Jong-kook is paired with Apink’s Bomi, and gets too excited too early about Gary’s teammate, AOA’s Seolhyun.
Having told the other guys to lay off his teammate this time, Suk-jin pulls up his blinds just enough to see our Ji-hyo on the other side. Haha high-fives his partner, SISTAR’s Bora.
Running Man: Episode 255
But the real surprise is for Kwang-soo: comedienne Lee Guk-joo, who tells him to be SUPER excited about this. He does, then runs to beat up Taek PD.
As it turns out, Guk-joo lost contact with her stylist this morning, so she wasn’t able to properly prepare for the upcoming water games today. “I’ll just wear my underwear then! I’m a pro!”
It’s a Summer Health Food Party today with three offerings on the menu. Each car, however, can only fit two couples, which means they must choose wisely. Gary worries that they might be switching teammates today, though Guk-joo doesn’t seem to mind—all the decent ones are married and the bachelors are more or less the same. Guk-joo (to Kwang-soo): “What does it matter if you’ve got abs? Your toes are rotting!”
Running Man: Episode 255
The menu looks delish (grilled eel, Hanwoo beef, and samgyetang) and the couples rush towards their preferences. Upon hearing that Soyu wanted samgyetang, Jae-suk heads over to the other car to see if anyone would switch with them. Also because Jong-kook has hopped on the eel train, too. Thanks, but no thanks, they say.
Ji-hyo worries that only one team from each car will get to eat their chosen food, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me. In another car, Soyu says she became a trainee in high school, and when Jong-kook corrects Jae-suk that he didn’t make his debut in high school, Jae-suk follows up: “No, I meant in fighting.” Hahaha.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
Guk-joo admits that she’s grown curious about Kwang-soo’s abs ever since he showed them off at a recent fan meeting. Bora leans in to ask to touch them, then pulls back to tell Haha how Kwang-soo just sucked in his gut.
Jaws drop at the sight of the scrumptious-lookin’ food and our ladies are affixed with armbands that make them queens from this point forward. The winning team can bring the losing team under their wing, but everyone must still follow the Queen’s orders. Additionally, the winning Queen can choose whomever she likes to join in on the feast.
At the eel restaurant, the game is simple: whoever flips the most cushion by the time limit wins. The memory of Jong-kook single-handedly overtaking this game is still fresh on Jae-suk’s mind, so he tells Soyu to win at all costs.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
Both ladies show off their own group’s dance moves (although I love that Soyu momentarily forgets what it was), then right from the start Soyu flips the cushions to black and stacks them on top of one another. HA, that’s so smart and devious.
Needless to say the cushions fly all over the floor, but the round ends in a draw. Soyu worries about Jae-suk going up against Jong-kook, to which Jae-suk says, “That’s why I told you to win the first round.”
And then it’s like history repeats itself as Jong-kook hoists Jae-suk over his back so he can flip cushions uninterrupted.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
At the Hanwoo beef station, they’ll be playing a Backward Long Jump. Kwang-soo is up first and jumps a full… half meter. Everyone else jumps short of one meter too, and then it’s Bora’s turn.
She jumps and hits the one meter mark, but then takes one step forward at the 0 cm mark to balance herself. Uh oh, does that count? Yep it does — zero it is.
Over at the samgyetang restaurant, our teams will have to roll a die to see what “gloves” they’ll use to rip off each other’s nametags. Both get impractical results — oven mitts and body scrubbers.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
Gary’s speediness works to his advantage in the first round. Ji-hyo has ski gloves while Seolhyun still has the scrubber gloves, and even though both ladies are frail-looking, Ji-hyo doesn’t use too much force against Seolhyun. Gravity works in her favor too, and despite the simultaneous tear-off, Ji-hyo wins by a hair.
Back at the eel restaurant, Jong-kook charges for Jae-suk, who gets retaliation by pulling up Jong-kook’s pants. Meanwhile the girls are trying to steal each other’s cushions, and Jae-suk pulls up Jong-kook’s shirt to smack him on the back.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
Thanks to Soyu’s efforts though, she and Jae-suk win the game and a pair of new teammates. Elsewhere, Bora makes her last jump count… and is Guk-joo going to charge into Kwang-soo?
She does and smacks Kwang-soo on the forehead. He falls backwards in silent pain. Still their collective distance is 291 cm, and Haha and Bora fly past that number with 320 cm. At the chicken station, Gary and Seolhyun overtake their opponents.
Queen Bora’s teammates wait on her hand and foot, in hopes to feast on the Hanwoo beef with her. Guk-joo knows all the ins and outs of how to enjoy a meal, which Bora appreciates while downing on the food.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
Queen Soyu tells Jae-suk not to order Jong-kook around, giving him a tiny plate sampler to eat off of. But plenty of pumpkin too.
Guk-joo tries to appeal to Haha by telling him that she’s going to grow a mustache too (“I wanna be just like him!”). With a few pieces of meat on the line, she goes ahead to draw one in. And then Kwang-soo runs back outside with his face covered in charcoal.
