The Village: Achiara's Secret: Episode 14

Korean Drama Recaps | November 26, 2015 | 443 viewed

Director: Lee Yong-Seok
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Moon Geun-Young (Han So-Yoon), Yook Sung-Jae ( Park Woo-Jae), On Joo-Wan( Seo Gi-Hyun)
Release Date: 26th November, 2015
The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14 [ Recap]
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

This drama always wake up by full of twists. My heart beats up and down by such a surprise the drama make. How strong our heroine is and how much love she spend to her sister. I respect the way the brim with plots, secrets and ever-changing direction interesting me. The characters continue to develop dimensions, and as we head into the final stretch, the big question remains hanging in the air.
A reminder that we only have one episode this week—Village will wrap up next week with Episodes 15 and 16.
Lucia – “너의 존재 위에” (On your existence)
EPISODE 14: “The power of horror is strong”
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

So Yoon wakes up, she is tied to the chair and sees the IV drip in her arm and starts to panic. Agasshi shows up , adjust , he wonders why So Yoon look so frustrating. So Yoon ask him , did he also kill her sister Kim Hye Jin in the same way? He say that he regret that he couldn’t make her happy before she gone. He believe that if Hye In know what he is doing now , she will like it . I think that a argument of mental disorders.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

An unexpected call, make Agasshi go out for a while. In the meanwhile, Woo-jae and Sergeant Han are suspicious of Agasshi and head over, as do the team of detectives who get a fingerprint match identifying Agasshi (from the post office where he was trying to mail out a package as Sweet Boy).
Yoo-na wakes up in the middle of the night and sees So-yoon sleeping in her bed. Hye-jin comes up next to her, covering Yoo-na’s eyes with her hand, both sisters looking ghostly pale. Hye-jin calls So-yoon’s name… and in Agasshi’s lab, that snaps So-yoon out of her drugged daze. She tries to break free of her constraints, struggling so hard against the chair that the bolts start to loosen, rubbing the skin on her wrists raw against the straps.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Luckily for So Yoon, Woo-jae and Sergeant Han arrive at the house, and hear as So-yoon’s struggling knocks glass to the ground.
Agasshi heads out to the field to meet the carpenter, who has agreed to finally explain his relationship to Hye-jin. Agasshi already has an idea, and guesses that Hye-jin is his daughter, but he’s eager for the confirmation. The carpenter, however, looks tight and nervous, and when police sirens sound in the distance, he whips out a wooden stick and beats Agasshi over the head with it multiple times.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

The police team moves in on Agasshi’s shack, heavily armed and nearly ready to shoot Sergeant Han when he steps into their sights. Soon So-yoon is being attended to by medics, and as she’s loaded into an ambulance, she sees Hye-jin standing nearby, smiling at her.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Agasshi awakens where he fell, and heads back home in the morning, only to find that his house has been turned into a crime scene.
So-yoon is visited by Ki-hyun and Yoo-na in the hospital, and Yoo-na says she was afraid So-yoon had died. Ki-hyun sends his sister out for a moment so he can tell So-yoon what he found out about the transplant center, and shares his hunch that Ji-sook had been planning to donate a kidney after all. But why would she lie about that? So-yoon wonders if there could be a different reason.
Sergeant Han is officially reinstated, which is good timing since every officer in the region is now on the Agasshi case. He and Woo-jae visit So-yoon in the hospital, and she explains how Agasshi spoke of the victims not in terms of killing but as “making them happy.”
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Ji-sook brings her husband lunch and sweet-talks him about why he shouldn’t get rid of her yet, citing all the ways she’s still useful to him. She points out that she’ll be heavily pregnant at the time of his election, and it could be a very good PR opportunity for him.
But Assemblyman Seo has had enough of her manipulations, and says that while he used to think that way, he considers her his biggest liability, even more than Hye-jin. He calls Ji-sook a time bomb waiting to explode, and has even decided he’d rather not run in the election (and be rid of her) than stay in it and potentially be ruined.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

