All About My Mom

All About My Mom

Other name: 부탁해요 엄마; Butakhaeyo, eomma;

Channel: KBS2

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Plot Summary:

Jin-Ae (Eugene) has a love and hate relationship with her mother San-Ok. She dreams of becoming independent from her family and especially from her mother. Jin-Ae falls in love with Hoon-Jae and marries him. Meanwhile, what awaits for Jin-Ae is her new mother-in-law. While experiencing difficult times with her mother-in-law, Jin-Ae begins to understand her mother San-Ok for the first time.

Articles for "All About My Mom"

  • All About My Mom Episode 54

    After spending 54 hours with these families, it’s now time to say goodbye. All About My Mom portrays families’ everyday lives, parental love, siblings rivalry, extended families (incl in-laws) conflicts, and mothers’ sacrificial love realistically.

  • All About My Mom Episode 53

    Preparing loved ones for the impending death is never easy but it can get easier once they make peace with this part of life that nobody can escape from.

  • All About My Mom Episode 52

    With only 3 episodes left, all Sanok’s children finally find out that she is dying. Prepare a box of tissues, this episode is full of regrets and tears.

  • All About My Mom Episode 51

    This episode focuses on Sanok’s spoiled prince who moved back home with his family.

  • All About My Mom Episode 50

    We get to spend more time with All About My Mom families thanks to four episodes extension.

  • All About My Mom Episode 49

    Dong Chool is going through the five stages of grief after finding out the woman he loves who’s faithfully staying by his side only has few months left to live.

  • All About My Mom Episode 48

    Even though Sanok is trying so hard sparing her family from hearing the truth, time is chasing her. She can no longer avoid this heart-wrenching fate.. Prepare a box of tissue, this episode will tug our hearts and reminds us again that mothers are truly Angels sent by the Heaven.

  • All About My Mom Episode 47

    Watching Jang Chae Ri maturing into such a caring, attentive and affectionate daughter-in-law is making my heart bursting with pride. She might be daddy’s spoiled princess but she’s not afraid of speaking up her opinions (which sometimes sounds petty but at times it’s the truth) and is firmly chasing & protecting her loved ones.

  • All About My Mom Episode 46

    Sanok faces one of the most terrifying moment of her life but what breaks her heart the most is discovering how helpless her husband is without her. And nobody is good enough to manage the side dish shop she treasures. Setting aside her personal anger & disappointment, she begins preparing them for a life without her.

  • All About My Mom Episode 45

    Time for everyone to have their own panic moments after Sanok deliberately left home to clear her mind. Regrets start creeping in so does guilty trip. But none of them could figure out the root of Sanok’s troubles until an observant & caring Hoon Jae adds up suspicious clues about his mother-in-law.

  • All About My Mom Episode 44

    Limping down the stairs, Sanok sneaks out while Jin Ae is distracted by Chae Ri’s calling her out to peel apples. She bites her lips & chases Mom to drive her home without changing her clothes nor wearing any thick coat.

  • All About My Mom Episode 43

    In denial over her impending death, bitter over her precious son who put his bride-to-be and her family first, overly worried how her husband will survive living alone without her, Sanok’s world is crashing down.

  • All About My Mom Episode 42

    Time is chasing after us, it’s only a fleeting moment that we shouldn’t take for granted. To love or to let go, only us know the answer. Cheol Woong and Young Sun chose to rekindle the love that’s still burning inside their heart while Chae Ri discovers that her love isn’t strong enough to conquer the storms that continuously shaking their marriage.

  • All About My Mom Episode 41

    After dreaming of marrying her perfect golden son with an equally perfect woman, Hye Joo falls short of her expectation. Despite convincing herself parents cannot win over their children, Sanok’s heart is heavy. Hye Joo is a great woman but she can’t accept her single mother status. Can she accept Hye Joo’s son whom she adores?