Our teams gather together at the water park, where they’re met by a giant bowl. Here they’ll dance until the whistle blows which is when they’ll try to push everyone else out of the bowl. Whoever has the most teammates left in the bowl wins the round.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
The team that comes in last place will be divvied up between the other two teams, which means Gary could be separated from Seolhyun. Gary: “You think physically separating us will separate our hearts, too?”
After determining order through rock-paper-scissors, Seolhyun’s team is up against Soyu’s in the first round. Everyone gets into a groove, then the real battle begins. Jae-suk is pulled from opposite ends before another dance break is inserted.
Suk-jin is the mob’s next target, but then Jong-kook hoists Gary up and over the bowl. Suk-jin follows soon afterward just before the round ends.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
Jae-suk gets things started again by spraying the water bottle (and Kwang-soo sprays water from his mouth). It isn’t long before Guk-joo busts those trademark dance moves of hers, which turns into an impromptu dance battle against Jae-suk.
Once the round begins, everyone else charges Jae-suk while Guk-joo takes care of Jong-kook. Haha pulls on Jae-suk’s hair, only to receive the same treatment two seconds later. But when the music turns on again, Jae-suk gives him a big ol’ kiss on the cheek.
Soyu and Bomi lift up Bora together while Jong-kook tries his best to push Haha out. Just then, Bora pushes Haha’s leg off, only to catch on moments later. Jong-kook can do nothing with Guk-joo holding onto him, but then she discovers some fallen hair extensions. They belong to Bora, and Soyu’s team wins the first round.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
Following a medley of the girl groups’ singles, Guk-joo grabs and dances with Jong-kook’s nametag over her heart. She rips and re-attaches it while going along with the beat. Jong-kook makes sure to stay far away from her in the second round, then grabs Haha to push him out…
… but then Haha swings his legs across to hold on from the edge for a few more seconds before falling off. So does Kwang-soo, and Queen Soyu’s team wins it. After choosing Ji-hyo, Queen Soyu lets the others choose the “other choice,” then practically breaks Gary’s heart by choosing him.
It’s finally time for today’s final mission where our two remaining teams will tackle on multiple games to try and win as many flags before the thirty-minute time limit is up. Keep in mind that just because one team has marked their flag doesn’t mean that the other can’t swoop in to claim it as their own.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
There’s a Queen Card too, which will double the three-flag difficulty station for the first team that completes it on their first try. The teams tackle a two-flag station first where they must ride a waterslide and try to memorize three numbers.
The others run to another station where Jae-suk is ejected out of his seat. It looks like great fun and he tosses the ball to Soyu, who fails in catching it. Haha and Bora try (and fail at) jumping rope five times on a platform.
Back to the water slide, where they swear they only saw one of three alleged three numbers. They call out one number, then Guk-joo fills in the other two: “Eighteen!” (ship-pal, which is similar sounding to shi-bal aka fuck)
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
The Monday Couple have their eyes peeled, and Ji-hyo and Bomi spot all three numbers. While Suk-jin wears a straw suit to suck up water, Haha ejects from his seat and throws the ball.
Bora catches it in her basket, but the ball bounces out and into Soyu’s instead. Soyu catches the second and third balls from her team, snagging the flags before moving on.
Gary and Bomi make an impressive first outing with four jumps before tripping up. They get it on their third try (out of five) and place six flags at that station, thanks to the Queen card. So the current score is 10 flag to zero in favor of Queen Soyu’s team.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
But it ain’t over till it’s over because Seolhyun and Haha make a good ball pitcher and catcher team. At the same time, Kwang-soo has Guk-joo on his shoulders, struggling to walk towards the floating tray.
Bora rushes over to switch out, and they succeed in stacking can on top of the tray easily. Kwang-soo helps Haha catch his third ball and switch up ownership at this station. Now it’s 8 to 3 with just twelve minutes on the clock.
Bomi scores the straw mission, only for Guk-joo to swoop in what feels like moments later. Then Kwang-soo, Bora, and Seolhyun take over the water slide station once more.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255
By the six-minute mark, Taek PD calls out that it’s a tied score at 6:6. Now’s the perfect time for Bora to use that Queen Card, and Suk-jin slips and falls into the pool. The rope gets caught on Bora’s leg the second time around, while Queen Soyu’s team are tackling two other stations.
With just 80 seconds until time runs out, Bora and Suk-jin climb back onto the platform. At the same time, Ji-hyo spots all three numbers on the slide and calls them out even before getting out of the pool.
Running Man: Episode 255
Bomi’s tower falters and it’s time to check if those three numbers match up: the last two digits do… but the first doesn’t. Bora and Suk-jin get those five jumps, earning six flags. And with all the other reversals, the score is completely overturned with 12:0.
Wow, Bora is awarded a whole crate of golden eggs (that have a bit of gold on top of each) which she distributes among her teammates and fellow Queens. And to celebrate, she slides down a zipline for her royal exit.
Running Man: Episode 255 Running Man: Episode 255

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