She Was Pretty: Episode 8

Korean Drama Recaps | October 10, 2015 | 425 viewed

Director: Jung Dae Yoon
Genre: Romance Comedy
Starring: Hwang Jung Eum ( Kim Hye Jin), Park Seo-Joon (Ji Sun –Joon), Choi Siwon( Kim Shin- Hyuk), Koh Joon-Hee ( Min Ha-Ri)
Release Date: Octorber 10th, 2015
She was Pretty episode 8
She Was Pretty: Episode 8

As Sung-joon spends more time getting to know Hye-jin, it gets harder for him to ignore the little doubts that crop up whenever she reminds him of his childhood friend. But with the beautiful Ha-ri insisting she’s Hye-jin, it’s no wonder he’s so confused that he starts to fall apart. He’s already carrying some pretty big professional and personal baggage, and his conflicted feelings aren’t making his life any easier these days.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Shin-hyuk spies Ha-ri kissing Sung-joon, and spins Hye-jin around to fold her in a backhug so she won’t see. She breaks his hold right away so he tells her someone is drunk and urinating in the street, and hustles her away quickly.
Meanwhile Ha-ri continues her confession, telling Sung-joon that she wants to be more than his childhood friend – she wants to be his girlfriend. She asks for an answer and he thinks about it for so long, but Sung-joon comes to a decision and leads her away.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Sung-joon takes out a pen and makes another drawing on the wall, of the two of them as adults, and agrees not to talk about the past anymore. Ha-ri uses her lipstick to draw a heart around his doodle. But when she drives home, she doesn’t look happy, and just lays her head on her steering wheel.
She rounds the corner and finds Hye-jin, who overheard that she’s dating someone. Ha-ri seems about to come clean until Hye-jin grabs her in a hug, excited for her friend.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Sung-joon arrives home to have the life scared out of him by Shin-hyuk, who’s let himself in again and is now going through Sung-joon’s closet.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Hye jin catches Ha-ri on the phone with Sung-joon making date plans, and calls out a congratulations for Ha-ri’s new guy to hear. Ha-ri quickly hangs up, and clutches her stomach as if she’s not feeling well.
Shin-hyuk helps Hye-jin carry some items to storage when the sole comes off her shoe. He offers her a piggyback which she declines several times, and his pants rip when he crouches down. He tells her to get on his back quick, though I fail to see how that covers up the rip.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
On the walk to the storage facility, Shin-hyuk asks if Hye-jin has told Sung-joon the truth yet. She says she was interrupted by him when she tried, but she’s got plans to tell Sung-joon soon.
On his way to a date with Ha-ri, Sung-joon sees Shin-hyuk piggybacking Hye-jin slowly down the street. He’s so busy looking at them that he rear-ends another car, and it makes him miss the movie. Ha-ri makes a big deal about the accident, worried that he could have gotten hurt, and Sung-joon pulls her into a grateful hug. He apologizes for doing things that could worry her, and promises to get his head on straight.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Back in his office Sung-joon goes through his photos from the beach trip, and pauses when he comes to the ones with Hye-jin. She brings him breakfast but he’s short with her, and tells her to take it away. Hye-jin is confused, but gives Sung-joon space. He sees Hye-jin looking at him sadly through his window, and he looks purely miserable — but he shuts the blinds against her anyway.
Hye-jin buys the latest edition of Most just to see her name on the credits page, and her family are so proud. In the morning she ends up at the crosswalk near Sung-joon again, and her signature, “Oh, it’s a go!” catches his attention. He runs to her and grabs her wrist, with an unreadable expression on his face.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
This month’s edition of Most has catapulted them to second place, but Sung-joon is reminded that they need to get to first place with only two months left. Hye-jin sees Sung-joon looking stressed out and asks if he’s okay, but he just ignores her and leaves.
At the cover shoot, the Most staff is going gaga over a James Taylor original dress, but Sung-joon suddenly hollers at them to delete the pictures they’re taking immediately. He’s correct that they can’t risk this design being leaked before the twentieth anniversary edition, but he’s unnecessarily mean about it.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
When one girl tries to take the dress to the dressing room, Sung-joon snatches her hand away and yells at her for wearing dangling accessories that could damage the clothing.
Ha-ri gets stomach pains again at work, and doesn’t notice Shin-hyuk glaring at her in the lobby. He finds her in her office and gets right to the point: “You stop it first.” He admits that this isn’t his place, but he can’t stay silent anymore.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Hye-jin comes back from moving Seul’s car with her hair even fluffier than usual from the rain. She makes her usual “viciously curly hair” joke which Sung-joon overhears, and this time he can’t deny that she’s the one who said it.