  • All About My Mom Episode 40

    Hearing the truth from the precious son she spoiled like a prince breaks Sanok’s heart. She only wanted the best, the absolute best for Hyeong Kyu who almost lost his life (indirectly) because of her negligence. Her high expectation blinded her from recognizing the precious gem in front of her – Hye Joo – who broke Hyeong Kyu’s icy heart & turned him into a better man.

  • All About My Mom Episode 39

    This episode focuses on Hyeong Kyu who’s forced to wear the “perfect son” mask in front of his family especially his mother who dotes him to pieces. He always put on his best acting performance but he finally reaches his boiling point and blows up.

  • All About My Mom Episode 38

    hristmas comes sprinkling their magic for our couples. After a rocky start to their marriage life, Hoon Jae & Jin Ae enjoy their belated honeymoon thanks to Young Sun who magically listens to her family & follows her heart.

  • All About My Mom Episode 37

    Regret always comes too late – only a few hours into her marriage, Lee Jin Ae discovers what Mom said is spot on! The tug-of-war between her & MIL Young Sun continues, at times she feels like an outsider as Hoon Jae cluelessly chooses the easy way out to avoid confrontation. Meanwhile, Chae Ri’s immerse guilt leads her to confess the truth, can she save her marriage and earn back Hyung Soon’s trust?

  • All About My Mom Episode 36

    Marriage is a life changer not only for the parties involved but also for their families. Regrets for the past, secret revelation, long-awaited apologies, forgiveness, pure joy, all mixed in together as Kang Hoon Jae and Lee Jin Ae embark on a new life as husband and wife. The hardship Jin Ae went through are pale in comparison when she discovers how protective, loving and caring her family is. Prepare some tissues because this is one of the most heartwarming & tearjerker All About Mom episode.

  • All About My Mom Episode 35

    The moment we’ve been waiting for… is here. The confrontation meeting between Jin Ae’s mom and Hoon Jae’s mom. Although both moms cherish their children differently, nobody can doubt the endless love they have for their children. After mistreating her daughter, Sanok breaks down in regret and guilt. Can she patch up their mother&daughter relationship before Jin Ae leaves home?

  • All About My Mom Episode 34

    Lee Jin Ae and Hoon Jae thought their long battle to obtain the elders’ approval is almost over but now they’re torn with another storm. Should they take a step back and listen to Sanok’s advice? She may not be the best mother for Lee Jin Ae but she will never let her daughter gets mistreated by her mother-in-law because she experienced this hardship herself. It’s great to see her growing into a loving mother-in-law for Chae Ri – treating her like her own youngest daughter.

  • All About My Mom Episode 33

    The unthinkable accident left Hoon Jae fighting for his life, giving people around him a wake up call about how fragile life is and his true feelings. Jin Ae in particular is very grateful he’s still breathing that she’s willing to (once again) make selfless sacrifices for his sake.

  • All About My Mom Episode 32

    Life is indeed unpredictable. Dong Chool and Sanok welcome a new family member but they have to let go another one who’s moving back home. It’s great Hoon Jae could witness his half-sister’s wedding but his heart is aching thinking about his own relationship. Fortunately Sang Hyeok (who continues to be awesome) decides to be Jin Ae’s daddy long legs helping our OTP clearing their misunderstanding about each other’s sacrifice and hardship.

  • All About My Mom Episode 31

    Hiding the truth is painful but knowing the truth is equally hurting. The timing is awfully bad for Hoon Jae – his whole world is crushing down. His relationship with Jin Ae has gone from bad to worse so does his relationship with his mother. And he has to accept the fact that his boss whom he lost his own business to, is his father who didn’t know about his son’s existence. Young Sun continues to be the uncool selfish mother while Sanok’s guilty feeling creeps in and her conscience gradually molds her into a cool mom who respects her kids’ partners.

