Running Man Episode 277

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Episode 277 Name: The Zombie Virus Race
Broadcast on December 13, 2015.
Guest: None
 Running Man Episode 277
Broadcast on December 14, 2015.
 Running Man Episode 277

The episode begins with a news segment. The anchors talk about the recent rumours that are spreading on SNS about a research centre that has a zombie virus outbreak. As the rumours intensify, the government decides to seek confirmation on this matter. Eventually, they request help from the Running Man team.
 Running Man Episode 277

When the members arrive on site, they immediately receive a briefing from the general. He mentions that their goals are to rescue all the survivors in the building and they must find Doctor Ryeom, who is in charge of the research facility.
Lastly, the general gives the team one bottle of virus medicine which is to be consumed when a person is infected. He lets the members decide who gets to possess the bottle.
 Running Man Episode 277

Soon, the members walk into the research lab one by one. After scanning the building for a bit, Jae Suk and Ji Hyo discover Doctor Ryeom who turns out to be infected as well — indicated by the black mark on his hand. The doctor explains that while scientists were experimenting ways to extend humans’ lives, they accidentally altered some DNAs. As a result, the “zombie virus” came to life.
He continues to claim that the research centre knows a few things about the zombies at the moment, such as:
  • zombies have poor eyesights
  • while they don’t react to light, they are extremely sensitive with noises
  • once a zombie’s name tag is ripped off, it will put he/she to sleep temporarily
  • if infected by a zombie, the person has 30 minutes to drink the medicine before completely turning into a zombie

Besides the virus treatment the members received earlier, the doctor informs them that there are more medicines hidden throughout the building as well. Lastly, he gives Jae Suk and Ji Hyo a notebook full of his findings before turning into a zombie.
 Running Man Episode 277

Shortly, we learn that there’re laptops placed throughout the building. They contain diary entries describing the scientists’ findings on the zombies. For example, Kwang Soo learns that they don’t feel pain. With that said, the members continue to search for survivors.
 Running Man Episode 277

At one point, Jae Suk, Suk Jin, and Ji Hyo found a dead zombie, wearing a red neck bracelet, lying on the ground. Upon looking around his surrounding, they discover a piece of note that reads, “food is in the basketball court”. Also, they found a few bracelets that are useful for killing the zombies inside a cabinet.
After hours of searching, Ha Ha and Suk Jin finally encounter the first survivor. It turns out that there’s a point system for the rescue team. That is, every time a member brings a survivor back to the safety area, a point is given to the rescuer. The person who ends up having the most points is considered the winner in the end.
That’s really how the game is played, with the remaining of the episode all focusing on them finding survivors while trying to stay uninfected. I am going to stop my recap here, because I really really highly recommend watching this episode; I really don’t want to spoil anything!
My Thoughts

It’s fantastic! Really. I think it’s one of the best episodes this year and it’s certainly the best in recent months. There’re clearly a lot of work and thoughts put into this episode, as seen from the behind the scene cuts at the end, but it’s all worth it. I love the intensity of the game, and I wish I can have a chance to participate in such a mission too.
The chemistry between the members are golden. It’s also something I really missed from the old days. The “Thriller” dance by Jae Suk and Kwang Soo is so spontaneous yet funny. My favourite moment has got to be when Suk Jin turns into a zombie and starts his “amazing” acting. I like how he is even embarrassed by it himself, and of course, Kwang Soo and the members seem to enjoy that part the most too.
Do you like this episode as much as I do? Who’s your favourite zombie?

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