The Fabry disease researcher calls So-yoon with some information about that older man patient she was looking for. She hasn’t heard anything official, but because he’s such an unusual case, there’s been talk of his situation through the grapevine. He was diagnosed late in his 40s and has a 7-year-old daughter, and because of the hereditary nature of the disease, the girl has been screened every year for signs of it. Those details are enough to get So-yoon thinking of the carpenter family, which fits the profile.
When she arrives back in town that night, police cars patrol the streets and safety notices are posted. As she walks along, So-yoon is grabbed by someone in the shadows—Agasshi, who makes her promise not to scream before letting go of her.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Far from acting guilty, Agasshi seems as well-meaning as ever, and he says he has information about Hye-jin. She agrees to talk to him but remains on edge as they relocate to her place, asking for his information. Agasshi tells her that he almost got beaten to death by the carpenter last night, and explains that the man had struggled with urges to do “bad things” to women.
He says that the carpenter insisted he didn’t kill Hye-jin, though, and the man never lies. However, his wife has lied—they did live in town when Hye-jin was here. It’s quite likely that Hye-jin’s appearance in the field were meant for the carpenter to see. She tells him he’s a murder suspect because of Hye-jin’s burned belongings found in his possession, and he replies that he merely found them in the woods.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

When So-yoon asks if he means to kill her, he exclaims that of course he isn’t—he just wants to make her happy, and tells her about another woman whose face he was able to make smile forever. But he won’t be able to do that anymore, he says with disappointment, because the police took all the drugs he’d worked so hard to make. He promises to create a new batch someday and make her happy then.
She argues that taking life isn’t happiness, but he tells her she enjoyed being drugged. That makes her think back to the brief flashbacks she’d experienced—happy memories of her and Hye-jin as little girls. “When you have such good things, why would you live with sadness, pain, and fear?” he asks.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

“Because that’s living,” So-yoon replies. “Because feeling sadness, pain, and fear is of my will. I decide my life with my own will. You have no right to decide things for other people’s lives.”
He swoops in closer and she flinches, but he just touches her hair and marvels at how well she speaks.
She calls the police as soon as Agasshi leaves, and the cops mobilize quickly to track him down. Detective Choi gets pretty close to catching him in an alley, but Agasshi outruns him and hides, managing to evade capture.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Woo-jae and Sergeant Han try to convince her that she needs constant police protection, but So-yoon feels certain that Agasshi doesn’t pose much harm while he’s out of drugs.
So-yoon visits the lumber mill the next day, and encounters the carpenter’s little girl, Da-in, outside. There’s something curious about the childhood ditty Da-in sings, and the girl explains that her Dad sings the song all the time.
So-yoon wastes no time getting to the point with the carpenter about kidnapping Ga-young, and he insists on his innocence. She warns him fiercely that he can’t cover this up like he did two years ago: “My sister couldn’t do it, but I will.”
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Ga-young is still in bad shape in the hospital, and her kidneys have worsened to the point where she may need a transplant. Ga-young’s mother is grateful to Gun-woo, who has offered to be tested for a match; she doesn’t know of their kinship, and thinks he’s just a very thoughtful teacher.
So-yoon knows better, though, and it’s enough to connect the dots for her. She confronts Gun-woo about being a half-sibling to Ga-young, Hye-jin, and little Da-in, asking accusingly whether he knew of his father’s crimes all this while.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Gun-woo explains not having much contact with his father growing up, having been raised by his grandmother, and says he first heard of everything from Hye-jin. So-yoon asks if he meant to hide it forever. He asks if she could find it easy to reveal the truth.
The Awkward moment, when Assemblyman Seo yells with Ki Huyng he is undergone a lot because of “her lousy daughter,” Hye Jin ? Even at night, Joo Hee blaming with Gun Woo about his donate his kidney for Ga-Young and by mistakes reveal that Hye Jin is not her sister
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

On Grandma’s instruction, Ji-sook goes to the temple to offer up prayers to soothe the deceased soul—and the plaque tells us that it’s for “Yoon Ji-sook’s daughter Kim Hye-jin.” AHA. Furthermore, Grandma’s name is on it, meaning she knows too.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

