Running Man Episode 262

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Episode 262 Name: Cab Drivers' Favorite Restaurant Expedition!
Broadcast on 2015-08-30.
Guest: Kang Sung-jin, Kim Min-kyo, Kim Su-ro, Nam Bo-ra, Park Gun-hyung
 Running Man Episode 262
Broadcast on December 14, 2015.
 Running Man Episode 262

Running Man episode 262 kicks off with the members scattered throughout Yeouido. Each member is given a cellphone and is told to call a taxi driver from a given list. Meanwhile, the guests who act as the drivers have to option to choose whether or not they want to pick up the passenger. In the end, a team is formed when 3 people, including the guest, is in a taxi.
After much difficulties, the teams are formed and they all gather at a meet-up location. The teams are:
  • Kwang Soo / Jong Kook / Su Ro
  • Ha Ha / Gary / Bo Ra
  • Ji Hyo / Sung Jin / Gun Hyung
  • Jae Suk / Suk Jin / Min Gyo
 Running Man Episode 262

At the location, the PD reveals the final mission to the teams. He explains that in this week’s “Taxi Driver’s Restaurant Race”, the teams must first pick 1 dish from the top 20 taxi drivers’ favourite dishes. Then, each team would board on a taxi and ask the driver for a meal recommendation. If the team’s chosen dish matches the taxi driver’s recommendation, they can eat the meal and head to the final location. If the two dishes are different, the team must first finish the meal that’s recommended by the driver then attempt the mission again until they succeed.
In order to decide the order in which the teams select a dish from the top dishes, a game of “Bumball” is played. In this game, the two teams that face each other can’t use their hands to move the velcro ball. Instead, they must use the velcro tags that are placed on their chests and bottoms to transport the ball to the opposite end. Whichever team scores first can move to the next round, and the winners from this game can select their dish first.
 Running Man Episode 262

In the end, Kwang Soo’s team selects ox-bone soup while Ji Hyo’s team chooses bulgogi with rice. Gary‘s team picks pork cutlet as their dish, and finally, Jae Suk’s team chooses stir-fried pork. Afterward, the teams head off to complete their mission.
While the teams are enjoying their meals, they suddenly receive a text from the PD. It reads that whichever team arrives at the final location last, a person from that team will pay for the staffs’ social dinner – a meal for 200 people. That one person is chosen as the last place members stick their name tags on a wheel; wherever the needle lands on in the end, that person has to pay the bill.
My Thoughts

Yup. That’s really all to the episode. Honestly, I’ve been doing Running Man recaps for around half a year now, and this has to be easiest recap to write. The last 3 episodes have been rather “chill” and laid-back, and I think it’s really just the staffs giving some time off to the members for the show’s 5th year anniversary.
Since the episode is so simple, I will keep my comment brief as well. The beginning mission of picking up the members is quite long, but it’s funnier than I expected it to be. I am not very familiar with Bo Ra myself, but man, I’m totally falling for her angelic face. Her shining huge eyes! One thing I notice is that by the end of that eating mission, the teams are beginning to cheat. For example, they would word their questions differently for the taxi drivers and they start to order 1 order of meal instead of 3 like they are supposed to. But I’m not iffy about it, I would rather they cheat than to waste food.
By the way, for all you hardcore Running Man fans out there, I’ve recently created a short Running Man quiz to help you test how much you really know about the show. So, definitely give it a try and I would love to hear your score!
Anyway, what do you think of Running Man episode 262? Do you find it boring?

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