Sassy, Go Go Episode 12 (Final)

Korean Drama Preview | November 16, 2015 | 747 viewed

Genre: Teen, Romance, Drama, School
Written by: Yoon Soo-Jung
Directed by: Lee Eun Jin
Episode 12: [preview]
All of a sudden everyone is friends with everyone. From hating Soo Ah they all turn around and forgive everything she has done. It was weird how Soo Ah, from one of the most evil characters – a high school student that even tried to kill a fellow classmate becomes a martyr and wants to be punished for what she did.

I’ve noticed Yeol’s flashes of childishness seem to be rooted in insecurity, but discovering Ha-joon’s true reason for quitting the club burned off some of his immaturity. Initially, I found his angry reaction out of character, but Yeol’s proven to be a hot mess of insecurity where Yeon-doo is concerned. His subsequent return to frankness becomes (and often is) his saving grace. It’s a quality that lies at the heart of the boys’ friendship — that in a wolrd where they can trust no one, they’ll always be true to each other. It’s the same quality that defines Ha-joon’s relationship with Yeon-doo, and this, I think, is the reason why the easy, close friendship between the three survives — they will be ruthlessly, painfully honest with each other, and wholeheartedly trust in each other, too. That end moment, where Ha-joon jokes to Yeon-doo to come to him, warmed my heart so much, because it meant they were okay. No festering secret poisoning the three’s relationships with each other.
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