  • All About My Mom Episode 30

    Is Chae Ri pregnant or not? We’re not the only ones who’re anxiously waiting to find out, Hyung Soon is dying to know too! But unfortunately the men of the house keep disrupting them, starting from Hoon Jae, kind-hearted Dong Chool who invites her inside & offers a quince tea and Hyeong Kyu who wants to repay her kindness.

  • All About My Mom Episode 29

    The birth secret has been revealed but Cheol Woong is facing a dilemma to tell the truth to his son he never thought he had or let it slide for the sake of the woman he once loved. Before he can make his decision, his daughter surprises him with the news that breaks his heart to pieces. Meanwhile, Jin Ae is pushing through with her wedding plan despite their mothers’ obvious disapproval. She finds out the real reason why her Mom is against this marriage.

  • All About My Mom Episode 28

    The moms in All About Mom love their children too much that they forget their children have grown up and are wise enough to make their own decisions. They need to stop controlling and meddling into their personal lives. Granted mothers’ intuition sometimes gives them a signal but if their prejudice is clouding their judgement, ...

  • All About My Mom Episode 27

    The cuteness is back, so do the bitchiness and the creepiness. While Chae Ri and Hyung Soon firmly set what’s best for them and their relationship, Young Sun drastically chooses what’s best for her only son – begging him to understand her feeling yet she doesn’t make any effort to understand Hoon Jae’s feeling!

  • All About My Mom Episode 26

    Forced separation, dictating father, super jealous mother, delusional ex-husband and persistent childhood friends are the rocky roads that All About Mom characters have to go through. But enough is enough. Hoon Jae surprises brazen Jin Ae with a heartfelt confession, boldly takes over their relationship’s steering wheel from his mother. Hyeong Kyu grows into an amazing man who protects both Hye Joo and Kim San, putting his own life in danger. Chae Ri and Hyung Soon continue to break my heart into pieces, can someone please kidnap this couple and take them to the freedom land?

  • All About My Mom Episode 25

    Cross-class relationships are commonly opposed by the elders especially if their beliefs are strongly shaped by their older generations. Money, credentials, family social status are few basic measurements used to choose the “perfect” husband / wife for their precious daughter / son whom they raised up like a princess / prince who lacks nothing. Ignoring the fact that nobody is perfect in this world regardless how wealthy, beautiful, handsome, smart they are.

  • All About My Mom Episode 24

    Sanok and Dong Chool’s marriage life is going from strength to strength after they went through an unpredictable incident. It’s more than okay to take off your “I’m really strong” mask and admit to your loved ones that you are not as strong as you pretend you are.

  • All About My Mom Episode 23

    The maknae couple survived their first conflict and their relationship is much stronger now. But things get out of their hands when Chae Ri’s strict father and grandmother are involved. Chae Ri’s freedom is taken away. Her heart is ripped apart as she witnesses her father’s and grandmother’s true colors.

  • All About My Mom Episode 22

    It’s true that when people change, it’s actually their mask which fall off – showing their true colors. Hwang Young Sun tried to paint herself as a cool mom but it’s far from the truth as she faces the reality about her son’s living arrangement and his relationship with her own secretary. Despite experiencing similar painful love story in the past, she doesn’t want to give up her ego & pride for her own son’s happiness. It’s all about her, her and herself.

  • All About My Mom Episode 21

    Characters in this drama need to stop making their own assumptions to avoid misunderstandings because it’s frustrating to watch. Sometimes they need to learn to listen to other people’s explanation before judging and concluding based on a snippet of event(s) they see. Chae Ri’s maturity continues to impress me as she’s putting in extra efforts to win her future mother-in-law’s heart despite all the harsh treatments she gets. She acknowledges her mistake without speculating nor making unfair judgement. If only she and Hyung Soon can spread some of their youth innocence to others.

