Running Man Episode 282

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Episode 282 Name: A Tale in Winter
Broadcast on January 17, 2016.
Guest stars: Im Si Wan (ZE:A), Ko Ah Sung, Lee Hee Joon, Hong Yoon Hwa
 Running Man Episode 282

A terrible spell has fallen upon the land, and two families must duke it out to find the secret hidden in this wintry kingdom. Some will need to forage for food whilst others will be busy tending the flame at home, though all are in danger of the illustrious Ice Witch. Will they be able to escape her clutches, or remain trapped in this icy prison forever?
 Running Man Episode 283

Running Man episode 282 is titled “A Tale in Winter”. Throughout the broadcast, Yoon Hwa becomes the narrator of a fairy tale, while the members and guests have the act according to the plot. The story first introduces all the members and guests, and they are equally divided into 2 different houses — blue and orange.
Blue house: | Ji Hyo, Jong Kook, Kwang Soo, Ha Ha, Si Wan
Orange house: | Suk Jin, Jae Suk, Gary, Hee Joon, Ah Sung
 Running Man Episode 282

The story continues by stating that an ice witch had entered the Running Village to destroy all the houses. Ji Hyo and Ah Sung demand their brothers to fix their residences. In other words, each family has 1 hour to transfer ice blocks from one end to the other end to reconstruct their houses. Also, in order to help the sisters stay warm, a brother must piggyback his sister at all times.
 Running Man Episode 282
 Running Man Episode 282

While the 2 families are busy transporting the ice blocks, Yoon Hwa announces a group of fairies have decided to help out a family. The game, “My Darling Sister”, is played to decide which family gets assistance. In this mission, the boys in each family lie down on the ground and use their hands and feet to support a board. Meanwhile, their sisters are on the board. Using their backs to crawl on the ground, the first team to ring the bell on the other end gets support from the fairies.
 Running Man Episode 282
 Running Man Episode 282
With 20 minutes remaining, our narrator says a fairy came to help. That means a mini-race where the brothers must help their sister move along the platform to ring the bell first. Whereas the Blue Team strategize to slide along with the platform, the Orange Team opts to run forward to catch the platform.

The Blue Team wins it, and the “fairies” come to help build their house for the remaining time. The Orange Team try to think positive about their not-a-home, and get offended when Kwang-soo walks right into their property.

Told to choose the handsomest and ugliest brother from each team to forage for food, the Blue Team elects Shi-wan and Kwang-soo whereas Hee-jun and Jae-suk head out with Ah-sung. In the car, Shi-wan admits he’s not that great when it comes to games, but he’s picked up some new skills, like cooking and fishing.
 Running Man Episode 282
The most handsome and ugliest brothers from each team decide to take on the challenge. The sisters decide to follow along too. As a result, the hunters from the blue team are Ji Hyo, Si Wan, and Kwang Soo. The representatives from the other team are Ah Sung, Jae Suk, and Hee Joon. Their mission is to try to catch as many trouts as possible within 1 hour.
At the same time, the rest of the members play 2 different games to determine the utensils and ingredients they are going to use for dinner. The first game is “31 lemons”. Each person, including Yoon Hwa, takes turns eating lemons. They are allowed to eat between 1-3 lemons each time. The team that eats the 31st lemon loses the game, and the other team would get to choose their cooking utensils first.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282

Over by the river, the Blue Team rests assured in Shi-wan for their ice fishing mission. Ah-sung punches through a used (but frozen) fishing hole, then mistakes her own reflection for a strangely-colored fish. Heh.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282

Shi-wan looks super focused on catching his fish until Kwang-soo pesters him with constant questions. He’s too nice to ignore Kwang-soo, who follows him everywhere he goes. Ah-sung loses a possible catch after momentarily leaving her post and Kwang-soo simply hops over to any hot spot.
While they’re busy waiting, we cut back to Jong-kook biting down on Lemon No. 26. Haha stops to note that Suk-jin tried whispering to Gary to hide a piece with him standing right between them.
So Haha eats three lemons for the win, and the Blue Team picks up the gas burner vs. the charcoal grill.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282

