Six Flying Dragon Episode 40

Korean Drama Reactions & Reviews | February 16, 2016 | 252 viewed

Director: Shin Kyung Soo
Genre: Historical, politics
Release Date: 16th February, 2016
Six Flying Dragons episode 40 [Review]
 Six Flying Dragons Episode 40

Seem every member of "Six Flying Dragons" has their own secret , and put all effort to deal with it on international scale. it was only accidentally reveal when their conflict character meeting. Bang Won secret has no officially sanction.Do-jeon is, for all his greater ethical values, still working as an agent of the current King of Joseon. Bang-won hasn't even clued in all his brothers to what's going on yet.
Bang Won relationship with Boon Yi , has completely clean. It is just because Bangor now more focus on his process that his problem with her. Once again , team Bang Won try to kill a person who is doesn't deserve that. Dead people can not speak neither listening and their usable intelligence. speak for nonsense, all that dead people will learn that they're unable to deal with a foe
Bang-won has yet to realize the irony of this situation, and he probably never will. Every bad situation the dragons have faced together was at its source created by a group of hardliners who were unwilling to brook any kind of discussion. Bang-won, still fixated as he is on the more recent death of Mong-ju, can't appreciate that Boon-yi's ultimate response to his dispute with Do-jeon is in fact the logical one. They're all supposed to be friends.
Well, they were friends anyway. Yet Bang-won's lack of helpful allies at the moment is getting to be more glaring with every episode. Technically the other young dragons are still uncommitted, yet none of them seem at all pleased with the new situation. What's more, Bang-won's unwillingness to negotiate has unsurprisingly translated into his faring rather poorly any time he does try to strike a deal with anyone. It's hard to imagine how Bang-won can escape the fiercely harsh implications of the cliffhanger.
I know how. Literally it's a part of the historical record, but metaphorically no one wants to actually kill Bang-won precisely because they have known him for such a long time and also know that his motivation is basically well-meaning. The problem is that with every apparent humiliation, with every new defeat, Bang-won becomes more desperate and less willing to hold on to any antiquated ideal of honor if the end result will be his own powerlessness. We're just left waiting for the explosion.

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