She Was Pretty: Episode 3

Korean Drama Recaps | September 23, 2015 | 315 viewed

Director: Jung Dae Yoon
Genre: Romance Comedy
Starring: Hwang Jung Eum ( Kim Hye Jin), Park Seo-Joon (Ji Sun –Joon), Choi Siwon( Kim Shin- Hyuk), Koh Joon-Hee ( Min Ha-Ri)
Release Date: Septembep 24th, 2015
She was Pretty episode 3
She Was Pretty: Episode 3

Our heroine dives into her new job with commitment, determined to make it work, while her best friend gets caught in a tricky lie. Everything seems go wrong with their plan, but they somehow make it up. Regarding to Hye Jin she finally makes new friends at the office.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Sung-joon sees Ha-ri at her hotel accidently and surprisingly. Ha-ri pulls Sung Joon into a hug in order to hide her name tag. He is disappointed when she did not tell him she is in Seul, but he so glad to meet her again , then he decide to believe all lie that she make to hime.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Ha-ri slips up and mentions his job, which he never told her about. She has the worst poker face ever, so it’s lucky for her that he’s just so glad to see her that he seems to be choosing not to look too closely into her behavior. He says they can see each other often now, since their workplaces are close, and Ha-ri looks like she wants to crawl under the table.
When she gets free Ha-ri calls Hye-jin, but she is away from her desk, Shin-hyuk pick up it. Hari hang up phone with confusing whether Hye Jin hangs up her resignation.
Between Ha-ri’s freakout over seeing Sung-joon again, and Hye-jin’s freakout over his treatment of her at work, Sung-joon has worked both roommates into a tizzy today.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Hye-jin tells Ha-ri what he said about not deserving the name Kim Hye-jin, but Ha-ri can’t believe that the sweet gentle man she met would say such a thing.
When the signal changes and everyone starts to walk, a woman’s voice rings out, “It’s a go!” Something about it snaps Sung-joon out of his absorption in whatever he’s reading, and he’s reminded of himself as a child, walking down a street with young Hye-jin. She’d also called out, “It’s a go!” when their light turned green.
It was Hye-jin at that light, walking ahead of him to their building, and Sung-joon doesn’t see her. But it’s Shin-hyuk who wishes her good morning and offers her a bite of his triangle kimbap, which, ew.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
The office instant message system blows up once Sung-joon arrives at work, and he immediately calls a meeting. Hye-jin bolsters her spirits by reminding herself that three months isn’t so long, but she crumples in fear once the meeting starts. It doesn’t help that she’s not up on magazine lingo and really has no clue what anyone is talking about.
She’s so worried that she’ll make a mistake that she grabs the wrong remote control when asked to turn on a video, instead shining a laser pointer right in Sung-joon’s face. He holds his temper today, only reminding her that he hates wasting time.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Hye-jin is a bundle of nerves by the time the meeting is over, and Shin-hyuk hangs back to tease her about how jumpy she is around Sung-joon, when she’s pretty competent otherwise. He says she acts like someone afraid of getting caught, which is way too close for comfort, and Hye-jin’s over-the-top reaction only increases his suspicion. Of course Hye Jin denies it.
Sung-joon is expecting the meeting notes from Hye-jin, but she still has no idea what much of the discussion was about. Nobody has time to explain things to her, so when she takes the notes to Sung-joon he’s frustrated at her again. She tells him that she got the job honestly though her abilities, but he wonders why she’s here when she doesn’t even understand basic terminology.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Time by time, when Hye Jin make mistakes while help So-Ri organize cosmetic, take cloths for Director Cha , Sung Joon there suddenly, she feel shame in from of him.
She goes back to the management team office and starts working like she belongs there, and her boss has to physically drag her back to the Most office. He tells her that her three months will be over in a flash, but he sighs that she looks like an animal going to slaughter.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
