Running Man Episode 261

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Episode 261 Name: Please, Find Me! (5th Anniversary Special Part 2)
EPISODE 261. Broadcast on August 23, 2015.
Guest: Koo Jun Yup (CLON), Lee Jae Hun (Cool), Park Jun Hyung (g.o.d), Lee Ha Neul (DJ DOC), Kim Gun Mo
 Running Man Episode 261
EPISODE 261. Broadcast on August 23, 2015.

Note: The first half of Running Man episode 261 is a continuation from last week’s episode. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you read last week’s recap before you continue reading this post so you fully understand the game rules.
 Running Man Episode 261

Episode 261 starts off by showing a short trailer of the members and their VJs trying to escape from an abandoned school. It’s noted that the segment will be aired as part 2 of the 5th year anniversary special. After that, viewers get to see a brief recap of last week’s episode. Following that, the Ddakji Othello match continues between Jong Kook and Jae Suk.
 Running Man Episode 262

Before the second game happens, DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul shows up as the special friend for the red team. In order for that team to receive its reward, the entire team and Chang Ryul must successfully jump rope as a group. More specifically, two of the members will spin the rope while the rest of the members jump in one by one. In the end, they have to be able to jump consecutively as a group for 10 times to be considered successful. They are given a total of 3 tries to attempt this mission.
 Running Man Episode 261

After that, the mini games resume. The next game they play is the “Pop-up Pirate Game”. Whichever team makes the pirate pops up loses, and the winning team will be rewarded with 800,000 discs.
Once the second game is finished, Cool’s Kim Sung Soo arrives as the special friend for the blue team. They are given the same challenge as the red team to see whether or not they quality for the reward.
 Running Man Episode 261

The next game the teams play is called “Move the CDs with Your Feet”. As the name suggests, a team has to lie down in a line on a mat and the members have to use their feet to transfer CDs from one end to the other end in under a minute. Each CD is equivalent to 100,000 discs. If by the end of the game, both teams reach 1 million CDs, then whichever team has the higher amount is considered the ultimate winner.
Part 1 of the episode concludes at this point after the winning team is determined.
 Running Man Episode 261

Then, the episode fast forwards a couple of days later where the members meet up at an anniversary party that the staffs setup. The outdoor party has a bunch of booths where the members get to play games and enjoy light snacks. Also, the staffs use the opportunity to celebrate Jae Suk, Ji Hyo, and Ha Ha‘s birthdays.
After the staffs bring out the cakes for the birthday boys and girl, all the lights at the party shut off. The PD explains that the party is over and tells them to move to the building behind them. He continues to explain that the game that the members will play is called “The Horrifying Loyalty Test with the Staffs”.
 Running Man Episode 261

In this game, 2 members and their VJs enter the abandoned school at a time to search for their name tags. They have 3 options. Firstly, they can leave after finding their own and their VJs’ name tags. Alternatively, they can leave their VJs behind once the members have their own name tags. Lastly, the VJs can ditch the members if they have their name tags.
In order to decide the order in which the members go into the haunted house, heart rate monitors are hooked onto the VJs. The highest heart rate VJ and his partner enter first. They also have to privilege to choose another pair to go with them. In the end, Jae Suk and Ha Ha enter first with Kwang Soo and Jong Kook following them. Finally, Ji Hyo and Gary enter together with Suk Jin entering alone with his VJ.
My Thoughts

The first half of Running Man episode 261 is alright as it’s really just a continuation from last week – nothing more and nothing less. The games that are played are nothing too unordinary too, but the most important part is that it’s great to see the members having so much fun filming with the guests.
The spotlight for this week is definitely the second part of the 5th year anniversary special. It’s great to see the staffs spend quite a bit on setting up the party, and the cakes for the birthday boys and girl are a nice touch as well. I really love the concept of the haunted house and how they have the VJs get involved. We all know that the VJs are an important part of Running Man, so it’s good to see the staffs acknowledge that too.
I’m usually not frightened by horror scenes on TV shows, but I’ve to admit, I actually shivered on some parts. It would have been a great episode to watch in complete darkness. Despite the horror feelings that the segment is trying to bring out, some couples are insanely funny. I laughed the most with Jae Suk‘s pair. How can anyone hate him and his VJ, Gwon Yeol?
Anyhow, I sincerely congratulates the staffs and members on this 5 year anniversary. They really have came a long way together, from working hard to try to earn Running Balls in the beginning to betraying one another as spies. I really hope the show can continue its popularity and that they can continue to entertain us viewers! Wow, that’s a deep message.
What are your thoughts on the episode? Who’s your favourite couple at the haunted house? Anything you want to say regarding the show’s anniversary?

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