Son Na Eun rocks floral printed outfits for ‘ELLE’

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Son Na Eun rocks floral printed outfits for ‘ELLE’
Son Na Eun of A pink recently filmed a pictorial for ‘ELLE’ magazine, where she showed off her sweet charms in floral printed outfits under the concept of ‘Flora Garden.’
Son Na Eun who was busy with A pink’s North America tour, headed to Hawaii for a vacation and pictorial shoot, and also had her first bungee jumping experience with the filming staff.
Son Na Eun rocks floral printed outfits for ‘ELLE’
In the follow-up interview, Son Na Eun replied to the question of being known as the ‘visual’ of A pink since the group’s debut, “There are many who are more beautiful than me. I hope to just be someone who holds her own charms.”
As for fans who have continuously supported and loved them, Son Na Eun said, “I always get presents and letters whenever I see them. Those self-penned letters especially left a deep impression on me. I always keep them with me. Whenever I get sad, I would always take them out and read it.”
Meanwhile, Son Na Eun was recently confirmed for the drama ‘Cinderella and Four Knights.’
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