When Ji-sook reads the words, she flings the plaque aside in alarm.
Ki-hyun suggests that So-yoon call the organ transplant center—the one whose card Hye-jin had—and pose as Hye-jin to get information about Ji-sook’s consultation. The answer makes her eyes widen. “My mother?”
Ji-sook’s face crumples and her hands shake. We flash back to the day Hye-jin was born, which we first saw through Joo-hee’s eyes. Now we see Ji-sook’s mother coming upon a young Ji-sook drawing outside, stopping in alarm to see the blood staining her dress. A baby screams nearby, and Ji-sook says calmly, “It’s a monster.”
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

In the present, Ji-sook shakes her head in denial, screaming, “No! That’s not it!” She breaks down in sobs, and then falls unconscious.
Woo-jae finds that the carpenter has two prior offenses on his record, dating back a decade to when he (and Agasshi) lived in Jeju. One was an attempted rape and the other a suspected one, but the latter case was dropped with eyewitness testimony absolving him—testimony from Agasshi. Next up: check his alibi.
Ji-sook returns home in full possession of her composure, to Grandma’s surprise. She turns this around on Grandma, saying that Hye-jin told her filthy lies, and hints that Grandma may be going senile.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Woo-jae and Sergeant Han ask for the carpenter’s alibi during the time Hye-jin went missing. The carpenter shows them a photo taken near that weekend when the family had attended a musical performance, and checking with the production company confirms that the family had left Achiara the day before Hye-jin was presumed to be killed (currently her last morning alive was September 15). While it’s possible the carpenter drove back to town the next day, there’s no proof of it.
It takes a bit of wheedling and pestering, but Woo-jae gets Detective Choi to agree to issue a warrant.
So-yoon confronts Ji-sook about being Hye-jin’s true birth mother. Ji-sook denies it, of course, but So-yoon says the transplant center employee recalled the situation very clearly, because it was so unusual for a woman to be someone’s mother but insist on keeping that relationship off the books.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

So-yoon says she isn’t here to argue about why Ji-sook denied Hye-jin or lied. She merely wants to understand why Hye-jin would have been so sad after her mother finally agreed to help her.
That sets Ji-sook off: “Mother? Who’s her mother? Do you think I had a even fingernail’s worth of pity for that child and agreed to give her a kidney over that? Never in a million years. If I could get rid of her, I could have cut off my arms and legs! That’s how bloodcurdlingly scary she was!” Her face shrivels in disgust as she exclaims how repulsive Hye-jin was to her. “Do you think she was human? She’s a monster.”
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Ga-young wakes up in the hospital, for just long enough to tell her mother that she’s sorry. Moments later, the monitors beep as her vitals spike, and her mother watches in shock as a team of doctors attempts to revive her. She flatlines.
Yoo-na dreams again, and this time it’s Ga-young who shows up to hold out a hand and wave goodbye.
Yoo-na wakes with a gasp, and somehow looking at the wooden box she bought from the carpenter makes her wonder, “Grandma?” (Her mother’s mother.)
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14  The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Ji-sook’s mother tells her nurse, “Tell my granddaughter I want to see her.”
Ga-young’s mother walks into the police station, blank-eyed and grief-stricken, and tells the officers she wants to report the man who attacked her nineteen years ago.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

Ji-sook drives Yoo-na to the nursing home, seeming quite tired today. Ji-sook’s mother is quite lucid as she greets Yoo-na, and when Ji-sook steps aside, she asks Yoo-na about “that thing” she has containing a mirror. Yoo-na’s startled that Grandma knows about it, and Grandma tells her she must give it to So-yoon.
So Yoo-na gives that wooden box to So-yoon that night, not really understanding why but explaining that her grandmother instructed her to.
As she sits in her apartment, So-yoon hears a voice calling out to her, almost like it’s coming from the box, whispering, “Save me.” She moves closer to the box—and sees a figure in the mirror. She whirls to face Hye-jin.
 The Village: Achiara’ secret Episode 14

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