Running Man Episode 265

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Episode 265 Name: Escape from the Desert Island
Broadcast on: 2015-09-20
Guest: John Park, Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Rap Monster (BTS), Ye-eun (Wonder Girls)
 Running Man Episode 265
EPISODE 265. Broadcast on September 20, 2015.

Running Man episode 265 starts off in the early morning as the members meet up at Yeongheung Island Dock, located in Incheon. After Jae Suk introduces all the guests by announcing their past academic achievements, the PD announces today’s main objective is to escape from the deserted island. Whoever is unable to escape by the assigned time will have to stay until the next morning.
 Running Man Episode 265

Before everyone heads to the island, they have undergo an IQ test. By the end of the test, whoever has a score higher than PD Lee Hwan Jin will be rewarded with a bottle of water – an essential item on the island. A series of tests are used to determine everyone’s IQ, such as re-ordering pictures in the correct order and answering math-related problems. In the end, John Park, Rap Monster, and Kyu Hyun are the winners from this challenge.
 Running Man Episode 265

After the test, the members depart to the final location by boat. During the ride, Ha Ha requests the PD to reveal which 3 members have the lowest IQ scores. The response he got isn’t exactly what he was hoping for, because the PD hesitantly answers: Kwang Soo, Gary, and Ha Ha.
 Running Man Episode 265

Once the members and guests arrive at the island, their phones and watches are confiscated by the staffs. Then, they are given more instructions. They are told that their name tags are broken up by vowels and consonants, and their ultimate goal is to combine all the broken pieces to form complete name tags. Once a name tag has been rebuilt, the person can then leave the island. If a name tag remains incomplete by 5 p.m., the person must stay behind for the night.
At this point, they are given 30 minutes to search for the pieces that are scattered throughout the island.
 Running Man Episode 265

Once the time is up, the members gather and the PD reveals 2 games to help them regain the missing pieces. The first game, “Guess The Time”, can be played at any time. If anyone is able to randomly guess the time correctly, he or she would be granted a letter of his/her choice.
The second game is called “Telepathy Game”, and it’s a live game played with citizens in Seoul. Once a person enters a Running Man booth that’s set up by the staffs, he or she would be told to arrange the members and guests according to his or her will. And the Running Man members would try their best to guess and match the person’s arrangement at the same time. For example, for the first round, the citizen is told to arrange the members and guests according to their intelligence. If the person chooses Rap Monster as the smartest person and Rap Monster also happens to stand at the #1 spot, then he would be given a letter of his choice.
The same rules apply to the second round, except the topic is: “Who is able to survive on a deserted island without a problem, from strongest to weakness”.
After this game, the PD tells everyone to go search for the name tag pieces again. However, he secretly meets up with Jae Suk and Jong Kook during the searching process. He tells them that they are bringing back the “True Gary Show”, which was introduced around this time a few years ago. The real mission here is to have everyone leave the island, except for Gary who is desperately trying to leave as well to finish the recording of his album. In the end, they are told to spread the news to the remaining members.
 Running Man Episode 265

After a few rounds of searching, the PD introduces more mini games to give the members quicker access to the missing pieces. By this point, a few of the members have already left the island as they have completed their name tags. The first mission is to ignite a match in 1 strike and be able to sustain the flame for 3 seconds. Following that game is the decibel meter mission, where the person who yells the loudest gets a letter of his choice.
 Running Man Episode 265

Then, the members are given a string and the first 2 people who can tie a knot in a single attempt while holding both ends get rewarded with a letter of their choices. Finally, it’s the “Due North” game. The person who is able to accurately point to the North direction would be given a letter. Alternatively, instead of playing the last game, they can simply go letter hunting.
That’s pretty much it! Does desperate Gary get stranded on the island in the end? You know I never spoil the fun, so watch to find out!
My Thoughts

Okay, let me start off with the guests. I feel that the more I see John Park, the more I get attracted to him. I totally love his laid-back personality, and he seems to be real close with the Running Man members too. I am also very happy to see Ye Eun on the show too, but man, she must be really exhausted because she seems so out of it for the entire episode. Poor girl, she really needs some rest. Hopefully, we will get to see her and other Wonder Girls’ members again once they are all well rested!
The episode though … I am not really sure I am a huge fan of it. If you’ve read my recap from last week, you probably know how excited I was for this episode. Honestly, I feel like the staffs hyped out the preview way too much. I was expecting a concept similar to the deserted island special on Infinity Challenge, not a True Gary Show. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Gary, but I feel that they are pushing way too hard to try to promote his new album. It’s to a point where I feel that the soul of the True Gary Show is missing. More specifically, it was all funny seeing how “innocent” and “naive” Gary was last time, but this time, he seems rather pissed off and annoyed. I simply can’t find any joy out of that.
What do you think? Are you glad they brought back the True Gary Show?

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