The Producers Episode 2

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Director: Seo Soo-Min, Pyo Min-Soo
Writer: Park Ji-Eun
Episodes: 12
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 21:15
Genre: melodrama;
Starring: Kim Soo-Hyun (Baek Seung-Chan), Gong Hyo-Jin (Tak Ye-Jin), Cha Tae-Hyun (Ra Joon-Mo), IU (Cindy)
Release Date: 19th May, 2015
The Producers Episode 2 [Recap]
 The Producers Episode 2
PD in the headlights.

We’re out of the KBS offices for most of episode 2, and that just goes to show that being a producer really is an around-the-clock job. Others may look at being a PD with envy, thinking that it’s a cushy and powerful job. In reality, being a PD seems less about producing a quality final product, but more about appeasing their celebrity casts’ huge egos. Even if they hate their guts in secret, they still have to grit their teeth and smile. Poor Seung Chan learns the hard way that there isn’t a right way to satisfy absolutely everyone, so it’s better to just go with the “grit ‘n’ smile” method. Now, that‘s his first lesson on the job.
ROOMIES | Ye Jin and Joon Mo are living in the same apartment together not because they’re in a secret relationship (like I thought), but because they’re actually childhood BFFLs and she needed a place to crash for a few months. Joon Mo has like zero recollection of how he agreed to this arrangement. The last thing he remembers is going out to drink and vent with Ye Jin, and the next morning, he’s got a brand-new roomie! But at least now they can be dinner buddies who complain about work together. It’s only a matter of time before these two hook up, right? Even Ye Jin’s little bro is encouraging it!
 The Producers Episode 2  The Producers Episode 2
SOMETHING STINKS | After such a rough first day at work, Seung Chan is still feeling pretty good about his new job. That is, until he runs into his noona crush/Joon Mo’s girlfriend in the neighborhood while taking out the trash. Turns out Joon Mo’s apartment is just right down the street from his house. Well, that’s going to make for some awkward run-ins. Seung Chan may be saying that he’ll get over his unrequited love and wishes the couple happiness, but the bags of trash he’s tied around Joon Mo’s car’s side mirrors tell a much different story. That’s revenge at its stinkiest, ladies and gentlemen.
The Producers Episode 2
Really happy for ’em.
WELCOME ABOARD | Seung Chan wanted to work on the same show as his noona crush, but of course that’s not happening. Instead, the show he gets assigned to is none other than 2 Days, 1 Night, Joon Mo’s. The 2D1N team literally could not care less about him because they’re all preoccupied on how to break the bad news to the actresses that they’re fired from the show. After being sent on on a very long and complicated process to get printer toner, Seung Chan runs into Ye Jin. She flirts a little with him in hopes that he can convince his dad to lower the 830,000 won she owes for denting their Mercedes. Based on how smiley he is afterwards, it looks like Seung Chan’s got a new noona crush.
 The Producers Episode 2  The Producers Episode 2
You got something on your beautiful face.
DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER | While the 2D1N team is still stressing out over who can tell the actresses they’re fired, the senior actress, a nice little old lady, visits them to thank them for their hard work. Awkwarddd. Afterwards, the team finally decides to send Seung Chan to do their dirty work of informing the senior actress. During their heart-to-heart chat, Seung Chan stutters around and tells her in super roundabout ways that she’s more suited for dramas and movies than variety shows. He never actually tells her that she’s fired, but the actress reassures him that she understands completely what he’s saying. Seung Chan isn’t so sure though…
The Producers Episode 1
So, here’s the deal…
DINNER CONVERSATION | At the 2D1N wrap-up party, the other three fired actresses talk to one another like they’re voluntarily leaving the show because of their other work commitments. Put on those fake smiles, ladies. Joon Mo presents the senior actress with a cake from her favorite bakery to thank her for her hard work. She tells the staff and crew that she’ll continue to work hard on the show in the future. Everyone’s like, uh what? Clearly, she did not get the memo, so she’s the only one who didn’t know. Now Joon Mo is given the unenviable task of telling her that she’s fired. Run, Seung Chan!
 The Producers Episode 2  The Producers Episode 2
FOR EVERYONE’S SAKE | Since he’s already pissed off one woman, Joon Mo takes Ye Jin’s advice and breaks up with his girlfriend too. He tells her that they’re not going to be able to have the relationship that she wants, so it’s better to end it now. Seung Chan is also moping around after getting yelled at by Joon Mo for royally screwing up today. Back at the office, he answers Joon’s Mo work phone and is surprised to hear that it’s the senior actress calling. She tells him that her manager dropped off some plum tea for their team because she wanted to thank them for taking care of her on the show. When she finds out that she’s talking to Seung Chan, instead of yelling at him, she tells him that he did a good job today. Awww.
The Producers Episode 1
No harm, no foul.
PICK-UP LINES | Outside of the KBS building, Seung Chan sees Cindy standing alone waiting for her manager to bring her an umbrella for the pouring rain. He brings her the umbrella from the front desk to use, but repeatedly tells her to make sure to return it or else they will deduct the cost from his paycheck. Even though she says she will, he asks for her phone number, just in case. Cindy totally thinks that he’s hitting on her, but Seung Chan keeps insisting that he just wants her contact info for the umbrella’s sake. Hearing that he’s a producer for 2D1N, she thinks that he’s the same PD who bought her food after yesterday’s disastrous Music Bank performance. That was actually Joon Mo, but Cindy gives Seung Chan her number and is definitely intrigued. Hmm.
 The Producers Episode 2  The Producers Episode 2
GOOD JOB, ROOKIE | Seung Chan joins the other rookie PDs at their welcome party, and is nervous to also see Joon Mo there. Ye Jin, still working that befriending technique on him, reassures him that it’s no big deal that he messed up. But when Seung Chan tells her that it’s still going to cost 830,000 to fix the car, their brief friendship is over. After the dinner, he follows Joon Mo to give him the plum tea left by the senior actress. That should at least partially make up for today, right? But on his way home, Seung Chan hears Ye Jin telling Joon Mo that he shouldn’t let him off so easily for his screw-up today. Might wanna rethink this new noona crush, dude. Then, he watches the two of them walk into Joon Mo’s apartment together and is very, very confused. Scandal!!
The Producers Episode 2
Huh? What? Office scandal!
SEALED WITH A KISS | Epilogue flashback! Two months ago when Ye Jin and Joon Mo were discussing her housing dilemma, he got super drunk and offered her his place to stay. He drafted up the “agreement contract” himself on a bar napkin, and even stamped it with a lipstick fingerprint. Ye Jin warns him to not forget all of this when he sobers up, so he tells her that he’ll stamp it one more time and kisses her! Lipstick stamp, indeed.
The Producers Episode 1
Just friends?

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