Six Flying Dragon Episode 34

Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | January 26, 2016 | 254 viewed

Director: Shin Kyung Soo
Genre: Historical, politics
Release Date: 26th January, 2016
Six Flying Dragons episode 34 [Review]
 Six Flying Dragons Episode 34

According to the legal and protect Goryeo regime, Mong Ju has made himself become risking by chasing Do Jeon around to kill him , and eliminated the threat of intrepid dragon. Mong Ju is the most respected minister with no particular allegiance to secret societies, he is considered as Do Jeon's spiritual and intellectual competitor. That make Mong Ju betrayal the Dragon is especial hurt with Bang Won , he seem to never understand the big picture appraisal.
The outstanding scenes of this episode is Seopng Gye.What makes Mong-ju intriguing as a villain is that his reasoning is quite similar to Do-jeon's. It's always been negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, until Mong-ju is finally forced to admit that dictators can't be negotiated with. So he appeals to moral righteousness, and that can work when it needs to. But even then it doesn't work with the most truly violent characters.
 Six Flying Dragons Episode 34

Kim Gongyang is related in this scene, wherea he is in theory an all powerful chief administrator of Goryeo, he has to be talked into everything. A brief quip Bang-won makes regarding birthright is an effective demonstration of how all the statecraft logic used in this drama is inherently arbitrary. They're all just different versions of stating that powerful people will be in charge, but their justification will be something that is not just might makes right.
Bang-won and his general practice of action before thought is helpful to note here because Bang-won genuinely believes that the strongest person in the room is who should be in charge. Most of the time that person happens to be Bang-won, so of course Bang-won himself has little issue is this. It's not even a bad philosophy considering that by the latter part of the episode Bang-won is the only character around with any ability to resolve the multiple crises that have popped up.
It's one of the more fascinating elements of "Six Flying Dragons"- how situations that woujld superficially appear to be best solved by modern democratic thinking inevitably end up being dealt with best via strict hierarchal management from a single person. Well, that and the swordfights. Also the elaborate planning that has to go into any plan if the participants want the slightest chance of success. But it's the emotional moments that really matter, when our important characters are finally able to get the resolve to make life-changing strategic decisions.

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