But as he’s having his epiphany, the model comes out in the James Taylor dress and a snag is discovered. They can’t do the cover shoot with a torn dress, and Sung-joon can’t take any more. He screams out a demand to know who was in charge of the clothing.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Hye-jin comes forward and Sung-joon just gives her this… look. He asks, “You again? Why is it always you?!” In front of everyone he yells that she’s always getting on his nerves, looking like he could burst into tears at any moment.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Ha-ri leaves work in a rush and tries to call Sung-joon, determined to tell him the truth before he hears it from someone else. He sits at the studio in a daze, ignoring her calls. Hye-jin calls Ha-ri to tell her that Sung-joon fired her, so Ha-ri rushes to meet her.
Hye-jin tells her friend that during their trip she and Sung-joon became closer, which made her think he was still the same boy she knew. She was going to open up and tell him everything, but today she learned that to him, she’s just someone he can fire without a thought.
Teary-eyed, Ha-ri lays her head on Hye-jin’s shoulder and says she’s sorry. Hye-jin teases her, thinking she’s crying because she got fired, and says that this is a good thing — she won’t have to keep feeling so conflicted when she sees Sung-joon.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
The next morning, the Most team are very vocal about how much Hye-jin is missed — they only now realize how much work she was handling. Sung-joon is back to his old grouchy self at the next staff meeting, angry that nobody has a good concept for their twentieth anniversary edition. Shin-hyuk finally suggests a movie theme with a twist — focusing on the supporting characters, like the Broadway show “Wicked” did with the wicked witch.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Later Shin-hyuk brings Sung-joon a notebook full of movie-twist ideas, and Sung-joon realizes this whole concept was Hye-jin’s. Shin-hyuk respectfully suggests that if theyr’e going to use her concept, they ought to bring her back.
Apparently Reporter Cha already asked Hye-jin back and was refused, but Shin-hyuk thinks that if the person who fired her asked, she would return.
He has one more question for Sung-joon: If a different intern made the same mistake, would he have reacted the same way? He insists on an answer when Sung-joon hesitates, and repeats Chief Editor Kim’s words that when your head says one thing and your heart another, that’s when you hesitate.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
That hits a nerve, and Sung-joon demands to know why Shin-hyuk is getting so involved in Hye-jin’s life. Shin-hyuk says honestly that it’s because he likes her, and leaves.
Shin-hyuk hangs around Hye-jin’s house, pretending to just be in the neighborhood, and begs her to come back to Most. She declines so he offers to hire her as his personal assistant for a day. So she follows him around while he takes pictures, her only job to hold his water bottle,
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
But she says it’s like there was a one-way mirror between her and Sung-joon, because she could always see him but he never saw her. That’s why this has been so painful for her, but she thanks Shin-hyuk for his help getting through it. He just grins that if she’s so thankful she should go out with him, making her smile.
Sung-joon finally looks through Hye-jin’s concept book, reading one passage she wrote as if from the Little Mermaid’s point of view. She wrote that she only saved the prince because he was in need of help, and she never lied on purpose. He reads further mini-stories from the less-famous fairy tale characters and smiles, enjoying the different point of view.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Sung Joon ccome to Hye Jin house, someways he tries to hide to her. He’s so nervous that he jumps like a cat when her phone rings, and ends up hiding in the jungle gym. He’s forced to climb through it to avoid her seeing him, and embarrassingly slides down the slide headfirst to land right at her feet.
He tells her he’d like to use her idea for their anniversary edition and asks her to come back, and she gives him permission to use her concept but turns down the job.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8
Hye Jin goes to her dad’s print shop to see him but he’s out, so she decides to hide and scare him. But instead she overhears a conversation between Dad and a customer, where Dad’s late on an order because his machine is broken again.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8 She Was Pretty: Episode 8
She sneaks out and calls her dad, and he lies and says that everything is going well. Hyejin starts to choke up and ends the call, pretending she’s hard at work. She steels her nerves, berating herself for turning down Sung-joon’s job offer, but before she can call him she gets another call from her old manager. The job offer with his family member is back on the table.
She gets a text from Sung-joon just then with a picture of Onion Head, now with tears drawn on his face, and asking if she’s going to leave him there alone.
The next day the phone rings at Most, and a strange woman answers the phone. But she introduces herself as Kim Hye-jin, and the whole office looks up. It’s Hye-jin, back to work with a brand-new, very Most-like look.
She Was Pretty: Episode 8

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