Running Man Episode 280

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Episode 280 Name: X-Man Collaboration Special (2)
Broadcast on December 27, 2015.
Guest: No Guest
EPISODE 280. Broadcast on January 3, 2016.

This episode is about the power of netizen in order to celebrate the New Year Eve. We also experience the famous level of our cast, how they are being cared by Running Man fan. For illustration, there are many game for our cast, where every single over of them will depend on the comments they got from fan, with the help of internet competency in Seul.
7 Runners wish health and happiness for upcoming year, and as soon as Jong Kook also wish the same, the rest immediately asks the gym rat “Healthier than you are now?” ^^
 Running Man Episode 280

They didn’t forget to point out some awards that RM members have got during the year 2015: Jae-suk split the Daesang with Kim Byung Man (and won the Viewer’s Choice Popularity Award), Suk-jin won a Show and Talk Show Excellence Award, and the Monday Couple picked up a Show and Talk Show Top Excellence Award. Running Man also scored the Viewer’s Choice Best Variety Show. Woww, congratulation to RMers and RM fans too , thanks to them ^^.
Now let’s get start with the first but not very new game: “Food bingo”

It’s just a little bit different from last time, there are a twist to this week theme- entitled comment Avatar Race. The production crew has opened up individual Instagram accounts for the cast, through which they will communicate with viewers in real-life and act as their avatars and obey their commands.
This is also the first time our uncle ‘grasshopper Yoo Jae Suk’ try the social media interaction. SO OLD FASHION!!!.
Today’s game also brings back the old-school RM concepts of Running Balls (split between lucky and unlucky) and cruel punishment.
 Running Man Episode 280  Running Man Episode 280

The rule of the first game: everyone will take a picture to post on their intargam, the number of the comment under their picture will be the minute they have to finish the task, which is pick up the dishes from the sushi buffet. ( I bet that is the game every one want to play).
 Running Man Episode 280  Running Man Episode 280

All that food looks scrumptious, and while some of them choose from their personal taste preferences, SpartAce go in with a strategy: choose what most people would eat. And then there’s Suk-jin, who opts to go with the most unlikeliest of choices.

Back at their respective tables, our cast is told to upload their “board” and eat whatever the first comment tells them to. First place to get two rows of bingo, wins the game.
I don’t know why Mr.Squid is so lucky; he is the first winner of the game,
Kwang-soo can’t understand why the netizens won’t choose the tuna sushi that would let him win, and then Haha and Suk-jin are tied in fourth place. Kwang-soo beats Jong-kook when the fans finally choose the number he needs, and everyone collects their Running Balls (Gary & Ji-hyo: 3; Suk-jin & Haha: 2; Kwang-soo:1).
For the second games:

The netizens have all the power today, even when it comes to choose what color car they should get into: red or blue. All the guys get red, but since only four of them can get in, they upload yet another photo to see who should get kicked out.
 Running Man Episode 280

Gary and Jong-kook get kicked out (though I’m inclined to think those double exclamation points are just out of excitement). The teams are told to upload another selca at their following location, asking viewers to respond what passersby they should recruit for their next game.
Jong-kook’s team are on the lookout for those 12 years younger than him (born in 1988), has an athletic build, and wearing something blue. Jae-suk’s team has to find someone with long hair wearing a black coast, and another woman with short hair and at least 170 cm tall.
In this game, all six people must clearly state the written tongue twisters within one minute; any flub and they have to start over. Things look good for Jong-kook’s line until Ji-hyo flubs a word.
 Running Man Episode 280  Running Man Episode 280

Jae-suk’s team has a far more difficult tongue twister to take on, and when the girl messes up on “black sesame seed” the team argues that it’s her Daegu satoori. Kwang-soo silently causes a distraction by stepping in Gary’s line of sight, then tickles the crew member holding up the sign.
In spite of all distractions, Jong-kook’s team succeeds first. When it’s Jae-suk’s turn, the Daegu young lady takes a beat to change the accent, and the others speed through the statement with apparent ease. It all comes down to which team was faster…
… and it’s Jong-kook’s team with 46.86 seconds (acquiring three Running Balls) vs. Jae-suk’s team of 50.25 seconds (who get one Running Man Ball).
 Running Man Episode 280  Running Man Episode 280

Our third game (in a place called Audrey Hepburn Cafe) is a Comment speed quiz. They have to record a short video of their acting. And their followers have responsible to guess what they are trying to say.
Haha gripes, “All of my followers love to joke around!” Gary: “All of mine know nothing, like me.” They’ll be silently acting out proverbs, uploading the videos, and the first to get the correct answer, wins. HAHA. We will see who is really good acting among 7 RMers now.
 Running Man Episode 280
Next terminal is SBS building for their final mission:
Target Nametag Ripping.

They’ll ask their followers “Whose nametag should I rip off first?” and then acquire their first target. Jong-kook sighs, “That’ll be me.”
The last one standing will win 10 Running Balls, second will win six, and so on. Additionally, five Running Balls will buy them one extra nametag.
 Running Man Episode 280  Running Man Episode 280

Kwang-soo apologizes to the viewers, pleading that he’ll do better this year. Suk-jin thinks that the viewers will choose him first as the race starter, and everyone asks the same question to their followers. Now there’s going to be a lot of names since every cast member has their own targets, but we’ll try to follow along as best we can.
I think this should be the game of betrayal =]].
Jae-suk takes the opportune moment when Suk-jin appears moments later. It’s a final battle between the mat hyungs, who spin each other around and grab each other’s nametags simultaneously.
It’s Suk-jin’s that rips off first, making Jae-suk the big winner with 10 Running Balls. Let’s check in with the final count: Jae-suk (18); Gary, Jong-kook, and Ji-hyo (11); Suk-jin (9); Haha (6); and Kwang-soo (5).
 Running Man Episode 280  Running Man Episode 280

Our cast takes a look at the punishment table, whose outfits range from farming ajumma to an outfit sewn with monkey plushies. And here it is: the unlucky person must wear one of these outfits and walk to the nearest the subway station from their house tomorrow morning, where their manager will pick them up.
And so the lottery system begins. Jae-suk’s name is the first to pop up, to his relief. It’s followed by Haha’s name, then Ji-hyo’s, then Suk-jin’s. Jae-suk stops to ask for a good reason why the remaining three shouldn’t wear one of these ridiculous outfits.
I will show u the picture of the luckiest person
  • I love the moment that uncle Yoo Jae Suk take a selfie , he just make is professional like any other instargamers. He knows how to make joke to other member like the ways he troll Uncle. Suk Jin.
  • Mr. Squid not even get dark like his nickname and he normally passes the game easiest way, I really don’t know why.
  • And Kwang Soo, nothing need to tell, this year gonna be no different with the last 5 years , =]] so so bad luck Mr. Giraffe =]].
P/S: how fast is the internet in Korean ? I even hear that they can use internet when using subway, do you know that?

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