Sassy, Go Go Episode 9

Korean Drama Preview | November 2, 2015 | 304 viewed

Genre: Teen, Romance, Drama, School
Written by: Yoon Soo-Jung
Directed by: Lee Eun Jin
Episode 9: [preview]
- Eventually, Ha Joon finds Yeo Doo, everyone is happy when she comes back.
- Kim Yeo is the one who video the clip that Soo Ah steels the teacher USB, and all those pink note is sent from Yeol to Soo Ah
- When Soo AH steels the USB from Kim Yeol, she is watching this, teacher Yang comes suddenly. They are fighting and the USB fall to the corner of the room.
- Hyo Sik sees the USB and watches it curiously, and he even shares it to his friends in the club. He might the person who spreads the video clip to everyone.
- Unluckily, on the title of the clip there is the name of Kang Yeo Doo, thus Soo Ah misunderstands that Yeo Doo is the person who upload the video, she is extremely angry.
- When they meet, Soo Ah slaps him, they argue, in the meanwhile, Ha Joon and Kim Yeol pass by. Soo ah accidently make Yeon Doo fall down to the stairs, Yeol immediately runs to her and cover her in his hand, thank to that Yeon is safe, but Yeol has head injury…
Sassy Go Go: Episode 9

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