  • All About My Mom Episode 20

    This drama progressively moves from one very stubborn mother to another stubborn & jealous mother. Poor Lee Jin Ae can’t catch a break. She’s now accused as a gold digger who chased her wealthy prince and his wealthy mother, although it’s far from the truth. Seems like people from a totally different background is not meant to be together because their perspectives towards life are totally different.

  • All About My Mom Episode 19

    A lie is still a lie regardless of any good motive wrapped inside. Once something is done, nothing Hoon Jae can do to undone it. Now his mother finds out the truth about all his lies and Jin Ae, what can he do to protect his lover and the relationship they work incredibly hard to nurture? Young Sun’s and Sanok’s real feelings as a mother (and mother-in-law) are revealed this episode.

  • All About My Mom Episode 18

    Maknae couple Lee Hyung Soon and Jang Chae Ri win over my heart this episode. I adore them but it’s not until this episode I’m truly in love with their love story. Hyung Soon’s sincere confession, Chae Ri’s maturity in understanding & accepting the reason he deceived her, their sweet pure innocence love, they’re the cutest couple. Their love will guide them to sail through the rough sea and storm which will come along their way soon.

  • All About My Mom Episode 17

    An emotionally draining episode. Sanok continues to drive Jin Ae insane with her “greatest husband” criteria, forgetting the fact that she’s meddling into her own daughter’s life. She’s too traumatized with her own married life and her own regret for not listening to her own mother’s advice that she pushes her own perspective & opinion to Jin Ae.

  • All About My Mom Episode 16

    All About Mom realistically portrays the hardship and struggles of many single people out there who’re juggling their work and relationship. Many believe love is a luxury because of various reasons: don’t have enough time to nurture their relationship (to make ends meet), give it up for the sake of their career and / or past trauma. It’s okay to stay single as long as you are happy with your own choice. This episode, our characters are facing similar issues. Will they choose their career and accomplishment or will they choose their love?

  • All About My Mom Episode 15

    Yoon Sang Hyeok is more than ready to win Jin Ae’s heart again as he’s still crazily in love with his first love. He’s not going to back off, as far as he knows, Jin Ae is still single and her mother approves their relationship. Hoon Jae has to act fast if he doesn’t want to lose his woman. The joy of KDrama staple: love triangle. It may be cliche but what’s gonna happen when these two men keep running into each other?

  • All About My Mom Episode 14

    So many feels this episode. This drama is cruising nicely as a heartwarming & comforting family drama without makjang craziness. It tugs my heart to see Jin Ae’s overflowing love towards her mother, a filial daughter who’s trying so hard to win her mother’s heart not knowing how proud Sanok is to see her daughter grows up into a kind-hearted woman. Their relationship is gradually getting better as Jin Ae continues to put in a lot of effort to show how much she loves her mother and her maternal grandmother.

  • All About My Mom Episode 13

    Filial daughter Lee Jin Ae’s love towards her mother is beautiful to see. Despite the unfair treatments she received, she will do anything to protect, defend and get her mom out of Cheol Woong’s house who’s dictated by Grandma who reminds Sanok of her late mother-in-law. Lee Jin Ae’s relationship with Hoon Jae is facing a new obstacle after a familiar face returns to claim back what he thought was his. Hyung Soon finally figures out the real reason why his mother wanted him to quit his job, it’s a dilemma because it won’t be easy to find another job so what will he do?

  • All About My Mom Episode 12

    Nobody is perfect in this world. We all have a secret, we all have a scar. Sometimes, a reassuring comforting hug and sincere encouragement is enough to put a smile on our face & to remind us that we’re not alone. Our OTP gradually depend on each other while this episode marks the start of Hoon Jae and his future brother-in-law Hyung Soon’s bromance.

  • All About My Mom Episode 11

    Telling the truth and making someone cries is better than telling a lie and making someone smiles(Paulo Coelho). It’s a perfect quote for most of the characters in this drama who continues to lie instead of making things straight. They want to protect their loved ones from disappointment and hatred but they must remember that lie hurts forever.