KIM HYE-RIN (played by Jung Da-bin, who also plays young Hye-jin — cute twist). She apparently has a habit of pretending to be Ha-ri’s sister to get stuff from the men Ha-ri dates, ha. Hye-rin calls Hye-jin ugly and runs off home.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Hye Jin spends the evening complaining about her job and wailing that she didn’t show Sung-joon how awesome she is like she’d vowed to do.Ha-ri points out that every field of work has terms and phrases that you have to learn, and she doesn’t agree when Hye-jin calls it “showing off.” Of course she would get scolded when she doesn’t even know the basics. She asks if Hye-jin has tried to learn, or if she was too busy thinking of Sung-joon. Touché.
Hari wrote that she was right but she doesn’t like to see Hye-jin scolded, and offers to explain anything Hye-jin needs to know. Best. Friend.Ever.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Hye-jin spends all her free time studying old fashion magazines, and Ha-ri teaches her everything she knows about fashion trends and makeup, which mostly seems to consist of learning the English terms for everything. Soon Hye-jin is impressing her coworkers and even Chief Editor Kim with her newly-acquired knowledge.
At the next staff meeting Hye-jin’s fingers fly as she types up the notes, exulting internally that she understands what people are talking about. But she still manages to draw negative attention when she gets so excited that she cries out, “Yee-hee!” Of course Sung-joon snarls at her, but Shin-hyuk thinks it’s hilarious.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Shin-hyuk sidles over to her desk to ask her to take him out for ddukbokki as she promised, but she doesn’t feel like it today. He decides to flip a coin and she wins the toss, but he claims she didn’t and they get in an argument over which side of the coin is heads.
Ha-ri spends her day trying to think of what to say to Sung-joon, forgetting that it’s her father’s birthday today. She calls Sung-joon to ask for a two-hour delay to their plans, so he goes back into the office.
Ha-ri’s and her Stepmother are in arguing. Her step mother just says bad thing about her mother. She shoots back at her, and her father instead of stand on her side, slap her and ask her to do apologies. She did it forcing and go to the bar club.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Once outside she calls Hye-jin, but she’s eating with Shin-hyuk and doesn’t answer.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
Meanwhile another customer in the bar is sizing up the drunk Ha-ri (cameo by Kim Sung-oh, and OMG that hair), and he wanders over to strike up a conversation.
She stands and tries to leave and the guy grabs her arm, jerking her around, and thankfully Sung-joon arrives to rescue her. Not that she needs it, as she grabs a decorative pineapple and whacks the letch over the head with it, HA.
A few minutes later the jerk is nursing his wounds in the bathroom, and Sung-joon walks in and slaps down his three-minute timer. He calmly tells the man he has three minutes to go apologize to the lady, but of course the guy refuses.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
In the bar bathroom, the jerk’s time is running out, and Sung-joon starts to roll up his sleeves. A few minutes later he goes out to check on Ha-ri, who’s managed to skin up her hand badly wielding her pineapple bludgeon. Sung-joon starts to lead her out, and neither of them see Hye-jin as she arrives looking for her friend.
Sung-joon takes Ha-ri to the doctor and sees her sign in with her real name without thinking, after that takes her for some hot comforting soup.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3
As she watches him eat, Ha-ri thinks to herself that he got hurt tonight because of her. Telling him the truth today would be hurtful, so she’ll just tell him next time. I dunno, I don’t like the way her expression seems to be softening towards him.
Worried, Hye-jin paces outside their little cottage waiting for Ha-ri to come home. When she does, Ha-ri says she just fell and hurt her hand. She sits in her room feeling conflicted, especially when Sung-joon texts her to make sure she’s okay.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3
In voice-over, Hye-jin muses that you only see as much of the world as you know about it, and the same could be said for people. The more you get to know someone, the more clearly you see who they are… just like Ha-ri that day with Sung-joon.
In the morning Sung-joon is at the coffee shop engrossed in his tablet as usual, but this time the barista takes the flowers before he can drink them, ha. He starts to leave but gets a call that has him sitting again, and he accidentally sits on a notebook that someone left in the chair. It Hye Rim who is Hye Jin sister and have exactly same outlook like Hye Jin when she was young.
She Was Pretty: Episode 3 She Was Pretty: Episode 3

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