Running Man Episode 278

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Episode 278 Name: X-Man Collaboration Special (1)
Broadcast on December 20, 2015.
Guest: Andy (Shinhwa), B.I (iKON), Bobby (iKON), Kim Jung Nam (Turbo), Kim Seolhyun (AOA), Stephanie (The Grace), Chae Yeon, Lee Jong Soon, Lee Ji Hyun, Kim Ji Min
 Running Man Episode 278
Broadcast on December 14, 2015.
 Running Man Episode 278

Running Man episode 278 is part one of the Christmas special in which the old SBS’s variety show, X-Man, collaborates with Running Man. It’s hosted by Jae Suk, Jong Kook, and Suk Jin. After a brief introduction, the guests enter one by one. Similar to the old format, the members are divided into 2 teams with Jong Kook and Suk Jin being the leaders of each team. The teams are as follows:
The veterans (led by Jong Kook): | Andy, Jung Nam, Stephanie, Chae Yeon, Jong Soon, Ji Hyun, Ha Ha
The rookies (led by Suk Jin): | B.I, Bobby, Seolhyun, Ji Min, Ji Hyo, Gary, Kwang Soo
 Running Man Episode 278

After a quick solo dance session, the group enjoys a simple Christmas party that’s prepared by the staffs. At the same time, each person goes to the phone booth to receive a command, indicating whether or not he/she is X-Man.
Also, it is revealed that in this game, an R-Man is present. The role of R-Man is to first find out who X-Man is, then assists him/her throughout the missions. If X-Man ends up winning, then R-Man would share the victory as well. Soon enough, we are told that Kwang Soo is the R-Man.
 Running Man Episode 278

The first game is “Go Fight”. In this mission, both teams stand on a platform and try to push the opponents down.
 Running Man Episode 278

Then, there’s the famous “Of Course” game. Here’s an explanation of the segment for those who aren’t familiar with it. In this mission, each team has a representative to face one another. They need to verbally attack the other person. The first person to not reply with “of course” loses. The attacks can include insults or questions where a person may be too embarrassed to answer.
This episode ends with a coupling game, where each person tries to show off his/her charms to the desired partner. In the end, the confirmed pairs are Ji Hyo and B.I, and Ji Min and Bobby.
My Thoughts
Kim Ji Min is finally on Running Man! I have been a huge fan of hers for such a long time, and I am super excited to see her on this show. She is just so charming and I absolutely love her strong attacks during the “Of Course” game. Just curious, does anyone know if her contract with KBS has ended?
Besides that, this episode is frankly terrible. It might be due to my lack my connection with the old X-Man, but I find the games to be uninteresting. Plus, the intro is way way way too long. With that said, the preview for next week seems to speed things up a bit. Hopefully, it can redeem itself?
What do you think of this X-Man edition of Running Man?

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