  • All About My Mom Episode 10

    Honesty is the best virtue. All About Mom teaches us that the longer we lie, the more painful it’ll be and the harder our loved ones will accept the truth. People in this drama has secrets, like the majority of us do. And their reactions when the secret is finally being revealed, is understandable. They are in denial, mad, upset, disappointed, heartbroken. Grab your tissues, the last part of this episode will break your heart

  • All About My Mom Episode 9

    Based on Dong Chool’s history, it’s understandable Sanok doesn’t trust her husband and sometimes looks down on him but this man has a golden heart. His sincerity to help others in need, his innocence to trust people he indebted to and his continuous supports & encouragements to his children, are heartwarming to see. Jin Ae and Hyung Soo clearly inherited their father’s golden heart.

  • All About My Mom Episode 8

    The Heaven will never leave kind-hearted people alone, they will bless them with unexpected surprises that sometimes beyond their wildest dream. Lee Jin Ae’s kindness is paid off with an offer that she would’ve never imagined. Thanks to President Hwang, her mother isn’t worried about her daughter anymore, she even smiles proudly. Sanok may look strong & tough from the outside, but this episode we see her softer side for her only daughter.

  • All About My Mom Episode 7

    All About My Mom is cruising nicely as a heartwarming family drama. It’s hard to forgive and forget especially when Jin Ae is being falsely accused. But after she finding out the truth, she chooses to be the bigger person. Her relationship with her mother and older brother is slowly improving although Hyeong Kyu still hasn’t changed much. We still have 43 episodes left, so let’s give him time to change.

  • All About My Mom Episode 6

    Life is not a bed of roses, it’s full of thorns. Realistically, life is very cruel and it’s up to us to figure out the right way to approach it. People who have power can easily crush their weaker opponents. Lee Jin Ae knows it so without arguing too much, she cooperates fully with the investigation team’s orders. But her mother (bless her heart) protectively defends her daughter which makes things worse! Can they give Jin Ae a break?

  • All About My Mom Episode 5

    Our OTP got into trouble because they’re too nice. Hoon Jae only wanted to help but ended up in police station with a super jealous man & his annoying friends, a resentful wife, a money-digger lawyer and an upset mother. Jin Ae helped a stranger but the consequences are bigger than she thought it’d be. Sometimes it’s best to mind our own business & not meddling into someone else’s business.

  • All About My Mom Episode 4

    It’s time for two parachutes to prove their worth to people around them, it’s never too late to stand up to themselves to chase a bigger dream. Hyeong Kyu and Hoon Jae both have credibility and connection (family, friend) to help them but only one of them will choose his skills over connection. Meanwhile, Jin Ae continues to be the most pitiful character, when will her suffering days end?

  • All About My Mom Episode 3

    Jin Ae continually makes endless selfless sacrifices without expecting anything in return but her conflicts with her mother & brother continue. Hyeong Kyu’s parachute attitude needs to stop, he needs to swallow his pride & wakes up to face the harsh reality to prove to his family that he’s worthy to be the oldest son, older brother for his sister & brother. On the other hand, there’s another man who’s called a parachute although he never wanted to become one.

  • All About My Mom Episode 2

    Hoon Jae came to Mr Kim’s coffee shop to fix the other company’s shady job (because he’s a good guy ╭(•⌣•)╮) but ends up with a scratch on his face and a pervert nickname from Jin Ae who thought he hid in the woman’s restroom to peek on women. Mr Kim who heard the commotion in the restroom, comes.

  • All About My Mom Episode 1

    All About My Mom is a brand new KBS2 Weekend Drama focuses on love-and-hate relationship between a mother & her daughter. They make endless sacrifices (in their own ways) for their family, leading them to have continuous arguments because both women are strong-minded.

  • All About My Mom Wrap Up Party

    Celebrating the hard work they put in for the past few months, Go Doo Shim, Kim Kap Soo, ...