Running Man Episode 276

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Episode 276 Name: Lost in Seoul
Broadcast on December 6, 2015.
Guest: None
 Running Man Episode 276
Episode Outline
 Running Man Episode 276

In Running Man episode 276, Gary first arrives on site an hour earlier than the rest of the members. Then, he gets locked up in a container and is taken to a new location. Soon, the other members, split into two teams, gather up to receive instructions on how to rescue Gary. Jae Suk, Ha Ha, and Ji Hyo form one team, with the other people forming the other team.
The PD explains that every time Gary gets to a new location, he will be given a minute to explain his whereabouts through a phone call. Then, based on his description, the two teams would try to locate him within sixty minutes before he moves to a new location. In addition, the staffs inform the members about something that Gary doesn’t know about, which is that there’s a box of diamonds hidden underneath the mattress in Gary‘s room. In order to win today’s race, a team would need to obtain that box. However, if Gary manages to find out about the box and escapes from the container, then he would be the winner instead.
 Running Man Episode 276

Gary‘s first location is at the north end of Cheongdam Bridge. At this point, the PD explains to him that at every location, besides being able to make a minute-long phone call, he will be given a mission. If he successfully completes the mission, a digit will be revealed to him. Gary later learns that these numbers are essentially the passcode to unlock the container’s door. Also, he will be given another opportunity to have a minute-long conversation with the members to further explain his location.

In this location, Gary is given five water bottles and match boxes. He is told place each bottle upside down on the match box, and he needs to flick the boxes using his fingers but have the bottles remain standing.
 Running Man Episode 276

Jae Suk‘s team is first to arrive at Cheongdam Bridge. Once there, the staffs provide them with a mission to help them earn keys to unlock Gary‘s container. They are given ten chances, and they need to grab onto the silk once they yell out “Be careful of the cold”. Of course, the staffs would try to pull the silk unexpectedly to prevent them from grabbing onto it. Every time a member successfully holds onto the cloth, the team is allowed to choose one key from an array of selections.
 Running Man Episode 276

Soon, Gary gets transported to a new location — an area near Ewha Womans University. For his mission, he is given five bottles with straws in them. Then, within thirty seconds, he must somehow make the straws not float out of the bottles.
 Running Man Episode 276

Meanwhile, the mission for the two teams require them to first gather six other citizens. Then, each team must try to move the ball from one end to the other end, and have it fall into one of the slots. Every thirty points that a team receives, they get to pick out one key. Since Jong Kook‘s team is the first one to arrive at the location, they are given ten chances for his mission. Jae Suk‘s team only has five tries.
 Running Man Episode 276

In the next location, Gary‘s mission is to untangle a bunch of headphones. The game for the two teams is basketball. More specifically, the members stand on a mat that’s divided into three parts. Each person must score from that specific zone and three consecutive shots must be made to earn a single key. Again, the first team to arrive at this location gets ten chances to attempt this mission, and five chances for the latter team.
 Running Man Episode 276

The final location is at the parking lot of SBS in Mok-dong. Gary‘s final mission here is to use a blowgun to knock down five yogurt bottles. There’s no mission for the rest of the members, but I am not going to spoil why. Also, does Gary find out how about the diamonds? Watch to find out!
My Thoughts

This episode is insanely hard for me to not spoil anything. In fact, as you are watching the show, you can already guess whether or not the members have picked out the correct keys based on how much time there is left in the episode. And I guess that’s why I kind of dislike these kind of concepts and formats.
This edition of “Lost in Seoul” really reminds me of that one episode when Gary pretends to be captured by someone, but in the end, it turns out he was simply working with Gil. Does anyone remember that episode? Anyway, the games here are pretty average. My favourite one is the mission at Ewha Womans University, and Jong Kook‘s team is incredibly amazing at that game too!
For those who have watched this week’s show, are you surprised by the final result?

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