Running Man Episode 270

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Episode 270 Name: The Mysterious Host
Broadcast on October 25, 2015
No guest
Episode Outline
 Running Man: Episode 270

This week’s episode starts off with the members dining at a restaurant in Goyang. As they wrap up their meal, a masked man hands them an invitation to a party. Then, all the members head to the location in a limousine.
 Running Man: Episode 270

The Running Man members are asked to enter the convention centre one by one. Following that, each of them is asked to choose between 2 things by a masked host, and their decisions are used to determine where they would be headed next. For example, Gary is asked which song he likes more: “Ballerino” or “Get Some Air”. Meanwhile, Jong Kook is questioned on whether he prefers doing 30 push-ups or 30 sit-ups. In the end, Gary, Ji Hyo, and Ha Ha enter a Brobdingnagian room with the rest of the members moving into a miniature room. The rooms are filled with different furnitures and props, but they do have one thing in common – clocks displaying time from different parts of the world.
 Running Man: Episode 270

Each rooms requires the members to complete a different task. Specifically, each person in Gary‘s room needs to use his/her red yoga ball to push out the blue yoga balls, but the red balls must remain in the circle afterward. On the other hand, each person in the miniature room is given 60 seconds to knock out 5 airlift pellets (BB bullets) from a circle. By completing the missions, one person is allowed to move onto to the next stage.
 Running Man: Episode 270

The next stage is a combination of mazes – crawling maze, normal maze, and the door maze. Similar to how a normal maze works, the goal here is to find the exit. However, in this episode, different hunters are scattered throughout the mazes to try to capture the members’ name tags. Once they are “eliminated”, they would enter the desert island where they are given the opportunity to roll various dice to try to re-enter the mazes.
Once a member re-enters the maze, he/she can potentially end up in another room or back into his/her original room in which they must re-complete missions to go back to the maze. This process of going from the mazes and being eliminated happen for an extended period of time.
 Running Man: Episode 270

At this point, a big secret is revealed! Kwang Soo turns out to be the game designer for this week’s episode as he tries to seek revenge for “Happy Kwang Soo Day”. Then, we get to see some behind the scene footages of the set design and building process, and the real rules of Running Man episode 270. In order for Kwang Soo to win the race, he must lead the 6 other members into the final room, but he must not enter the room himself. Besides not entering the room himself, if the members take off his armband, the mission is considered a failure
Also, it is revealed that all the mission rooms and the name tags of the hunters provide hints for the members that Kwang Soo is indeed the “spy”.
Will he succeed or fail his ultimate revenge … ?
My Thoughts

Since the beginning of the episode, I a so exciting when the masked person walks up to the members to bring them the invitation, I was immediately having flashbacks from the “Liar Game” drama and the variety show, “The Genius”. By the way, if you really enjoy this week’s episode, you definitely should check out the drama and show I just mentioned.
I generally think Kwang Soo‘s game design isn’t bad. It’s thought-proving and certainly stresses the members out like he intended to. I absolutely love the effort that the staffs put in to build the set; it’s massive and it looks great. Since I don’t want to reveal whether Kwang Soo is able to seek his revenge or not, I think I will stop my comment here. Overall, I like Running Man episode 270 and I am so happy the ratings are rising once again, drawing a narrower gap between all the Sunday variety shows
What do you think of Kwang Soo’s plan? Is there anything you would add or remove from his design?

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