Running Man Episode 264

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Episode 264 Name: The Legendary Detectives Race
Broadcast on 2015-09-13
Guest: Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il
 Running Man Episode 264
Broadcast on December 14, 2015.
 Running Man Episode 264

Running Man episode 264 starts off with a meeting between Jae Suk and the guests, Dong Il and Sang Woo. The PD tells them that they are team leaders, and they have to find the other members that are hiding in the building. Once their name tags are torn off by the leaders, they would join the leaders to form a team. Unlike how teams are usually formed, this episode doesn’t require an even team. In other words, the more name tags a leader rips off, the larger his team is. In the end, the teams are:
  • Sang Woo / Gary / Suk Jin / Ji Hyo
  • Jae Suk / Kwang Soo / Ha Ha
  • Dong Il / Jong Kook
 Running Man Episode 264

Once the teams are settled, a mini game is played outside of the building. In this game, the teams can only use their noses to knock down the bowling pins. The team with the most pins knocked down gets to depart first to the next mission.
 Running Man Episode 264

For the next game, there are a total of 5 mission locations. The teams get to go to many as they wish, but they have to get back to the final site by 4. In each location, the members won’t be given any instructions. Instead, they must figure out the missions based on hints they see. Once a team passes a mission, they will receive a hint on their phones regarding Client X – someone the teams need to find in the final location.
Team Dong Il and Jae Suk head to Expo Park first, where their mission is to do the Citizen Exercises by following the music that’s being played. In this site, the members receive the hint of a blue stripped shirt.
 Running Man Episode 264

Sang Woo‘s team decides to go to a dumpling store in Chungang Market. In this location, they are suppose to find the spelling mistakes that are on the menu and then ordering those dishes. Once they do so, they receive the hint of a backpack.
 Running Man Episode 264

After the mission in Expo Park, Ha Ha and Kwang Soo suggest going to either to the bakery or the dumpling store. Jae Suk disagrees at first, but decides to comply with it in the end. However, Jae Suk being the driver ends up bringing the kids to Saemaeul Mural Village. At this place, they must find 3 ‘R’ stickers that are hidden in three of the murals and take pictures of the artworks with the given Polaroid cameras. The hint for this location is a black baseball cap.
 Running Man Episode 264

Once Sang Woo‘s team finishes eating at the dumpling store, they head to Daejeon Station. For this mission, the team first needs to find a payphone and waits for a call from the PD. (Yes, apparently you can call the payphone … WHAT?!) Once the call is picked up, they are asked the question: “What colour is PD Yim Hyung Taek’s sneakers?” Once they answer orange, they get the sunglasses hint.
 Running Man Episode 264

Finally, the 3 teams pay a visit to the bakery where they have to find someone in the store that was born on 1980 to share a pineapple bun with. Once this is completed, they receive the hint of jeans.

As a quick recap, Jae Suk and Dong Woo‘s teams have 4 hints in the end, while Dong Il only has 3.
 Running Man Episode 264

The final mission takes place at the National Science Museum. As mentioned above, their goal is to find Client X using the hints that have received. The twist in this game is that only 1 person from each team gets to search for the client at a time; the rest of the members can assist with the searching by scanning the CCTVs and communicating with the searchers through walkie-talkies. Also, if a team believes they have found the right person, they can bring the suspect to the designated booth for verification. However, each team can only verify once.
 Running Man Episode 264

In the end, it is revealed that Client X happens to be Sang Woo‘s wife, Son Tae Young! The winning team also receives their prizes, which are gold magnifying glasses.

My Thoughts

Overall, I really like Running Man episode 264. Although it isn’t a very intense race, it remains to be pretty funny throughout the episode. I also find it refreshing how Jong Kook is the leader this time around. The second game with the bowling pins is amusing, but the more I think about it, the more gross it gets.
The main spotlight for this week has got to be when the teams are scattered around the different mission locations. If you are a hardcore fan of my Running Man recaps, you probably know I generally dislike it when the members are separated. But I feel differently about it in this episode, especially considering how much joy Jae Suk‘s team brings to the table. The reactions on Kwang Soo and Ha Ha‘s faces are priceless when they realize they have been tricked by Jae Suk. Also, props to Ha Ha and his amazing detective skills!
I am really surprised by how condense and short the final mission is. I mean, the editors usually love to span and drag segments like this with slo-mo shots. This isn’t the case for this week, which I guess it’s a good and bad thing. It’s good in that it doesn’t feel boring, but bad in that it doesn’t feel suspenseful at all. Am I demanding too much? Anyhow, I really love the conversation between Sang Woo and Tae Young in the end. They are so lovey-dovey, and Tae Young is soooo pretty!
That’s it for this episode. I’m actually really really excited for next week, because I think the spy game is back! I really can’t wait to see it, so stay tunes for next week’s recap!
What’s your thought on the episode? Do you find the final mission to be too “easy”?

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