Their next game is a sock basketball game where they must make “baskets” with their feet. Jong-kook gets in one basket, and Haha tries to distract Gary with a tune about squid. Later, it’s down to just Suk-jin, who makes a clean first basket… followed by a second.
Back on the frozen river, Ji-hyo’s line gets a bite but she loses it moments later. This really must be Jae-suk’s year because he catches the first fish he’s ever caught on broadcast. Kwang-soo catches one a minute later, and Hee-jun returns to his barren hole.
Whereas Kwang-soo’s feeling confident, poor Shi-wan keeps staring at his fishing hole. When the whistle blows, both he and Ah-sung ask for a little more time.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282
Jae-suk reminds him that Ah-sung isn’t the little girl from The Host anymore, and upon hearing her age (25), Jong-kook says, “Doesn’t that mean she’s old enough to get married?” Jae-suk: “You’re 41 and you haven’t been able to get hitched!”
When the Blue Team huddles inside their igloo, Jae-suk proposes that they steal a few ice blocks to let the wind in. But on his way over, he slips into a puddle of ice water. D’oh!
A little later, Suk-jin and Jong-kook are sent out to gather firewood to warm their younger siblings. Soon, Gary and Kwang-soo are told to follow them, though they’re reluctant to do so.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282

The narration of the fairy tale continues after supper. Yoon Hwa explains that as the night gets colder, Suk Jin and Jong Kook decide to look for firewood in the forest to make a campfire. However, after a while, the two still haven`t returned, so Ha Ha and Kwang Soo agree to check on them. Soon enough, Hee Joon and Si Wan search for the missing members too. Yoon Hwa makes an exit as well.

It turns out that all the missing members are captured by fairies as demanded by the ice witch. They have their name tags removed and are tied up in various locations. In order to escape, they must be able to resist delicious barbecued meat, remain a straight face while watching a funny video, and cut the rope that’s used to tie up their feet using a pair of scissors provided by the clowns.
 Running Man Episode 282

Spotting Jae-suk in the ice prison, Ah-sung sets him free by changing that nametag to reflect his name. Inside, Shi-wan remains stone-faced while watching a clip of people laughing.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282

But soon Jong-kook refuses to eat too, but falls prey to laughing at the video. Suk-jin cuts himself free and so does Hee-jun. Haha, Ji-hyo, and Shi-wan head over to Jong-kook, having discovered where the Ice Witch’s Gate is.
They have two blank nametags but have no idea where Kwang-soo is. He’s busy trying to shed tears at the funny video and cutting himself free. Hee-jun finds a nametag for himself, and Kwang-soo runs to Ji-hyo because he saw the Ice Witch nearby.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282

Gary is caught and placed into an icy jail, and Ah-sung is also eliminated in his attempted rescue. Hurriedly writing in her own name, she runs off.
Elsewhere the Blue Team rush out together towards the Gate. They’re cut off by the Orange Team members, and Jae-suk rips off Kwang-soo’s nametag. This means he’ll be encased in an icy prison.
 Running Man Episode 282  Running Man Episode 282
My Thoughts

This episode isn’t bad! I love seeing Si Wan on the show, because of how hardworking and passionate he is. The other guests are able to cope with the filming environment well too. There are 2 segments that I really enjoy with this week’s broadcast. First, it’s the fishing. I know, I am odd like that. But I was as happy as Jae Suk was when he caught that fish; his first time in 25 years! Then, there’s the part where some of the members are captured. I love games like these where the staffs are trying to mess with their minds in terms of what should and shouldn’t be done. I am just very surprise that Jong Kook wasn’t able to catch on with it until the very end!
Next week’s episode is going to be one to look forward to! Charity soccer is back, and so are Joong Ki and Ji Sung!

What’s your favourite moment from the fairy tale?


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