Running Man Episode 263

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Episode 263 Name: Beautiful Youth Race
Broadcast on 2015-09-06.
Guest: Lee Dong Wook, Park Seo Jun, Yura.
 Running Man Episode 263
EPISODE 263. Broadcast on September 6, 2015.
 Running Man Episode 263

Running Man episode 263 starts off with a quick preview of the first mission in the episode. It shows that the disguised members and guests are at a convenience store at Gangnam, Seoul. The PD says that if a customer calls out their names while they help out at the cash register, the game will be over.
After that, the preview is over as the opening scene cuts in with the members casually walking onto the field. Soon, the guests join in. The PD explains that today’s race is called “Beautiful Youth Race”, so they will participate in various youthful events throughout the day. The teams for the day are:
Liberal Arts (Blue) Team: | Kim Jong Kook / Ha Ha / Lee Kwang Soo / Park Seo Jun / Yura
Science (Red) Team: | Ji Suk Jin / Lee Dong Wook / Yoo Jae Suk / Gary / Song Ji Hyo
 Running Man Episode 263

The first mission takes place at a convenience store with 3 people on each team participating in the game. As stated above, each person has to take turns helping out at the cashier. If a person is able to help out 5 customers without being identified, it’s considered a pass. Even if someone fails the mission, the unsuspected customers would still be kept tracked of for tallying up afterward. In the mission, Jong Kook, Ha Ha, Kwang Soo represented the Liberal Arts team while Suk Jin, Dong Wook, and Jae Suk represented the Science team.
 Running Man Episode 263 Chen doan van :

The remaining members perform the same mission afterward, except the location has been switched to a coffee shop at Cheongdam-dong.
As far as I’m concern, there’s no real prize or advantage given to the winning team of this mission. After the first game is over, the PD announces that the teams have to split up and go to 3 different universities either in the East or West side to complete various missions with students and gathering them to the final location. In the end, Jae Suk‘s team decides to go to the West side to visit Ewha Woman University, Yongsei University, and Hongik University. On the other hand, Jong Kook‘s team decides to head to Sungshin Women’s University, Kyung Hee University, and Korea University.
 Running Man Episode 263

For the first mission, both teams are required to find 1 female student and play the “Egg Embracing the Sticker” game. In this game, each person has to take turns rolling an egg on a disk until the stickers are on the egg. They have a minute to complete this mission, and if the egg falls halfway, the team must restart the mission.
For this game and the remaining missions, the students receive a small bursary or gifts that are beneficial to them once they succeed.
 Running Man Episode 263

In the second mission, “Wreath Relay”, the teams must find 5 students and move a wreath that’s hung around their necks within 1 minute without using their hands.
 Running Man Episode 263

The teams have different missions after “Wreath Replay”. For the red team, they must first find 10 students and have them line up in a single file. Then, a shirt that’s being worn by the first person has to be transported to the last person in the line. They do this by holding hands and 1 person from the team (Yura) assists them with moving the shirt. They only have 1 minute to complete this mission.
 Running Man Episode 263

Meanwhile, the Liberal Arts team also has to find 10 people. Then, they will lie parallel to the ground by only using their feet as they use their hands to support a platform for Ji Hyo to stand on. If they are able to do this in less 60 seconds, it’s considered a pass.
 Running Man Episode 263

Finally, all the members, guests, and students that were involved with the previous games gather at the final location. Initially, the game is played using a prop (shown above) built by the Running Man staffs. In this game, the 2 teams split into 4 smaller groups and try to spin the barrel that has 4 bars attached to it. Every time a team goes back to its initial position, a point is rewarded to that team.
However, as soon as the game starts, the red team’s tremendous strength breaks the prop. As a result, a tug-of-war game is played instead with the winners being determined after a best 2 out of 3 rounds are played.
My Thoughts

Honestly, this episode isn’t that great. I mean, it’s nice to see Dong Wook and Seo Joon back on the show but I feel like all the guests didn’t really do much in this episode, which is a complete shame. The first game where they have to disguise themselves just isn’t that interesting. Plus, the endless amount of slo-mo used in that segment makes the mission feels very even more draggy.
The same comment applies to the missions played with the students too. The only moment where I laughed in this episode is when the red team breaks the prop. Speaking of university students, I really hope the staffs can bring back the national ddakji tournament again. I believe it’s something that can help boost back the show’s ratings, and it’s really an event that a lot of viewers enjoy.
Lastly, it’s really nice of Jae Suk to say that he would pay double the amount what the winning team gets to his own team. After all, it is a very unfair game for the Liberal Arts team.
Do you agree with my opinion on Running Man episode 263?

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