Running Man Episode 271

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Episode 271 Name: The 100 vs. 100 Race
Broadcast on November 01st, 2015
Guest: Chang Jung-koo, DJ Pumkin, Go Woo-ri (Rainbow), Heo Tae-hee, Hyun Joo-yup, Jung Tae-ho, Kim Jun-hyun, Kim Ki-bang, Kim Kwang-kyu, Kim Min-kyo, Kim Sook, Kim Won-hyo, Lee Ha-neul (DJ DOC), Lee Jung, Lee Sang-ho, Lee Sang-min, Lim Hyung-joon, Lim Ju-hwan, M.TySON, Ma Ah-sung, Mino (Free Style), Oh Jung-suk, Park Geun-sik, Park Joon-hyung (g.o.d), Park Na-rae, Sam Hammington, Seulong (2AM), Shim Hyung-tak, Superbee, Uee (After School), Wax, Yang Sang-gook, Yoon Park, Young-jun (Brown Eyed Soul), Zizo, etc...
 Running Man: Episode 271
Episode Outline
 Running Man: Episode 271

Running Man episode 271 is part one of the “100 vs 100” series, and it begins with the members walking into a spacious venue. Then, 100 heroes who specialize in different types of martial arts march in as well. The PD explains that in six hours, the members would have a name tag elimination game with them. In order to make the teams fair, they have a chance to find 93 other people to join their side. The only people that are eligible to come are ones that have their profiles and photos appear when their names are searched on the search engine, Naver. Also, the guests must stay for the full six hours; otherwise, new teammates would be needed too fill in for them.
 Running Man: Episode 271

As the guests walk in one by one, Jae Suk does an extensive interview with them to see what they are up to recently. Also, confirmation selfies are taken with the inviters and are placed on the photo wall. There are simply way too many guests for me to name them all, but a few notable ones are After School’s Uee, Rainbow’s Woo Ri, Kim Kwang Kyu, Hyun Joo Yup, and more.
 Running Man: Episode 271

With Running Man’s side having 20 members now, the staffs initiate the first game – “The Head Squish”. It’s a relay race where a person from each team takes turn wearing a bucket on his/her head and after bouncing a ball off the wall, they must catch it with the container. If the Running Man team wins this game, 10 heroes would be reduced in the latter game.
 Running Man: Episode 271

After that competition, more guests make an appearance on the show and the episode simply concludes there.
My Thoughts

Since the preview for this week’s episode was rather ambiguous, I didn’t know what to expect from it. In fact, the idea of inviting 100 guests sounded a little ridiculous to me. But hey, it isn’t all that bad after all!
This episode feels weird … in a good way. They really don’t do an awful lot. Jae Suk and the hilarious guests carry the whole show with the interviews. It kind of reminds me of the early days in Running Man, where they would have “intermissions” to talk and play more relaxed games before having an intense chase. Speaking of the guests, Uee has gotten me once again. The more she appears on the show, the prettier she gets. Plus, her clueless expressions throughout the episode are simply priceless.
“The Head Squish” game is actually more intense and fun than I expected it to be too, and given how things are set up now, I really can’t wait for the second part of “100 vs 100”.
Thought What do you think of Running Man episode 271? Which guests would you like to or expect to see next time?

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